01 December 2018

How long can one live without a cell phone

Dated:01-Dec-2018 16:44 Hrs Saturday New Delhi India

I was always a staunch user & advocater of Fixed Wireline Phones (FWP's) & still in Dec-2018, I'm the same,cause, I'm a very thrifty person, careful with his spendings!

Plus I'm a table, room, couch potato,pure Aurangzeb, vedantist, non mobile person (Life on the Road in 24 hrs is only 1 hr balance 23 hrs always access to FWP's) so never felt the need of a personal cellphone in my 41 yrs life !

To carry & manage even a dinky Samsung Guru 1200 2G feature phone, with neck cord, in front shirt pocket, is a hassle, an, unwanted distraction,Forget 5″ Smartphones !

FWP's have excellent call clarity(no call drops or signal penetration problems inside buildings), privacy, no handset upgrades or battery+charger replacement expenses + Voice, STD, Local, ISD, Broadband (Wired+Wi-Fi) Internet + Fax + 100 day free calls+Unlimited Night Free Calling all @ < Rs 1 K per month which can be shared by 3 people or more in 1 house or office ! This is sheer value for money!

Anything battery, charger or recurring expenses related puts me off ! Even a battery quartz wrist watch ! I still use a 1970 Rado Swiss winding type watch!

I miss the old prepaid smartcard type aluminium enclosure Aplab-Lokdootha PCO Booths (For Noiseless Talk+Privacy) & coin PCO Booths of the 1990’s till end 2000’s which started the Telecom revolution era in India !

I feel cell phone & it's invention is just a trick & conspiracy, by service providers (Airtel India), forced upon people, to rip people's pocket, of their hard earned money, by making them, co-dependent & addicted on it !

Why I say this is because even for net banking payments via PC(even for < Rs100 trxn's aadhaar, bank account, mobile has been made mandatory for OTP ! Without a mobile one can't do net banking,bill payments,funds transfer !

For registering any form of complaint only 10 digit mobile # is asked ! Not 1 but 2 !

PCO,Coin PCO's have been closed in India so no way to call home or somebody from shop also while traveling!

I always wondered how people talk nonsense with so much patience for hours on cell phones with call drops on the road, shouting in high pitch voice(my neighbor does it daily from his house verandah though he has a FWP),with so much background noise, dust, pollution, using ear + head phones,even while walking on Rail Tracks, without giving a thought about the damage to one's Brain & CNS !

Talking on cellphones, on the road, has turned, dignified, high class, aristocratic, quality, CIA NOC type people, into DS &T geeks, unskillful, unaesthetical, people!

It looks sickening + pathetic to me when I see a full generation in making of mad/potentially mad people, playing You Tube videos, high pitched music in public places, trains with no concern for others discomfort, peace, privacy, taking selfies via sticks which is height of madness one can reach.

Cellphones are definitely not for philosophical, very high I.Q people & for those who flare up + get irritated very quickly cannot stand duds fools gladly+consider the human form of life itself as a problem + is an invasion of one's privacy 24 x 7!

Technology should be used judiciously (not excess or less) for utmost need & not for greed like WhatsApp calls !

Cellphone for the unenlightened masses & FWP’s for the enlightened aristocratic aesthetical classes is what has happened !

I definitely can't use a Cellphone for talking on the street ! For me a cellphone can work only as an extension or backup for Fixed Wireline Phone but never fully replace the FWP & can't be my primary communication device ! And this is about a simple 2G keypad type feature phone handset not a 5″ Smartphone !

I always use the FWP from home the Maximum for calling & ask others to call me @ a particular time only on the FWP ! Myself+My Parents use only one MTNL FWP since 1982 & 3 MTNL Dolphin[2005-2018] ported to Vodafone each in a Samsung Galaxy J1 4G Smart Phone just for the sake of m passbook, Aadhaar, Bhim App, PhonePe, PayTM, Income Tax, Bank.

