03 April 2011

Isha Yoga Problems, After Effects,Warnings !

Isha Yoga Problems, After Effects, Warnings !

By Swami Aniruddha


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Problems Faced by Isha Yoga Participants:

Victim 1:

I'm just putting the original post alone here for the benefit of reading.

I want to thank you so much for this Blog. I did Inner Engineering over a year ago while I was a university student. I wasn't a "seeker", I was getting into spirituality (enjoyed Eckhart Tolle's and similar books) and my father had done the program so after listening to and liking some of Sadhguru's talks I decided to do Inner Engineering. I must say that the Shambavi itself seems to have had a slightly positive effect in that I've noticed synchronization in my life which I posted about a few days ago and don't feed into drama like I used to. However I moved back in with my parents a year ago and they can't understand what's happened to me. It's only been the last few weeks since reading this blog (again thank you) that I've been able to step back and realise what had become of me. I went from a happy, young (in my early twenties) person with lots of friends to ditching most of my friends who were "holding me back" and sitting in my room at night away from my family because I hated talking to them. I really did. Every time I would talk I would get a gut reaction to get away and not listening to their "nagging" (they were just trying to make conversation about my day or where I was going but I was getting paranoid and "seeing how they'd made a mess of their own lives and not wanted it to influence mine". My family are extremely loving people and we were always very tight-nit but I didn't want to be with them anymore, going out with them was a chore, I just wanted to be away from them and read spiritual books or watch funny comedies that would maintain my high and dropped everything for Satsang including university reunions and weekends away with friends.

My life was awful but I "knew it would be fine when I go onto do Bhava Spandana Program because everyone at Isha is so peaceful and balanced"... I had always intended on travelling but decided to save my money instead to go to the Isha ashrams and do more courses because I "knew that would make me happy". I started to cry when reading someone’s response because I too am so so so angry that this practice is offered to anyone who will pay money and I can't believe I'm only starting to see it now.

I certainly wasn't ready for this level of involvement, I just wanted something to keep a balance in life and be more peaceful and I know yoga can do that. Instead as soon as my life wasn't perfect anymore I just looked to Isha to maintain my high and "knew it would be alright in the end because I'll do the course and go to the ashram...". I had tried googling Isha for the past year or so and I've only recently stumbled across this Blog. There doesn't seem to be much else negative press out there about Isha (probably like people have said, because Ishaites have taken it down)... so thank you all so much for posting, some of the stuff has really hit home and made me come out of my Isha "daze".


I mentioned my father - he has done BSP - I can see him pulling away from my mother although as his daughter he wouldn't tell me, and I don't even think he's fully aware. BSP did seem to make him blissful but it lasted a week or so. Our family has been deeply affected by Isha, we don't see much of him and usually have to wait a long time for him to finish his practices before we can eat and he gets very frustrated when life (e.g. work, a long phone call, event) pushes back his practice. 

My siblings and mother obviously don't understand his compulsive need to do his practices and I was backing him up before, thinking they were just dragging him down. I can't believe I fell for all of this. It's seeing the responses by pro-Isha people in this Blog, their analogies and saying "don't worry", just focus on your practices..." that makes me realise how I was brainwashed.

But I don't know if it was the Shambhavi itself that made me act this way. I've cut it down in the past month to once every 2 weeks. I've noticed lots of positive things happening in my life such as lots of synchronistic events that have let me heal past hurts since starting. I think it was the mental brainwashing that made me compulsive and want to escape my family. I think I will cut it out until I feel I've recovered from my Isha-compulsiveness and maybe do it once in a while to enhance my life, until I find a different yoga


I had initially seen some warning signs with my husband after he came back from BSP where he became obsessed with doing the practices, regulating food and planning to go for Samyama. At that time I was foolish and actually felt happy for him thinking he has found his guru [I was even a little jealous]. Little did I know that it will lead to this level of disengagement? After Samyama, he became more distant and sensitive to any conversation related to Isha. Even my young kids have noticed the change in him. I hope like others in this Blog he realizes by himself what a mess this has become and comes out of it before it is too late. At this time there is nothing that I can say or do that will change his mind.


Please refer to this link:

"Hi all,
I would go straight into the issues I Face.
I learn the Isha Sakthi chalana kriya in 2004,I was doing that sincerely for two months .I experienced the following.
1) My Limbs where trembling and was always in a state of fear.
2) My intake of food became very less.
3) I had constant depression.
4) My legs and Limbs and the whole body became rigid and always tired
5) I lost Libidio

So I left the practice and started medication and after three years everything became normal. So I thought I will do it again and I'm doing it for a month and my experience has started again. Can anyone please tell me what should be done. When I asked an Isha volunteer he responded simply by saying Just continue your practices. Please help me in this regard?

This one point - concealing the possible anti-effects - disturbs me a lot when I think about it.


I have attended some of the Isha programs and initially I was drawn to it and wanted to go all the way. I probably would have other than the fact that things changed. I asked my spouse to attend the initial IE session and thought it will be good for both of us to pursue spirituality (the same path - good for discussions etc etc). I really regret the day I said that!

My spouse was very loving and caring. We have had disagreements before (which married couple doesn't) but we always worked it out. This Isha stuff is however different. After the first course he was bitten by the bug! He went all the way to Samyama and things have never been the same. He just wants to keep doing every course that is offered or be in the presence of Sadhguru at every chance (in fact every course is advertised as "Once in a life time opportunity!" and he doesn't want to miss it). He is miserable if he is not doing any of this. He used to laugh a lot and we would do things together. Now he wants to spend his day talking to fellow Ishaites, volunteering or going to TN.

I was alarmed at the changes. So I tried to talk to him to take things a little slow. He is accusing me of not wanting him to be happy and doesn't even want any discussion. He doesn't even care how much he has changed and how it affects the family. I really don't know what to do! The more I show him blogs or talk to him about this the more he seems to clam up and not want anything to do with me. I'm really at my wits end on what would work so he just takes it a little easy.

There are several cases he has mentioned where spouses have divorced or they become indifferent to what the other spouse does just to stay in the marriage. I'm trying to avoid either of these situations.


Why I quit Isha Yoga (Inner Engineering) Practises. Dear Friends reading this article, I request you to spend a few valuable minutes in your life to read the below write-up fully. This is a summary of my bad experiences I went through practising Isha Yoga, which is not quite different from what has already been stated by many others in the forum. This forum might sound like a group of people who formed a team to bash and critic a well reputed organization, but that is not the intent. And this article is an honest expression of what I had gone through personally. I came to know about Sadhguru & Isha about a couple of years ago and from then on I was reading/listening only about 'Isha'. There was no looking back. I was like a secret lover of Sadhguru. Isha was running in my mind 24 x 7. I was so attracted to him & his 'clarity' of his speech and what not, as millions of others. But what turned me around was just the bad taste of the experiences out of the Isha Yoga practises and nothing else.

I got initiated personally by Jaggi Vasudev recently in one of the Inner Engineering programs he conducted, in Los Angeles - "Inner engineering Intensive" (So you can imagine the money I would have spent - more than $2000). I took the program & was thinking my life is going to turn beautiful through the practises but it actually turned opposite!

The first four weeks were literally horrible!! I went through peaks of anxiety and depression for NO GOOD REASON. Every morning I woke up, I was filled with such an outburst of anxiety, filled with irrational fears. I'm a family guy earning a decent living for myself & family living in the USA currently and there is absolutely no need for me to go crazy like this. My life was just normal - but suddenly after the starting the practises I had these sort of experiences for no reason. I was even wondering why I'm undergoing this!

During the program, Jaggi himself says not to "initiate" people in to Isha Yoga and someone did that and he went mentally broken and he had to be admitted in Isha for treatment. This introduced such a fear into me. "Oh what if I initiate with out my knowledge?" This thought tortured & tormented my mind like anything. He was clapping while he did the initiation. So I was even afraid to clap my hands even, after hearing this threat by Jaggi. Now tell me, is this kind of threat necessary. No one in the class knows what the hell the initiation is all about, except for the "volunteers" probably. Then why tell "Not to initiate... and if you initiate you will go crazy". You can tell this point in a million different soft ways. But Jaggi chose threat! This is completely unwarranted & unnecessary for the so called "Sad-Guru" to plant seeds of threat into "seekers" minds. He does not realize the implications of what this will do to people who are completely new to this.

So this just attributed just to the irrational fear I had. But the blobs & blobs of anxiety and the feeling of depression - I had no reason why I went through that - I have never ever experienced such a bad taste of my emotions in life. Other serious problem I went through is a strong sense of Apathy and disconnectedness in almost anything. Throughout the day I would not have any enthusiasm, not even a drive to do something. I was dropping my friend from work and this is what he used to ask me "Are you seriously thinking about something?"

