16 July 2017

The Farce of Aadhaar E-KYC Mobile SIM Activations

Dated:16-Jul-2017 @ 22:30 Hrs IST [GMT + 0530 Hrs] 
New Delhi
Bharatha [India]

The Farce of Aadhaar E-KYC & New Prepaid Mobile SIM Activations by Telecom Companies on the basis of a draconian idea that Aadhaar Address must be in the actual place/state of SIM purchase rather than in one's own nama, Photo & Biometrics & Indian Juggaad/Circumvention invented & done by road side vendors selling R Jio SIM's on Motorbike Seats to make a killing on the huge Demand for R Jio SIM's Last Year, has placed a big risk to India's national security ! 

A contact of mine named Romeo Kilo [RK] A Semi-Literate, rural buffalo minus horns & tails a Road Side Dhabha [Food-Stall] Cook wanted a R Jio SIM Last October 2016 to make use of free calling ! When he purchased a New SS J2 Smart Mobile,the shop keeper who sold the Mobile handset was honest & frank enough to tell him that as his Aadhaar Address was of UP East Village he could not get a Delhi R Jio SIM where RK was working.

But one of the Motorbike R Jio SIM Vendors approached RK took Rs 100 [US $ 2] unofficially & his Aadhaar ID Paper Proof ! God Knows what they did with his Aadhaar No & using somebody else's Nama & Bogus Aadhaar ID & Address Activated a Jio SIM # & Gave it to RK for use !
RK in Good Trust thought that the SIM was being activated in his own Nama, Aadhaar # Permanent Village Address, ID & being unfamiliar with activation process, internet it's usage, My Jio App etc never bothered to check the credentials & Till today RK had been using that impersonated R Jio Delhi SIM for 9 months ! 

At 1800 hrs today when I logged into his Jio A/c Website using his R Jio Mobile # OTP, E-Mail ID, Registration to check current plan offer expiry date, I was shocked, to see, that his R Jio # was in somebody else's nama i.e one Mike Sierra [MS] & address in Faridabad NCR Delhi Harayana State !

As a Rule player by the Book & a good law abiding citizen, I informed RK about the Bogus that had happened. He was also equally shocked !

Now the Good Thing !

RK had activated his Dhan Dhana Dhan Rs 309 Offer with Rs 99 Prime Membership in April 2017 for Rs 408 & it was expiring on 21st Night or 22nd Midnight July 2017. This was a blessing in disguise !

As he is now in his Home Town Village with Aadhaar # in his Home Town I Told him not to renew the current SIM Further & get a Fresh R Jio SIM with Prime Membership & DDD Plan in Village with his Own Nama, Aadhaar # Photo, Biometrics, Validated, On the Spot @ Shop when purchasing & asking the R Jio SIM Vendor to do in person home verifications like Passport !

Doesn't matter if the Rs 99 prime membership on his Bogus SIM goes waste as he has used the impersonated SIM for 10 months. At Least be Safe Legally & don't become a threat to national Security & create problems for yourself & others !

I remembered a News Story about 10 years Ago before the onset of Aadhaar where a Plumber who had submitted his Own Voters ID for getting One SIM in his Own Nama in a UP Village to increase his business was woken up by the Local Polizei @ Midnight after six months stating that he had terrorist links as His ID was used by some criminals & he had over 100 SIM's Registered in his Nama & ID ! The Shop Keeper who had sold him the SIM had committed the Fraud of ID's !

The same is continuing even now !

So Reliance Jio & All other Pre-Paid Telecom Companies have to get rid of this Idea of Aadhaar Address & Place of SIM Purchase both being in same town rather than Each SIM being Linked to the purchaser's actual Aadhaar #  Nama Photo & Biometrics Verified on Spot. 

Once Co's like R Jio have brought One India,One Telecom Circle, Roaming Free, PAN India, One Scheme even if Address is different what does it matter ? What matters is the Photo, Nama, ID # & Biometrics of the Person. 

With Mobile telephony VLR is available 24 x 7 on usage basis so a user can be tracked easily & a Mobile user unlike a Fixed Phone User cannot be expected to stay put inside his home or Office or his Physical Address 24 x 7 365 days ! 

Many have to cross states in search of Work & Livelihood ! Romeo Kilo got the bogus R Jio SIM in Delhi,He went PAN India for Work in the last 8 months & finally he is now in his Home Village Town of UP East ! 