This also compulsorily forced upon us by the SS (Indian Govt Departments) & after due diligence just for Aadhaar + I.T Return + PAN Card + Passport + LPG + Bank TRXN SMS Alerts, Net banking OTP etc !

Both FWP & Vodafone 4G stay inside the house only to work as an Extension + Ally for FWP +PC, Laptop, Bank Financial Work or for calls from home only when Fixed Line is Dead ! Maximum Rs 100 Recharged per year on SIM to keep it alive !

Individual Cellphone's like DTH TV, personal cars,is duplicating the same thing when a single FWP @ home/office can serve multiple people !

In India, May 2003 (Incoming Calls made Free on Cellphones) & Dec 2005+Jan 2006 (Prepaid Life Time Schemes) was the time, when mass Cellphone off take happened!

Those who didn't know how to use Cellphones (Illiterate Street Vendors who purchased Trash Reliance Jio LYF Phones with free Jio SIM now lying idle after screen broken & not having money to mend it ) or didn't have the need for it(Even after 10 yrs some don't know how to call,send SMS,set time/date or save contacts) felt they would get Divine Intelligence & Revelation on how to use it once they bought a cellphone!

Some had cash to waste,became infatuated by the looks of the smartphone like Samsung Galaxy J Series & it's Goosperry Mercury Fancy Diary Case & opted for it as an aesthetic paper weight, some as misplaced charity to honour + reward Technology,It's Inventors,Jobs for Cheap Jacks selling accessories on streets !

Some just out of fancy in possessing a GSM # to give it to others, even, if it worked or not, was alive or dead, didn't matter !

Such patriotic people took connection of MTNL Dolphin GSM Delhi+Mumbai to give Income to the Govt of India & support a loss making,non customer needed organisation ! Very pathetic bad Dolphin GSM network supported & run by Lord Vishwakarma himself ! Human intervention over long ago as no money to run manage or upgrade the network !

But mostly 100% adopted Cellphones for that once in a lifetime Emergency, lifeline, call ! And when that Emergency did come like Floods, Earthquake,Terrorist Attacks then also Wireless Network Failed & Wireline only saved the day for them !

When I wonder, on the amount,people have spent on Recharges,SIM Balances getting forefeited, SIM Replacements, Processing Fees, Service Tax, Caller Tunes,Wrong VAS Deductions, Batteries, Chargers, Handset Replacements/Stolen, Cases, Covers, Screen Guards, Micro SD Card, Mother Board+Broken Screen Repairs & legal problems due to SIM loss/theft misuse it must be a fortune close to India's 1 year GDP !

Add to the above GSM Service Providers (The Biggest Unethical, Greedy, Notorious Cheat+Thief,Airtel) in India innovating various methods (28 days instead of 30 days for 1 Month & same day recharge till 23:59:59 hrs counted as 1 day) ! Prepaid SIM Balance C/F only within 15 days of Recharge in 2004 but no info on this rule on Airtel India Website & SIM Validity vaguely mentioned just as 90 days ! If one couldn't recharge within 15 days balance in SIM got forefeited !

No other industry had such innovations as the Pre-Paid SIM Card GSM Service Providers to suck people's SIM Balance by hook or crook by activating unwanted services !

Again Airtel India the notorious champion in unwanted VAS Activations & robbing people's SIM Balances on a daily basis ! The working class & illiterate poor (Ignorant Tech Users) were the most targeted loot of GSM Operators,who even swindled their LPG subsidies by opening Payment Bank account without their consent.

My cousin's Asus Zen Fone 3 smartphone of 2015 worth Rs 10 K was stolen in Delhi Public Transport Bus 6 months Ago ! He got a Redmi 4A for Rs 6 K after one week of loss & vowed to go even lower if possible to a feature phone !

A whole industry thriving by ripping people,without they knowing, how they are being ripped !
So I can always live without a cell phone, but not without my PC, Laptop & Fixed Wireline Phone+Broad Band Internet ! That is why I always keep my FWP Lineman happy !