I used to give some answers and cover my dull mood. At home my wife asked "why are you looking so tired? Do you need coffee now?" I used to say "No", to have my empty stomach for the Shambhavi! This was so obvious to the people around me. Another issue was emotional swings. A couple of times, I did feel blissful. But I feel I have those happy blissful feelings when I go for a drive in my car or even watching a movie. So I am not sure I can really attribute that to Isha Yoga. And that did not last long either - few hours may be. I found it so hard to reach even 40 days of practise and I decided not to do any of this crap further!!

So back to swings in emotion - so happy & energetic periods were very less. In the whole 40 days - say 8 hours in total! Is my life worth this, with this? Hell no. That’s why I stopped doing this. Not even 8 hours in 40 days!!!!! And I become back to normal that is my depression state. Yes, depression became my normalcy after taking Isha Yoga!

Other issue is I felt so much drained of my energies. Felt fatigued most part. Absolutely absent of any enthusiasm. As a whole there was some sort of "Inner Turmoil" that just stuck in me that would not go away. I could say I was just possessed by turmoil!!! I was always on edge, felt nervous, impatient, simple things could trigger my anger - so much mood swings!!!

I became so lazy. I slept almost a whole day on a Sunday. Did not even bother to help my wife on any house hold being a weekend. I felt so very bad for myself. I was just pathetic!!!

Guys - you think I am freak or something. No - I'm not & I'm just a regular healthy person in my late 20's, who took up this yoga in my life out of no where (even against the strong advice of my wife, not to go for it!) and I'm here in this Blog, again from no where, trying to share with you all - what I experienced - my horrible experience.

The peak was at the end of 4 weeks of my practise. I got an anxiety attack or in other words I got immersed in a wave of anxiety / depression and all I wanted (and all I did) was lay on my sofa, fearing about the big life ahead of me. Never had this kind of feeling towards my life. I'm usually an easy going person, fun loving, take it easy kind and here I was - fearing about my whole life lying down asking my wife to give some emotional boost. I don’t want to even think about these experiences after I finish this article.

Then the next I woke up & decided (it was definitely not easy as it sounds) - "OK to hell with Isha Yoga. Let me see what is going to happen to me. I care two hoods, whether this works or not. I'm going to live my life fully". If I had not made that mind set and woke up, I am sure I would have ended in some psycho clinic!!

This was not all - even my health took a mild set back. I started to have dizziness (I never had that in my life) for short periods of times. I face back pain (around my hip), again something I have never experienced. I practised Isha Yoga exactly as it was taught and this is what I went through. I could not even and did not want to complete the 40 days. I have happily stopped doing the practises. Never felt so liberated doing it!

And these are symptoms many of us here and quoting and mine was not new. I felt so emotionally relieved to see the forum that I was not the only person to under go these horrible experiences and it looks like common for quite a few people. Still I need to recover fully from above negativity completely from life so that I can move on - which is now my top priority now!

I'm not ridiculing Yoga. What I dislike is things taken for granted offering that. It should be done with utmost care and should be given to only qualified people and offered by qualified people. In Indian tradition & stories, people undergo years of training before starting even the practises. And in Isha it is just being thrown to whoever registers & whoever has money. So commercial - as if selling a bottle of bliss. Even for a simple medicine like pain killer, so much certification is done. It definitely would not suit every one in this world. Jaggi says he "mixes the right concoction of body mind emotion energy" as if they are chemicals and it would work for every person. Certainly it did not work for me and apparently for many others here. So would he / Isha take responsibility? If "Isha" had been a medicine company, it would have been sued & sealed by now!!!!

What really bothers me is - selling & marketing this stuff without caring about whether it will work for this person or not. Like without giving any disclaimer and not caring about people for whom this would not work. This is atrocity & just commercial promotion!!!

My Life @ Isha Yoga Center

I stayed at the Isha Yoga Center for a year as a full time volunteer. It has been an ordeal and mentally scarring. I have tried talking to some other monks there, especially the ones I knew while I was staying there but those talks have not been satisfactory, often they have disturbed me even more due to their responses.

I was refused bedding by Swami Suyagna (the HR monk). So for the initial almost 6 months I was staying without any pillow, bed sheet from the ashram. I slept on a straw mat, with a thin sheet I had got from home. In the winters I couldn't sleep because I kept shivering at night. I was alone in a room with tamilians many from villages. All English speaking volunteers had much better accommodations and facilities. At my work area (temple) I was insulted, ignored, pushed around and rudely made fun of in my face. Monks who were in silence they did not speak, would come to the lotus stand and tell my co-worker that I was crazy via sign language, for no reason I could fathom. So effectively there was no way for me to talk about my accommodation nightmares there. On numerous occasions Swami Suyagna, Swami Udhava, Swami Shwetaketu, Rajarathinam and many other prominent, administrative people of the ashram stressed on the fact that the ashram was a place to 'work'. Not once did anyone suggest I do more sadhana. To the extent that I was even explicitly told that my practices were expendable but work was not by these people, and that working would be better a sadhana for me than my practices.

I am from one of the poshest areas of Mumbai, having studied in one of the best colleges in India. Moreover I had come to the ashram after talking to Sadhguru and he having really encouraged me to come. I had informed this explicitly to Swami Suyagna, yet no bedding, no better accommodations and no reasons for denying the same.

Despite not being in the temple team, whenever I went to the temple after dinner, I was still expected to join the work. So much so that I have been asked to get up when meditating and made to work by Swami Adirupa many, many times. Even if I said no, I was forced. The work would usually include washing the Teerthakund Bathrooms. Effectively I was bullied into work for more than 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week for months. I barely had any time to sit in the temple, less yoga practices and no Silence break (I asked for silence but was refused by Swami Suyagna).

Things came to a hilt when I was eve-teased by a senior monk (sanyasi) there, when I was alone in the dining room. Many people there have complained that the monks flirt a lot, but as yet I had not come across such physical misbehaviour! What made this incident worse was not having anyone to speak to within the organization due to the above 'treatment'. The idea of complaining to my family back in Mumbai was something I did not think, partly due to shock and partly because I could not conceptualize such a thing. Definitely I have since then been wary of the safety of women in that place due to the monks. Finally it was only through Sadhguru's intervention (I wrote him a letter which got passed through to him), that I was given some respite. He told me to stop most of my work and spend loads of time meditating in the temple, doing practices etc... Despite this I was told by many monks and senior volunteers to 'disregard Sadhguru and keep working.'

He (Sadhguru) kept going out of his way to speak to me and make me feel at home there, even talking to me in Gujarati, however the admin was still a nightmare. This made me realize that being at the ashram seems to be more of a matter of garnering the administrations support rather than having Sadhguru's support. Moreover fighting and having an aggressive disposition seems essential because otherwise one just gets completely walked over by Monks!

Going to a globally known NGO to help them with their work has gotten me these extremely disturbing experiences. They have made me aware of discrimination, bullying and abuse being rampant and done by its admin in one of India's most respected spiritual organizations.

Jai Ho!
Priyanka Dalal

PS: The above can be read online in Priyanka Dalal's Blog . A number of people had posted comments that really bashed up Isha which were moderated and deleted by the Isha Web Watchers. This blogger used his own internet skills and unlocked those comments which can be downloaded from   


Jaggi often discusses his sense of urgency to spread his messages. As if time is running out and those that are smart better jump on his train. You might remember....a couple of years ago, he announced that he was intensifying, or 'amping up,' his energy to push forward his work to be done. Then he used this as an excuse as to why so many people were leaving Isha, not keeping up with their practices or not giving 100% to their sadhanas. That if someone dropped out of Isha, it's because that person couldn't 'handle' Jaggi's intense energy.

Please do not send your teenage daughters or sons to do the program. Parents need to understand that Sadhguru preys upon their children. He will seduce them. He will ever-so-subtly convince them that the only way for them to continue and progress is to surrender to Isha and to him. And he will encourage them to come and leave it all behind. Everything AND, he may likely seduce them physically. He will tell them that it is "necessary to lock their chakras." And they will believe him and they will let him.

The modus operandi goes somewhat like this, (at least for kids in the USA/West):

The child attends the initial program, nudged by the parents. The child just loves it, and the parents are elated. All of a sudden the child seems more in tune with Indian culture, food etc., is more 'respectable' to the parents. The parents can't believe their good fortune. Slowly the child starts spending inordinate amounts of time volunteering, doing sadhanas and other Isha related works. If the parents are entrenched cult members everything goes okay by them from this point on. That is, the child suddenly asks if she could go live in the ashram. Sadhguru says that she should first finish her college here in the USA and then he will see. The 'he will see' means nothing.At that point the child is as good as gotten a life membership to the ashram.Soon the child moves to the ashram. Volunteers are amazed at the dedication. The parents are thrilled. Soon Sadhguru makes a visit to theU.S. Word goes round that the child has been put on "silence" by Sadhguru for say a month or two for her spiritual development. Volunteers are very happy for the child and parents.