Even if Address is so important do local physical verification of the person @ the local SIM purchase place address before activating the actual SIM & record the address where it was verified while taking his actual Permanent Aadhaar # ID # Nama Photo ! Why so much Hurry ? 

Even if somebody has a Aadhaar # of same state/town where he/she purchases a SIM like Delhi the Address in Aadhaar could have undergone change so without in person verification of Address Aadhaar E-Kyc @ PoS is void & of no use ! 

With the Indian State viewing all it's citizens as criminals & potential threat to National Security, The Indian Telco's have not given a thought, that, due to the mind factor each human being can be a Saintly, honest, genuine, person this moment, but can for any reason like money greed or poverty become a criminal next moment ! 

Just imagine using Aadhaar # & address of Mike Sierra of Faridabad to Activate X no of SIM's in Delhi NCR & one of them being a Terrorist Right in the Centre of the World's Biggest Democracy ! Even RK the Cook can become a Terrorist ! Who lands in trouble ? Mike Sierra !

Imagine using Romeo Kilo's Aadhaar Proof in UP East Village to Activate Y No of SIM's in UP for those who don't have UP Address & one of them is a Criminal. Who lands in trouble ? Romeo Kilo !

Or the Polizei come and arrest a sleeping  Romeo Kilo @ his Village Home @ Midnight & charge him for impersonation crimes of using Mike Sierra Nama, ID, Address Activated Delhi Jio SIM in ignorance & getting charged for impersonation crimes that he did not commit which is a unnecessary hassle, expense & loss of Income for Daily Wage Earners ! In India Polizei want bribes to make a poor man go scot free for even a simple offense committed unknowingly ! 

A wake up call for all Indian Telco's has arrived now that Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all Mobile # 's & Aadhaar's to be linked & in actual Possession of the Aadhaar ID Holder ! No Proxy 3rd Party Holding !

Later I came to know that in R Jio Prepaid SIM's at least 75 % have been activated in impersonated Nama & Address ID's for road side workers to gain Fresh Subscribers in a very short time to break even & very few have SIM's in their Own Nama, Aadhaar #, Photo & Address ! 

My Own Experience & Way of Doing Things.

Don't have many prepaid SIM's Just because of new Schemes coming every day by different telco's ! Just one Primary BSNL MTNL Dolphin SIM & One Secondary Vodafone/Airtel is OK ! Keep Primary Mobile # always @ home which is linked to Bank, DR Card,Net Banking, BHIM, Mobile Banking App, Govt SS Records, PAN # IT Returns, Passport # ,PO Sb A/c, Aadhaar Records for SMS, OTP & TXN Alerts & use it to make calls from home like Landline ! 

Don't give Primary # to One & All. When leaving home switch to secondary # so that even if it is lost or stolen no harm !

Even to close family members or very close friends never give your prepaid activated SIM's in your nama to them for use even for one moment. You just cannot know & predict anyone's mind, actions & in future you may land yourself in trouble !

On 26th April 2017 I being a fanatical Gaullist put the above to practice !

My Aunt whom I have known for 40 years wanted to use MTNL Dolphin 3G Jadoo USB Internet Dongle with Dolphin SIM as her wired internet was giving trouble. I Told her that I've one Dolphin SIM which I got with that Dongle & can give that with the Dongle to Her but she should first get the SIM Transferred in her own nama @ MTNL ! When she was hesitant & did not reply in affirmative about this, I just gave her the Dongle which was a Obsolete Hardware for Windows 10 Users but worked for Windows XP Users & Ported that Dolphin Dongle SIM to Vodafone for my own use using Aadhaar E-Kyc @ Vodafone Store Karol Bagh New Delhi !

Updated:17-Jul-2017 When Romeo Kilo went to a authorised Jio Retailer to get a Fresh SIM in his Own Village with His Own Aadhaar ID Proof,he was asked to pay Rs 50 extra  towards the cost of the SIM which was actually free so he refused ! When he asked whether he can convert his existing SIM in his Own Nama, using his Aadhaar ID, Jio Retailer stated that this was also not possible !  So Romeo Kilo continued the same Bogus Nama ID SIM Further for 84 days by recharging it with Rs 399 Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer w.e.f 22-Jul-2017 and Saved Rs 150 in buying a New Jio SIM !

So Reliance Jio needs to wake up & do something about these things ! 

Swami Aniruddha !

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