I think many people who surrendered their Fixed Wireline Phone in favour of Cellphone, later threw their cellphones in the ovens & went back to Fixed Wireline Phone !

I knew a rule minded person who shared my views & practiced it, who never opted for a personal cellphone !

From home to office ! From Office FWP he would call home FWP, talk briefly + crisply for just a few minutes like “Herr Schulz” that he reached office safely & then the phone went dead ! Once in Office he would switch on his Official 2G (Samsung Guru 1200,Non Camera, Non FM,Non Music Type,Mobile) till 7 PM for office works & then it was off, kept in office only, as it belonged to his employer company & was paid by them !

Before leaving for home he would call home again from Office FWP ! So 2 calls a day were his personal calls for which he asked his employers to deduct from his salary!

From his official mobile not a single personal call during the day ! All his personal calls were made from his home FWP!

At 45 years he is still the same despite earning in lakhs per month ! His co-workers never understood his Visionary thinking but after a while when office secrets were being leaked & investigation happened he was “never investigated” but many of his colleagues had their personal phones confiscated & objectionable data found on them ! Many had to resign & go home !

He felt pitiful & was laughing for those who stood in Q's from morning for I Phone X paying Rs 100 K full advance & even Extra(Grey Market) as if their eating,sleeping, breathing,digestion, excretion would stop if they didn't get a I Phone X on the day of launch ! His Whole Year's Expenses on himself are just about Rs 100 K !

He said for Rs 1 Lakh spent on a Apple iPhone X he could get 3 Indian Farmers 5 H.P Field Marshal Diesel Water Pump Sets for Agricultural or drill 5 borewells for water during non rainy season ! Life of one pump+borewell minimum 10 yrs !

Such was his clear, ethical, divine, rule minded, charitable disposition,value of money thinking,respect for others privacy & to protect himself from legal issues by the adverse use of a cellphone !

The irony of Cellphone is that when there was a shortage of Fixed Wireline Phones, people had time & were eager to talk for long hours ! After smartphone advent Voice calls are dead & none has time or interest to talk with others!

If one calls frequently it is considered a nuisance ! Only sending trash via WhatsApp, spending time looking @ screen, cleaning phone ram,updating social media @ huge cost to eye sight has become standard!

Cellphones destroyed the habit of paper+pen address phone notebook and people saved no's just on SIM+handset without backup's & paid money(Again Invented by GSM Service Providers to Rip people's pocket) to backup contacts & retrieve it, which they regretted later. Even Casio Digital Diary to save contacts got killed because of smartphones.

Smartphones leading to all kinds of misuse,obscenity, perversions,crimes against women, wastage of productive time,lying to others, where one actually is, to avoid others,breakup of family,intrigues etc !

My Spiritual Master/Guru ISKCON Founder Acharya:His Divine Grace Srila A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada was also like this ! Never used even a Fixed Wired Telephone in his life & wrote 7,000 letters to his disciples world wide during his manifest Leela on Earth from 1965–1977!

I being his disciple carrying forward his legacy in total in this modern 21st century in a Metro City like New Delhi,India !

There are many in my relations who never possessed a cellphone & till death have no need of the same !

An Udupi Hotel in Old Rajinder Nagar Market in Central Delhi doesn't have even a Fixed Wireline Phone for last 50 years cause it doesn't believe in/do home delivery or phone talk ! Only come to the Hotel personally, talk, buy, go, is It's Philosophy !


After the compulsory monthly (28 days) combo recharge of Rs 35 introduced from Nov-2018 by Indian Telcos to clean up their systems of low end inactive users & to keep mobile outgoing & incoming active, users like myself, will reduce Mobile phone usage further and rely on Fixed Wireline and keep GSM # active by once in 41 days recharge and usage just to keep incoming calls Bank OTP's with little data usage.

Swami Aniruddha !

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