Nobody asks why a 19 year old needs to be put on a regimen closely resembling a communist interrogation technique. Nobody will ever know.The same parents, who would spend a sleepless night if a child stays with her girl friend for one night, will not mind that their daughter has changed forever and gone forever. They will actually be happy for her.

Now if the parents are not so entrenched and the child requests to go the ashram and they stand in the way. The child would anyway go to the ashram in due course. The parents rue the day that they introduced the child to Isha. And so it goes. To my knowledge nobody who has gone to the ashram had graduated by becoming enlightened. It is more or less a reservation into Hotel California.

Now this warning is not just for parents, but also for spouses who are not Isha-involved married to those becoming involved. He will eventually remove your spouse from the relationship and tell them it is for the benefit of both of you. Again, your spouse will believe him, because as you deal with the shock of their growing distant, you will be confused, upset, angry, despondent, and you may place very strong demands upon them for an explanation for their choice of actions, and they, in their Isha-induced false bliss will say to themselves that it's a good thing you are parting ways, because "you just don't or can't get it." Your spouse will feel justified...by the confusion, the sadness, the utter turmoil that their decision has caused, because they will feel above it all. And he, the Sadhguru, will support them in that delusion.

He will remove choice from their lives. He tells you to be Silent, you will be silent until he tells you, and you may speak again. Readers may not realize as what extent to which he uses this tool called "Silence" to keep people in line at the ashram? It's pathetic, because people buy into the punishment thinking they've been rewarded by the Sadhguru with a blessing. How wrong they are. They are just being controlled and manipulated in the worse way they think it's a gift. Now THAT is mind control!

"I was once a part of Isha and must add that it has completely reinforced my opinion on how erroneous that entire cult is. I say this with conviction because I have been an indirect victim of Isha for the last 3 years now. My husband got to hear about Isha from a few friends and went to attend Sadhguru's discourse in Mumbai. He then expressed his desire to go to the Isha Ashram at Coimbatore to do some yoga course and I really encouraged him as I felt it would do a great deal of good to his asthma. Little did I know that I was actually ruining my life forever? He came back a changed person. Lost interest in his Professional life and family. Over 3 years, he became more and more depressed - Isha 'yogis' convinced him that the way out of the depression (entirely created by them) was through following the practices and more practices.

He started spending close to 4-5 hours everyday for various Isha Activities. The first thing I see in the morning is my husband doing his Isha practices -what time in morning doesn’t matter – it could be 7am, 8am, 9am or even 11am. In the two hours that I get ready to leave for work he’s still doing his yoga. While I sweat it out at work the whole day, he sits at home doing his meditation, watching Isha videos, listening to Isha music, reading Isha books and browsing on Isha websites. Every time I try to call him from office, he never picks up as he’s doing his meditations or various other practices. I come back home late evening and the sight is exactly the same -he’s doing evening /night yoga practices – moving as if he’s in trance, making strange sounds. It’s been over 2 years and my life has been exactly the same. This is the growth that Isha promises. Let me share here that my husband used to be one of the most sought after media professionals in Mumbai before Isha came into our lives. The above is just a tip of the iceberg.

Isha has also taught him that a little violence, a little tension for the bigger mission of attaining Enlightenment and inner peace is absolutely alright. Thus my days are now replete with all forms of ‘justified’ violence – emotional, mental and even physical. If you are wondering why I am still holding on to this marriage – it’s only because unlike Isha philosophy I believe in valuing relationships. I think Isha is like cancer from which I need to save my husband – the man I loved and married. My earnest urge to all is not to fall into the Isha trap!

From any opposition from the family, he had a ready reply -"Sadhguru always says....family is the first one to come in the way of your spiritual journey. You have to be strong to not fall into the foolish trap. "

Over 3 years I saw my husband falling into an unfathomable abyss of depression, violence. My beautiful marriage with the man I had really loved became an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. I really tried not to be judgemental and decided to experience 'benefits' of Isha yoga myself before commenting. I did 2 courses, went to Isha ashram, became a volunteer for a few programs and have reached the conclusion that Sadhguru is a fabulous businessman who is using spiritual tourism to amass wealth and fan following. Isha Ashram is a 5 star resort complete with spas, restaurants, exotic handicraft stores, amusement places. It’s ridiculous how the man is playing with so many innocent lives. What absolutely baffled me was that there is just no place to share feedback. On one hand they encourage you to talk and in the same breath they stifle your voice completely.

Finally, they told my husband he should take a break from his wife and for getting clarity should go to ashram for a few months to find his true mission. My husband is gone. The organization is thriving. Sadhguru is up on every billboard / poster / banner possible. And I am left behind wondering what I should do now!

My husband has come back home after spending 3 months in the India Ashram with no communication to the family and it has reconfirmed my views about what a BIG FRAUD this Sadhguru is. I have realized, from hearing my Husband's experience that ISHA gradually makes you blind...first to your surroundings, then to your immediate environment, your family and finally your own self. It really teaches you how to completely disregard and disrespect your body. I was horror struck to see him - he looks sickly...a skeleton with some loose flesh hanging on his body... he seems dazed and disoriented most of the time....I am filled with disgust, revulsion, pity and finally a lot of compassion for him. How can such an organization are allowed to exist. While that Sadhguru looks healthy & fat. If I dare add....the others who go to his ashram seeking him...come back mal-nutritioned & under nourished....

SJV, himself sadistically endorses the above! Please see this video  from 00:53:00 to 00:53:06 where he says to Sri Deepak Thinmaya, that, if you stay with him for six months, he will make you, in such a way, that nobody will be able to recognize you!

I feel this it's intellectual terrorism.... In today's society, where there is so much mistrust, suspicion, anger, stress around and people are longing for something to latch on to, SJV had found out an effective way of cashing in on this disillusionment! It's scary to do these Isha marathon mass sessions." This post is a plea to all those reading to free themselves of the fraudulent organization that Isha Foundation is.

Victim-10's Friend

I am amazed at your boldness and in-depth Blog! Never has anyone had the courage before to write such an article on Jaggi Vasudev fearing a Backlash from Him! I have been Reading this Blog since quite a long time now and appreciate you for such ongoing eye opening facts about the Isha Business and the Businessman Jaggi! I thought it was time for me to post my views and experience with regards to my communications with my friend's daughter who is a staunch Isha follower.

I wish to inform you about the plight of my friend's daughter who was caught up in the vice of this businessman. After attending the inner engineering course she became a blind follower of Jaggi. She went on to complete the entire remaining courses including Shoonya, Bhava Spandana and any other courses which I may not recollect. She became involved to such an extent that she went on to become a volunteer at the ashram much to the despair of her parents and at the age of just 22 years.

She went to the Coimbatore ashram with belief that she would be able to meditate and learn more from other seniors which would be beneficial. But soon she found out that volunteering meant hours and hours of labour work which left her very little time for her daily practices. Later when her parents met with senior administrative swamis, she was offered a job through Isha for their new business venture at Indira Gandhi International airport at New Delhi were Isha was starting up a shop for international travellers. Here she was trained to guide (lure) international visitors through the Isha programs and the shop had self guided kiosks for the same. They were also planning to build a teerthakund for these visitors, so that, they could enjoy the bliss of meditation. Of course on purchase would be Sadhguru's books CDs/DVDs and other Isha items. It also had a modern day spa for rejuvenation and relaxation this also of course for an exorbitant price.

Later she realized that this was only a sales job (though she received a very good salary), so she left the same.

Even though today also she is still very much in awe of Sadhguru but she has understood that Isha is a business organization more so when she was asked very high price (fees) to attend and sit in the inner circle during Maha Shivaratri celebration / ceremony. She still reasons that Isha needs this money for carrying out humanitarian activities.

The good thing is that she has realized that she needs a career to go ahead in life and just volunteering wont do any good. But again she is planning to work and earn Rs 200,000/- so that she could do the trip of Kailash Mansarovar with the company of her Sadhguru.

It’s difficult to believe that even after witnessing the money churning business of Isha first hand; she still is under the spell of fake Godman and further is still ready to give her hard earned money to him.

Well, will keep following up with you and also share further!
Peace & Joy!!


I attended the Inner Engineering program 2 weeks ago and been practicing the Shambhavi mostly everyday.. I do feel calmer and more peaceful but I'm also starting to realize some negative effects:

- I'm always sleepy, always have this immense need to rest.. no more energy.
- I eat more than I used to.
- I have sudden stomach cramps and a horrible back pain with cramps around the hips.
- I feel lazy every time I should practice the Shambhavi, and sometimes end up not practicing it (and eating instead haha!)..
-I can't imagine myself doing this for the rest of my life!
-Please if anyone suffered from the same side effects let me know. I just wanna be sure that this is caused by the practice and not by something else.

Testimonials from a Meditator who spent time in Isha Ashram in India:

I am reading this blog and I need to give my view and share my experience with all. I am in touch with many core ISHA meditators ( about 12 years) they say its good but stay out of Ashram and don’t fall for everything ...as long as u meditate and do yoga only, you may see the difference or may not see anything, no need to stay there in hope that it will add any benefits and get you enlightened.

I have done the inner engineering program last year and also did volunteering in the Ashram and did few other programs there. The first thing I noticed was that people/meditators are lying in full capacity which is just mind boggling.

I had a view that they will be more calm and intelligent beings after starting meditation, but looking at the ISHA meditators I realized nothing can change an idiot and if you are a better human being u will change anyway.So to become more aware you don’t have to be near Sadhguru just take few good words from him and carry on. These meditators have spent 5 to 6 years or more near Sadhguru actually very near to him and they don’t know how to react to a simple life situation, which simply seeing, just took a big toll on me and my view changed for them. Nothing can change an idiot not even Sadhguru their Master. You don’t see a drop of intelligence in them.

I saw everyone is talking the same language, "you experience it and its different for all and there is a change for sure I feel, I am a completely different person" I heard every one talking these words as if someone had fed them with these words....it was amazing and funny. Everyone is trying to keep u quite, please talk slowly... don’t laugh loudly as if we are in a hospital with sick people. My God everything you do is wrong. You have to constantly talk their language and do Pranams to everyone just because others are doing.

I also found that maximum people there were those who had issues in their life and relations and so was I there or they had nothing to do so let’s go to ISHA MELA, where their families will allow them to stay and have fun as it is a Ashram where parents send their young child without hesitation. That’s why you see young girls and boys there. As they don’t get this chance other wise to stay out.I found only idiots in ISHA yoga talking same words again and again except a few intelligent who were actually trying to get along.

One more findings I had in the Ashram was that all the people in ashram and near Sadhguru are not very achieved personalities. I mean they are simple people without much or no achievement in life so for them to be there is a big dream.

If there are a few highly qualified people allowed in ashram they will turn the table upside down and than it will be difficult for Sadhguru to handle such minds going against him. An IAS officer who came to the Ashram and quit his job was upset after 2 years that he left Isha Ashram for the same reason as he was not allowed to be himself. So, no to, intelligent brain, and good strategy.

Someone also shared with me that it’s his strategy not to have questioning minds around him and he wrote also in his book that intelligent minds are dangerous and difficult to handle. Simple people are good listeners and they get enlightened easily as they do not question and listen to their guru like cattles ! Of course !

Also everyone who enters the Isha Ashram has a picture in mind of some very strong human personalities residing in there and you look for signs of enlightenment in everyone you meet but this is what you get to see.I appreciate Sadhguru for his intelligence and where he got it from but of course I know what enlightenment could be and it is not this. Its very powerful and pure and it is definitely not in search of people or power.

People who do good to others are indifferent to all. Its almost a brand promotion so if you stay out of ISHA mess and try to get few simple things I think you will benefit but if you fall for a man you will never reach anywhere than near him doing nothing.

I strongly know that enlightenment is not for all, its for a very few selected or few who struggled and stayed out of this worldly mess.These enlightened gurus promoted it in a silent way. This promotion of Sadhguru on the name of enlightenment to simple stressed out people is a big cake for the poor victims but at what cost, Where is it do you see in 20 years of his teaching no one is enlightened if there is one person get him on stage as ISHA's product.

I feel if you really want to fix your self please don’t become Ishaites else you will fall into trap from where there is no return. Just try to do pure simple yoga and meditation taught by Sadhguru.

Please don’t fall for it as life is short and you can’t do trial and error here.....there is nothing big on that side we all know but once caught there is no way out than to just convince yourself that you are right by staying there.....with no job or money.

Everyone is good for something and he should do that rather than giving up his life for some nonsense. The best and the strongest human being is one who lives life in full capacity and challenges and risk, and stands strong in all relations and aspects of life, that is where you need your enlightenment strategies not in a resort where u have nothing to worry no relations, no business, no money and no enlightenment...any donkey will like doing that and run from life and stress. People who always run will land there struggler and true spiritual people will always live in pain and survive and sacrifice not hide.

I don’t know if any GURU will work from me but I see that Sadhguru is working for so many of his followers and all are enlightened and will be enlightened hopefully. I don’t crave for such enlightenment as my soul knows the difference between these 2 enlightenments. Good luck to all.

I wrote so much as I want people to benefit from this. One we need to realize we need to be our self and always improve on ourselves. We cannot become Gautam Buddha so please don’t try it ….No hard feeling for anyone but one must learn Yoga.This is a western culture to live out people and just think for yourself and stay away and die alone.

Warnings by people who spent over 10 years doing Isha Yoga and with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

1. Just because a person has millions of followers by itself are no proof of the genuineness or greatness of the person. Hitler had tens of millions of German people who worshipped him was a Vegetarian, A celibate, Built great Auto-Bahns. Now the whole world knows him for the personification of evil that he was. Hence, mere numbers of followers is no indication of Jaggi's greatness. It speaks volumes about his skills of oratory and the excellent public relations machinery that he has employed though.

2. The marginal benefits that one derives from Jaggi's cult is far outweighed by the damage it does to an individual and his/her family. The sad thing is that the benefits can be derived just by undergoing yoga, pranayama training under a yoga teacher. He/she will not exploit your gullibility. It is the process itself that is beneficial. Not Jaggi. Jaggi is pernicious.

3. Regarding getting invited to the World Economic Forum, Australian Leadership Retreat. One does not realize the amount of PR work, lobbying and effort that goes into something like this by the poor trapped "volunteers"? Again it has nothing to do with Jaggi or his popularity with these organizations.

4. With regard to my practicing the program that I went through which will make me realize, trust me, I have done it for many years. Enslaving of ones mind by a cult guru is not realization.You do not have to believe anything that you read here. Just keep an open mind and be willing to accept the truth when it dawns on you. For it will. Use Jaggi's own advice to validate him. Do not just believe. Not us, not Jaggi.

Since I am now addressing potential Isha recruits....I would like to add a few points of warning of the side effects from my experience with committed (brain washed) Isha followers. I have stayed away from this cult for this reason.

Please heed the following Advice:

1. If you are the breadwinner for the family there is a good chance that you will want to leave and join Isha full time. The initial high and the promise of enlightenment may sway you as it has done to many in the past. Consider the impact it will have on the people who depend on you.

2. If you are a spouse there is a stark choice - 'Kriyas or intimacy'. The other half of the relationship may appreciate your 'enlightenment' but will definitely suffer the consequences of forced celibacy.

3. Your friends will not want to be around you any more and vice versa. An Ishaite will mostly spew cult like rhetoric as is evidenced from the replies we have seen in this thread. There is only so much you can converse with a person who has only one thing on their mind.

4. Be fully prepared to suspend all rational thought even your intuitive observations would be killed.

5. You will have to spend at least 4 hours a day (or more - depending on special days) in meditation.

6. You will be constantly hounded for donations (voluntary of course) - this will be magnified if you earn in anything other than Indian Rupees. Without realizing it a large part of what you earned/saved will be gone.

7. If you take pride in your career or your job - be prepared to lose that as these are considered mundane.

Also, I agree with posts where people have stated that Isha should discuss both the potential positives and negatives that might happen. Even at Sathsangs there is an implicit agreement that only "good" experiences are shared. As I have volunteered for activities I know that people who come to share their experiences are given specific instructions on what type of information to share. Every bit of activity from location selection to who gets to share is well orchestrated to only highlight the positives (nothing is spoken of negatives except don't share what we do with anyone else). I pity the foolish volunteers who are basically good people who have been taken in by SJV's False Talk and are slaving it out night and day in building his empire by paying money for their own labour !

Closing Words by the Blogger :

This may not sound Logical or Rational ! Every living entity whether a Atheist Impersonalist, Personalist or Theist is under the illusionary force of the Supreme Called "Maya" or 3 modes of Material Nature i.e Mode of Ignorance, Mode of Passion, Mode of Goodness & the "Nirguna State" Mode of Pure Goodness or Lord Vasudeva State.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev [SJV] is a Psychopath who is only situated in the "Mode of Passion" like all other worldly people having the same evils of Lust, Envy, Anger, Greed, Desires, Ambitions that any average mediocre person has whose only Goal of Life is Expansion of his Cult using his hypnotic oratory skills and has immense greed for money, power, political connections, and so cannot be termed as enlightened.

SJV himself does not practice what he preaches & I challenge that he cannot demonstrate a single Surya Namaskaar or Shirshasana in Public as compared to his North Indian Based Yoga Competitors. 

The Isha foundation is in fact a cult and Jaggi is the cult leader. This was confirmed years ago by B K S Iyengar himself. If you are new to visiting this site, you will find many attempts by Isha followers to try and cover this up as directed by Jaggi. There are many stories here that come from true victims who were sucked into this cult by manipulation and hypnosis.

There are many victims who are still afraid to speak out because of fear that was programmed into them verbally and subliminally after being hypnotized. If you are in any form co-dependent or are a good subject for hypnosis, do not even attempt to go to one meeting or listen to one video of the Isha foundation. All recording have subliminal messages and some have hypnotic programming as directed by Jaggi. The victims here are sharing there experiences to help protect anyone from getting involved with Isha so they will not have to go through the physical and emotional trauma they have gone through. The victims are doing this out of love and have nothing to gain monetarily or do they wish to try and control others.

Jaggi does not want to lose control of his followers their free labour or their money and his followers will try to manipulate everyone possible, beginning with curiosity to get you to come to one meeting. Be strong and don't let anyone try to reprogram you to lose control of your true self. Everyone should remain independent and not follow anyone.

With Best Wishes To You All! Your Ever Well Wisher!

Swami Aniruddha !


  1. Vedas teach us to question everything even that which comes from your own Guru. Unless it agrees with what you know you will not accept it. If something goes against your accepted social norms you will develop an aversion to it. But unless you develop your notion of what is acceptable you will not be able to explore unconventional dimensions. Yoga is unconventional. Religion is for everyone because it does not force you out of your comfort zone. The way to enlightenment is not for everyone for the first thing it does is to pull you out of your comfort zone. Its like you learn to use an electronic gadget normally as it is meant to and now you want to learn to repair it exactly as done at the factory!! It is sure to be messy, tedious. The simple folks must take the path of Bhakti / karma. Yoga and the likes are the Jnana marga. It is best left to the intense seekers. It is difficult for everyone to be Krishna (balance household and spirituality) but all of us can try to be Arjuna. Take the knowledge. Do not judge the source. Peace be with you.

  2. have you studied the Art of living NGO of Sri Sri Ravi shanker ji. Is there any relation between these two NGOs. what are the facts frauds & cheatings of Art of living . Please comment.

  3. I would like to thank Colonel Zaysen for helping us with this blog...

  4. For a GUru, there is no was and will be..he is always 'is' and it should be like that..otherwise it is not.

    1. What the fuck ? Do you even know what you re talking you smitten baboon ?

    2. why do you say he is always "IS"- iam just laughing out of my stomach. Have you gone nuts ?

    3. Guys, do you really think calling someone names will help them understand what you are trying to say?

  5. Thank You. I am really intrigued by Isha Yoga after reading your article ...Can you tell me if there is an asram in Europe where i can go to?

  6. Reply To Anonymous Feb 6 2012 07:22 AM

    Kindly visit the websites of different spiritual organizations via google to see if they have any ashram in europe. Isha Foundation has ashram only in India and USA!

    Colonel Zaysen

  7. If you really think sadhguru is spoiling this many people, why don't you go directly and question him and there are so many chances you can ask question. Why you are still allowing this to happen to so many people. In Blog means only less people will read it. It's simple, You go and speak directly and I think you will have a team.

    1. @Mathivathanan- A simple question.

      Two people are smitten or bitten by poisonous snake and they are telling that the snake is poisonous. Will you also give a try to go and check by yourself, i would surely check but i will go with a rod of iron. Once it is dead will surely check about the poison. Don't you think commonsense is more practical than enlightenment.

  8. HA HA HA VICTIMS OF INNOCENCE. Learn Isha yoga properly and do it in straight without any imagination.

    1. Dude shut the fuck up ! Isha doesnt do shit to you. Ask the monks who did the yoga for 10 years(*straight, better than you, not gay not les, **without imagination) and slept with fellow brahmachari women not being able to cork up their chakras with their sadhana !

    2. Guys yoga means not some exercise like hitting the gym, every movement has to be felt heartly and every step has to be seen with love, too much pushing will.cause above problems. II do disagree in money matter, a sage who sells yoga for money will.fall to ditchfrom top

  9. I've done most ISHA programs and I'm currently a wreck in soo many ways I can't even begin to describe....I don’t mean to discourage anyone but I'm sharing this from my own personal experience... I'm not sure what life had intended me to experience with ISHA but with everything that I've gone through...it's been the worst experience of my life!...and I’m still vEry broken without a hint of how to put myself together again...feels like I’m simply drifting with absolutely no direction and with soo many different physical ailments....and so a word of caution to those young and enthusiastic meditators who are willing to give up everything for the cause...wellbeing may not be what you'd expect at the end of the journey....I’d ask that you continue to be rational and use your intelligence and not get driven by “out of this world” experiences of others unless you experience it yourself.

    One stark realization that I’ve had is that at some point in my journey with ISHA.. I simply stopped “questioning” which seems to contradict our initial exposure to ISHA through the I.E program where we were encouraged to question everything…including our beliefs…all I ask now is that we continue to "question everything"…

    I’m certain there’s plenty of unanswered questions in everyone’s mind when it comes to ISHA such as the high cost of programs / goods being offered (a.k.a donations)....the implications to the forest reserve with the ashram's continued expansion (incl. a recently added swimming pool)…I’m not asking for speculations…but for all of us to merely look at things as they are (as we were constantly told at ISHA)….and tell me if there’s something not quite right with this picture.

    One last thing….just a query….with all these practices ….tell me honestly….has any one of us ever experienced any consistency in the way we experience life? Has anyone been able to operate from beyond the clutches of the mind / emotions…..is this state of existence even a reality??…Sadly I don’t believe I’ve even seen such traits in the experienced ISHA teachers …....thank you Zaysen for creating this forum….it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone :-)

    1. Mahadeva_Shakthi13 September, 2014 15:30

      The best way would be to distance yourself from all the pictures& religious accessories of whatever organisation you have a problem with. Also align yourself with the right energies..any of the 18 siddhas you relate to, or any great saint from the past you have trust in, but you must make sure the path you chose works for you. Most importantly connect to your own Soul, and Truth, to show you the way through. May you find your peace.

    2. Dear fellow victim...

      I too went through the same phase as you after being in isha for over 3 years. I quit college to go to the ashram. Now i do not have a degree. I broke up with the love of my life. I ended up being over weight - 74 kgs, 163 cms.

      It took me a while to come out of the mess...but eventually i did.

      It wasnt as difficult as i thought it would be. But it certainly can be undone.

      All the best :)

    3. whats the best way to stop someone to stop joining ashram, my brother is about to join ashram to learn new courses

    4. subiksha vivekanandan, I think Isha is beneficial but you shouldn't throw your life away for it, its not supposed to be a magic path that takes away your worldly responsibilities. I think you thought yoga would solve your emotional or personal issues for you in many ways.

  10. drop everything.........
    just for a month...
    offer yourself completely to dhyanlinga..
    you'll remain happiness that which never ends...
    it doesn't ask to scarify, it doesn't ask money..
    what you can give to that unlimited? it have opened its door now its all up on you. its only now you can make it. you can become unlimited, vast, full of stability in such way that you'll never look back... you may say anything to him it'll not effect on him... he knows your short mind, but still nothing is wrong.. you all are welcome to come back..

    1. @ Sushant

      are you reading the comments or feeds above. Your comment is so absurd

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  12. for victim 1: this not idea nor this is philosophy that you have to entertain with. This is method; method for well-being. you said you are passing twenties so for you better is to seek some hot, sexual books instead of seeking spiritual books but understand one thing my friend whatever key or whichever situation you are using for your happiness is so limited, that it'll give you joy today tomorrow it'll not happen with same thing. so instead of going on to search different-different situation you just try to understand that all the experience are happening inside you not outside; once you understand this everything is happening within you, how you wanna be all the time? happy? or miserable? as much i have talked with people they said 100% happy. now because you are happy from within yourself, you will not get bothered of happiness or misery or love etc. all you'll do that which you want to do. so practices of inner engineering are not philosophy, idea or jokes that today you'll do it and laugh and done; No, if you are thinking like that then you are totally wrong. all you have to do is with total involvement. 40days just 40 days you do them without thinking and hoping something out of it, you'll see these will change very quality of your life.
    right now you are trying to conclude about isha so all i can say is just that "it is so true that without involvement these practice will not bring you anything actually you may feel that you are losing something because spiritual process is to clean so don't bother about experiences,all i'll ask you to set a goal in your life, bigger or smaller is your choice and look that how you are working for it, you'll see miraculous capacity of your own to work continuously.. more than now/before"
    in your post i did not found any bigger lose. all you said is that you started to live with your parents, so if you have not decided the goal for your life then it was better to go towards loving peoples. have a nice time

    1. Sushant, I'm just a guy in Los Angeles who found the free instruction for Isha Kriya online. I have no intention on joining any kind of organization. If I do the kriya every day for 48 days will I feel happier? A more positive change? Is it good for at least that much with all of the negativity I read? Thank you. Please respond to my e mail address prajna929@aol.com
      Thank you!!!


    2. I am doing the Isha Kriya for the last one month and eating vegetarian food. I can see a positive change. Stress is decreased and I can see an increase in focus.

    3. Dear Mike,

      Isha Krya changed my life in a positive way. I'm a business man, I do a lot of things, sports etc. and have a full schedule. My life was pretty hectic before I came across Sadhguru and ISHA. Now my health got better, I got a great amount inner peace I feel joyful, nut just very content with my life like I did before. I still got a perfect relationship with my wife... I got more free time for myself and the business is running even more smoothly. I learned how to accept things where I don't have influence and I learned how to more effectively change things where I have influence. I am attending advanced courses from ISHA, but I still got my own mind. Still I do question everything that I don't know. Just what Sadhguru suggests.
      But I agree that people can easily get into a halucinatory state and that not everything is for everyone. Start small, be aware, than re-evaluate, go further or stay where you feel well.
      About the business aspect of ISHA - yes, it's a great business project, but everything is a business project if you want it to grow. Unicef for instance (correct me if I am wrong) uses up to 60% of donations just to sustain the organisation. Only 40% are going into the hands of the poor. Just a thought.
      All the best!

    4. I would say by my personnel experience that after ISHA programme only I can sustain my joyful state of mind.
      Before that I was like a villain to my subordinates.But now they are happy with my change.
      Whoever doing ISHA will attain material well being also.For example I am working as production manager,with lesser stress than I was working as a Junior

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  14. victim 2: what a person is really experiencing inside how you can come to know? as i said before and if you have enough intellect to understand that all experience of your life are happening within not outside.
    so "they pulled my father from my mother", how?
    did somebody tied him with a rope? if you are feeling so loved or full of bliss with someone then somebody must tie a rope to pull you away from that person, because it is the only way otherwise how you'll avoid that which you deserve? you don't go on and try to figure out others life because what happening within them you can not know. now why your father was not spending time with your mother only he knows, if is not willing to tell you, then go and ask other married couple, may be other mans of your city are also not willing to spend time with their wife. one way to look at it is that we marry because of certain needs which can be emotional,physical or economical any need it can be, so once he became full of love from inside so now he will be independent for this feeling. going towards somebody for love or for any physical need is compulsiveness or living independent is compulsiveness? he did not share his feeling because that which is experience can not share because it is beyond five sense. love and happiness are only two experience that i can talk with you if i talk about something else you'll start imagining. your problem is not that he is going somewhere, actually i am sure he will not go anywhere it is just your prediction or conclusion about him. conclusion is made by people who are not willing to walk the distance,now we are talking about self realization that means distance of destiny of yourself not others. so if you'll not walk then you'll die in regret.
    you said "life pushes back his practice" these practices are not kung-fu or bull fight practices to push each other these are methods for well-being.
    "you said peoples of isha" right now my ego will not allow me to call them peoples of isha because i do understand meaning of word "ISHA" i usually call them volunteers. volunteers will never explain you about such non-real problems because they are socked into sadhguru's teachings, and what they knows it can never ever come into your understanding until you'll become it. and why you are trying to involve them, it is not possible to help you because it is all about you and your growth, they are so brilliant and sharp than me also. though someone wills he/she can't make you understand that's why all they say is focus on your practice. have a nice time

    1. Mahadeva_Shakthi13 September, 2014 15:18

      You obviously know very little about the subtle manipulation of energies. Educate yourself, its not too late. If someone can work on the subtle level and pull you closer to your soul or God, even the reverse is possible.

  15. victim 3: your problem is not about his spirituality; it is just that you want your husband should look only what you show but now it is not. so i am telling you don't waste your time because he don't bother about outside he have turned inward now only which keeps him high, happy and blissful is loved.

    1. How many people who did samyama are happy ? How many people just lost their normal life and are now totally aimless ? And why is turning inward so costly at isha ?

    2. I agree with you Subiksha. Turning in is not what Sadhguru wants really. If you turn inward, you begin to see yourself, depend on yourself. You realize you don't need anyone because you are one with everything. These techniques are designed to agitate and make you want to have more coarses, see him more, give more money etc.

  16. Do the practices properly , it is very complicated , very very subtle practices.do not have any goal / expectation by doing the practices.
    If u get into any problem , stop the practices and just chant"Bramha nanda swaroopa isha jagadeesa , akila nanda swaroopa isha mahesa " for twice in a day for 10 minutes , sadhguru will be with u always 24x 7.

  17. Zaysen,
    Very good topic and my thoughts on it:

    1)This article should be a strong reminder to all those who are either to begin or have already started this endeavour.In all Scriptures it is absolutely made clear that the science of Self Realization should only be taught to the eligible.This endeavour is only for Ripe Souls i.e
    a)who are content with simple desires in life and
    b)who are not lazy and are well organized

    2)It is absolutely important not to overdo it.Half an hour meditation a day is already more than enough for beginners otherwise this will bring quick results and will rock your boat with big mood swings including depression, spaced-out etc

    Shadow Problem
    From your article it is clear that Jaggi's program is working but being retailed to everyone .This is called the Shadow problem.Every light has a shadow

    Blame yourself:
    But I also doubt that; much of the problem is self made by people either by overdoing it or taking advanced programs when clearly not ready.These kind of people even when warned will not listen and still do it.So they need to blame themselves for it.

    Shadow blame on Sadguru:
    I also partly blame it on Sadhguru.The bigger the light the bigger the shadow.But every religion every system will come with a shadow.When u do good there will be an UNAVOIDABLE amount bad/shadow that comes with it.In that sense we CANNOT blame Sadhguru.
    1)without due warnings about ineligibility
    2)stick to the daily routine and not do it more than the presribed times
    3)and strictly limit advanced Isha programs to Ripe Souls.

    1. How do you know this is working. How do you know that you should only do it 1/2 hour a day or it will rock you boat? How do you know you are a ripe soul or not. Everything in Sadhguru's group always has an answer for everything. But what is the truth and what isn't. So much made up stuff.

  18. If one want to become engineer or doctor at least you need to spend 4 to 5 years, at last you may end up with something relevant or not it depends upon the people who gone through it. Same as here in the spiritual process, but it will take a life time to understand it for most of the peoples, for some people may get the point all of the sudden, some will not like its gose. whats wrong. Suppose you drive a car for past 20years and met with an accident on this day. what you will think???? you dont know how to drive a car or accident may happens or so????

    Obviously you will think 'accident may happens'
    If i say all these days some luck is protected you but today it happens, will you accept it or not???

  19. The best way to test out a practice is this..

    Take a holiday for a week or two , and in this time, remove your ring , mala and any pictures of the said organisation from your person. If you feel better in this week you have your answer.

    Wearing rudraksha is very good. But it needs to be sanctified by the right source.

  20. i am a 23year old from Tamilnadu.
    I did my first program when i was 9.Dint understand a thing.
    Again got back to isha when i was 18.. was into it for 5 full years.
    Ofcourse sadhguru has an exceptional mind,his words lifted me from depression at times.He threw different perspectives on everything..
    There are many itching questions in my mind..
    for now..,
    1) Sadhguru claims that the technology he offers is a tool for enlightenment ,ultimate possibilty,union whatever....
    There are Swamis and Maa at the ashram who have been practicing kriyas,shoonya, "our responsibility is boundless "principle,100% involvement and all that for 20+ years....
    But how many got enlightened??
    Atleast show me one enlightened isha product ....
    When asked upon this, the meditators and swamis say that it took 3 lifetimes of sadhana for sadhguru to get here.

    Then how did viji Maa (sadhguru's wife) accomplished it in a very short period with very little sadhana?
    Enlightenment that is eluding the elite Swamis and Maa s for years happened to her just like that??!
    please throw some light on this.......

    1. If you look at all the people in history who have attained enlightenment, i'm sure you'll find no set formula.

      A+B+C= enlightenment doesn't add up.

      I think with Mukthi, its Grace of the Adiguru. The grace of the one Guru, who works through all, there's no telling where his light may shine, or in which moment. All we can do from our end is be sincere.

  21. How true,just completed my 6 month training, experienced this programme is mainly geared toward the youth and especially foreign white ones...the swamis' i think are trained to give them first preference..and if you are over 40 they donot really need you....you cannot spend 5 hours a day doing sadana on the outside world.....

  22. Hello... I can understand what happens when people come with a view of getting peace and love but get into some unexpected issues. But try and have a close look to all of I am going to write. Before that, I have gone through inner engineering and I am not saying for any adherence or faithfulness to Saddhguru or Isha.

    - Inner Engineering or Shambhavi Mahamudra is not something magical or out of the world. Try and break it and see what it is doing to us and kundalini life inside. If you have knowledge of this substance inside us you will see "shambhavi mahamudra" is just initiating that inside you. I am going to explain this in detail here.
    The mahamudra through various yogic processes tries to initiate the kundalini which is present in all of us in dormant state to life. The kundalini journey starts from the rectum position or anal position which is mooladhara and drives through the central channel to all the chakras to the sahasra chakra sitting in the head tip. However, the case of kundalini is different in all of us, the factors like - how is the nature of kundalini, how is it initiated, karmic nature of life and past lives. All this and so many other factors determine how is kundalini initiated in a person. The guided meditation of "Shambhavi" is all about rising this kundalini from sleep and making it active with in us. The goal is that it rises through all the chakras and reaches the head chakra to become directly in link with God. Shambhavi is just a tool to achieve this.

    Now as soon as the kundalini is aroused in people they find weird changes in themselves. Please note that these changes are not new changes they are just magnified virtues i.e. magnified characteristics of good and bad they carry. People find such change in themselves scary and not expected. This is usually the first step of getting into a new life. I am not saying it is not painful. Kundalini rising is not only a case in yoga sometimes people arouse there kundalini in accidents, spiritual awakening, pregnancy, menopause. Suddenly they find themselves in such circumstance of out of control mindset. Please search all over the internet on "Kundalini issues".
    Continueed further

  23. It scares us when the issue comes to us when we least expect it but if we know the issue we know what is happening, it is a lot of relief. I am not commenting why a Guru initiated this havoc inside us when we went to him for peace. I don't think he initiated a havoc he just initiated a journey. There can be several ways of looking at it and keeping in mind the pain of person undergoing, I don't' feel it reasonable to put any judgmental comment on any one.

    - Now coming back to my "Inner Engineering" journey. I was facing a Kundalini issue over ten years when I came to Isha. May be spiritual awakening or something and I had very weird circumstances and "Shambhavi" helped me move forward. When I came to "Inner Engineering" I was so distraught that I was on the verge of wanting to speak to an expert if not Saddhguru to know what is wrong with me what happened to me. I had this sudden change in my life when I felt I was considerably bent on Krishna bhakti. My life and my personality changed in such shape that it was almost a rebirth for me. Not only me people around me noticed and a quiet refrained person underwent a huge change to almost achieve a leadership position. But like I said not only good things bad things get magnified too. My mind was totally out of control; worrying and anxiety took total control of me. I kept ignoring things to work on necessary life but it was very difficult. Lot of psychics told me same thing in different way but I had no way of moving forward or going back. I was stuck. When I started practicing "Shambhavi" twice a day though not dutifully, not only me my entire family saw changes in me. My senses improved, they became sharper and before forty days I saw like from my own eyes my own spirit light in between my two eyebrows giving me peace and love. How can I deny what I saw with my own eyes and just Shambhavi gave me this...

    Shambhavi is a tool... guys.. Spiritual journey is not simple. But I know the pain and I am not trying to underestimate by writing all this. I just want to tell someone who may not be knowing.
    Buddha did not become what he was in one day and this is a journey.
    I am posting a lot of links for you to understand this -




    Try search "Kundalini Syndrome" on internet.

    PS - This is just an angle or view point of seeing a problem. This is not a solution and a suggestion.

  24. Also I would like to say, it is a responsibility of the programmes from Isha to answer the query of people who are failing or having challenges & problems. "It will get alright", "grace will shine" or something is not an answer to the challenges one is undergoing. That ways these people are only being isolated rather than benefitting from programme. No one deserves this.
    I think there should be an active part of programme to work on challenges from isha too. I wish someone from Isha can work on this.

  25. Thank you. All this sounds genuine and I think u guys have saved me time and money as my curiosity was getting the better of me after hearing SJV's lectures and I had planned a trip to CBE. Thank you all for your honesty. Am sure it was a phase and you all have moved on.

  26. This blog is FUCKING BOGUS!

    1. Oh no...it isnt ! Its fuckin honest on your fuckin face !

      PS: i was a volunteer at isha for three whole years to know this is not bogus.

  27. Every human state of mind is different....

    There is NEVER and will NEVER be One single prescription for all human minds...

    HAVE FAITH in whichever concept or process suits u the best and do it sincerely. If it does not work for u...it is not meant for u....that does not mean it is bogus....DON'T PASS JUDGEMENT'S LIKE A COURT OF JUSTICE AND DON'T DEFAME A PROCESS OR CONCEPT IF IT DOES NOT WORK FOR U...IT MAY WORK FOR SOMEBODY ELSE.....

    What u give to the Universe by thought words and action will come back to u with equal measure.....Newton's Law ...not mine....

    However well meaning u may be and think that u r doing newbies some good by penning this blog, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES....The Universe has no emotions....it gives as good as it gets....

    Stick to ur path and to ur Guru if u hv one......and pls stop defaming other human beings / faiths/ religions / cults./ masters....

    BTW all religions/ faiths/ philosophies that crystallize into places of worship and groups are CULTS......Christianity is a cult...Islam is a cult...Jewish faith is a CULT...Its all a CULT.....




    THE HUMAN BEINGS WHO FOLLOWED THEM ADDED THEIR OWN CONCOCTIONS AND MADE BOOKS AND HV BUILT MULTINATIONAL RELIGIOUS CORPORATIONS.....which is not a bad thing....if it does good for humanity in a voluntary manner and does not force its faith down ppls throat with the SWORD/ GUN / DRONE THREATS or other ALLUREMENTS.....

    Wish u all the best my friend....

    Hare Krishna..(since u seem to be a Gaudiya devotee)

  28. What is bhavspandana - the shocking truth: http://www.workingpsychology.com/cult.html

    This is exactly the same method used by Osho in past. Bhavspandana is the volunteer recruitment programming of Sadhguru.

    No one at Isha has got enlightened till date.

    The Isha ashram land in Coimbatore is acquired illegally.

    Sadhguru was accused of killing his wife in past.

    He does not follow his own principles in ashram.

    About 50 to 100 volunteers are locked in silent room and beaten every day at Isha.

  29. Kundalini awakening is not for everyone. For the weak minded it is torture, for the intelligent it is a constant destruction of what you considered the truth. It is dangerous for ANYONE to mess with kundalini energy if not prepared for the good and bad that comes with it. Further more it is extremely important for everyone to understand that paying for any form of "enlightenment" or "spiritual awakening" is foolish. Meditation is the gateway to the soul, everything you want or need to know is inside yourself, nobody else...

    1. Bullshit. This is how people from Isha talk. They will fool you by calling you intelligent! I was volentere at Isha for 3 years. There was a time when I was locked in silent room in Ashram and beaten every days for months. Stay away from Sadhguru, he has only extorted people. None at Isha is enlightened till date. They just want more volunteers and more money.

  30. I have read more sights and more information on Sadhguru since I sent you this blog site and am saddened, yet not surprised by this information. When I was at the ashram I saw the things that these people are talking about. The cost of things, the pushing people through for the aura cleansing - 8 people at a time (800.00 US for 50 minutes), the lack of connection or care towards us by the Monks etc. And then the icing on the cake, seeing him drive out of HIS ashram in his Hummer while all the slaves are running around cleaning and selling his wares.
    I asked one of the young women who was doing the aura cleansing how long she had been at McMinnville and she said since the beginning of building the Ashram. I asked her why she chose to do this and she said because of her husband. I asked if she missed India and she said that she is going back as soon as possible. I asked if she was going to the Ashram in India and she had a long, long pause and nodded her head up and down to say yes looking straight into my eyes and I knew she wasn't telling the truth. And in that moment I knew she wanted out and she wasn't going back to the ashram in India if she could help it. I could see the deep unhappiness in her eyes. Then it hit me. She can't leave, she has no money, she is trapped in this ashram.

    Other things were bugging me too. I saw how Sadhguru had a lot of facts incorrect. Just a few: He said that 90 percent of people dream in Black and white and never in color...not true, Jesus on the cross at 32....not true...I could go on and on. He also seemed to have even a bigger ego than the last time we saw him.
    He consistently says that he is of no religion and yet his chanting, the Adi Yogi, Shiva, Hatha yoga, his songs etc are all Hindu. I felt that he has taken the best of Hinduism and made it his own. People who don't know much about Hinduism or haven't been around Indian Guru's could very well be taken in by it all very easily and think that it is his creation. None of what he is doing is new at all. It's ancient.

  31. I'm adding on more information from above:
    About the Shambavi. I had mention to another disciple throughout the 40 days that I was getting more and more depressed and I asked her if she was. She said that she wasn't, but she didn't feel anything after the 40 days either. Nor did I except I felt depressed and I couldn't figure out why. After reading these stories, and there are tons of them, many people expressed the same thing that I was feeling. (go to the bottom of the page on the blog site and click on more and you will find people are writing into this blog right up to today. It's starts with 2011 up to now). I have stopped all Sadhguru's meditations and chanting and am beginning to feel like myself again.

    Reading these blogs, I see that my intuition all along was screaming at me. I joked with a friend upon meeting Sadhguru that he had to prove he is who he says he is because my intuition was saying he wasn't the real thing, but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. And now I see that he is not real, he is an imposter, he's a megalomaniac...probably a psychopath. One thing I am certain of is that he is on the dark side of the occult, I would not be surprised that he is strongly into black magic. India has lots of ancient spells and ways of getting power and wealth. Scary stuff.

    One fellow wrote on the blog site that Sadhguru is giving us techniques that a true master would never give their disciples until they were ready to handle the energy of these techniques. AND what kind of energy are we gaining inside of ourselves? Is it from the dark side or is it from the Light...what does it REALLY bring into your life? The truth is, we don't know and I am not going to fool around with this kind of energy when I don't know where it comes from or what if REALLY does. We are totally being over the top trusting, not even questioning what he says!!!! How crazy is that!

  32. More from the blog above:

    My daughter has been feeling depressed also for no reason. Very lethargic and laying on the couch for the last 2 months (she's been dedicated in doing the meditation and Aum for 5 months now). She too has now quit doing the meditations and I have too (since McMinnville) and I am no longer depressed at all. Both her and I threw out all his books, ring, ash, everything that remotely has Sadhguru's energy on it. I want nothing to do with this man at all.

    I am seeing now that his whistle and clap is to get you deeply into a hypnotic trance. (I have my masters in Hypnotherapy and that is what you do to get people deep.....bring them to the surface, then down, to the surface, then down even deeper. He has a very hypnotic voice and non descript language which is what hypnotherapy is about. He is a very, very smart man. He knows what he is doing. He has a very charming way about him....but the devil can look like an angel also. (I'm not religious at all by the way, I was raised with no religion so I am not into the devil at all, but that is a good saying in general for lots of people in this world).

    This has been a very profound event for me. I am done with the search outside myself. It's all in me...everything!!! I see that I don't need a teacher or a guru. I see that I have a huge connection with this universe and always have. I don't want to read any more books, chant, or groan any more. I am going to live my life to the fullest, with love, compassion and joy. Yes this world is tough, really tough, but I am the universe and the universe is me....I can get through anything with myself. No more leaning and no more giving my power to someone else...wanting them to save me. There is nothing to save! I am existence and existence is me, Everything is evolving despite our interference or wanting it quickly etc......it's all good. so just enjoy this moment, this day and the rest will take care of itself!

    So that's where my daughter and I are at after this shyster. Our new Motto is: STAY AWAY FROM GURU'S!

  33. Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).

  34. It seems Mr Jagadish Vasudev aka Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev aka Jaggi has been accused by his own father in law of killing his daughter (Sadhguru jaggi's wife) Vijji aka Mrs Vijaya kumari either by strangulation or by poisoning, in 1997. Mrs Vijaya Kumari was 31 years old then with a 6 year old daughter . Jaggi has escaped saying that she went into mahasamadhi. (Now, which court accepts mahasamadhi and acquits a murderer?).
    Mr. Jagadish cremated the body of his wife on the next day itself, hence no autopsy could be performed. Before marrying Jagadish vasudev, Vijaya kumari was working in a bank and was previously married to someone else. After her death, another woman who was involved with them (in the tri-vortex of energy needed to consecrate the so -called dhyanalinga), a certain Mrs. Bharathi divorced her husband and came to live with Mr. Jagadish vasudev.
    Mr. Jagadish vasudev has a daughter named Radhe, who is a dancer and she is married to a classical singer and is living a normal, luxurious life in Chennai and the USA, whereas most young women and men in the ashram live as unpaid slave labour, just on 2 meals a day and 3 sets of clothes and hard work to produce products and money for his so called Isha foundation, which many say is just an excuse to get tax exempt status in India and the USA for all ashram activities and businesses. Isha foundation doesnt seem to work much as it is advertised.
    Mr Jagadish Vasudev once said that children who go to govt. schools are walking 4 km per day and giving the bus charges (7rs/ day) to the ashram and that they are very commendable.
    Also, while he asks people to live frugally, and donate to the ashram, he and his daughter, and Bharathi etc live very luxuriously and Jaggi has bought himself a landrover, a landcruiser and a hummer apart from other things. He advises people not to drink coffee, but he himself drinks folgers coffee and is seen at starbucks. His family members (daughter, son in law etc ) go to movies, malls, foreign vacations, and drink coffee and hang out with friends along with their latest i-phones as normal people do. It seems that Mr. Jgadish vasudev is keeping them in "miserable" luxuries while the ashramites are enjoying sublime "spiritual" bliss in bare frugality.
    He has once said that 3 things should never be commercialized...education, health care and spirituality. He is commercializing all the three as - a) isha home school charges around 6 lakh per annum, b) isha arogya (medicine) products are sold through isha stores and c) inner engineering and all other programs (spirituality) are also being sold to the masses.
    He is good with words, but he himself never practices what he speaks. Some people who want to come out of the ashram are threatened from leaving saying that their spiritual progress will be stopped and that they will also affect the lives of many people around them...or something like that. Anyways most of them are in a kind of hypnotic delusional state where they worship their master since he is offering them something intangible like enlightenment, and they believe all the lies he continuously says and defend him and the organization to the best of their abilities.
    You can read more on sadhguru jaggi vasudev aka sjv on guruphiliac forums written by ex ishaites. They say that few people were found dead at both his ashrams in India and the US.

  35. Dear Friends,

    All of those who are experiencing dullness anxity and fear are the out comes of kunalini awakening . I have a basic understanding of what kundalini enery is , after attneding the program of inner engineering I had experienced the rising of kudalini , at once my inner conscious felt that the Isha method of this energy cultivation through is not appropriate , it should happen naturally but through the Isha Shambhavi ( there is traditional Shambhavi which is more proper) is a cult of activaiting this dormant energy with out any proper channel just like a brute force. So friend's all of you if you are practicing Isha shambavi please skip the repaid breating step , this is not recommended as it is a brute force method of rapid energy building , the kundalini has to happen naturally and slowly as our body electro magnitic field is changing our body has to adapt to these changes slowly and doing it once in a day is more than enough . Doing upa yoga twice is good and beneficial but Isha Shambhavi if done once is good enough . I wont say Jaggi vasudev is a good guy or a bad guy , we need to take what is good and reject what is bad .Add to above , even before taking the above precautions, please konw that If Kudalini activation is done in a proper channel it will lead to a blissful and happy life with both balance in spiritual and normal life if not it will it can be as dangerous as well. So proper understanding of purpose ( higher purpose or spiritual ) to activate , having idea of chakra system and their role in day to day life and proper chakra activation is must required before doing Isha shambhavi , beware and take care friends .

  36. One more addition , there are various books avaliable on kundalini serpent energy and chakra system and other kundalini activation methods , I felt that Isha is not givng proper knowledge on this and simple activation is like taking drugs and getting high , yes this is equivalent to take drugs so proper understanding is must .

  37. Isha yoga is not different from any yoga , for doing yoga one has to follow yama and niyama
    https://kripalu.org/resources/yoga-s-ethical-guide-living-yamas-and-niyamas expectantly when dealing with energy body or aura
    .I would say while one is working with kudalini he/she should absolutely refrain from non vegetarian as it highly effects the aura so one might end up in more trouble and Isha says one can have non veg and do Isha Shambhavi , it better not to do in this case and we are just inviting trouble.

  38. At the outset, latest news on ISHA inmates is suspicious.

    1. Probe allegations against Isha Foundation
      COIMBATORE: The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) on Wednesday called for the institution of a high-level committee to probe allegations against Isha Foundation which have surfaced in last two weeks. The reaction by AIDWA comes days after a principal district judge-led enquiry ruled out allegations of parents who approached the Madras high court claiming that their daughters were forcibly confined at the Isha Yoga Centre.
      Addressing the media, president of AIDWA, U Vasuki, said, "There is a need for a high-level committee to probe the allegations against Isha Foundation. The committee should have a sitting high court judge, a psychiatrist as it involves allegations that Isha Foundation is forcing the women to present statements in their favour, an educationist, a representative from a women's organization and a member of the state commission of protection of child rights."
      A few days ago, S Kamaraj, a retired professor of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and his wife, K Sathyajothi, had petitioned the district collector alleging that Isha Foundation had forcibly confined their daughters, Latha alias Maa Maayu, and Geetha alias Maa Mathi. Later, the parents had moved the Madras high court, initiating an enquiry into the allegations. The principal district judge conducted an enquiry and submitted a report ruling out the allegations.

      AIDWA also pointed out other irregularities in Isha Foundation. Vasuki said, "The town and country planning authority has in 2013 issued notice for demolition. Isha has only filed a review petition with the TCPA, and there is no stay order. We want to know why the building has not been razed down? And we want the state government to initiate action against officials who failed to do their duty."
      The organisation also demanded probe into alleged death of people at the Isha Foundation. "Recently, a 23-year-old and a woman doctor had died at Isha. We want to know whether a postmortem was conducted and an FIR was registered or not," said Vasuki.


  39. Did anybody notice that jaggie is heavily scheduled lectures in USA from sept till october this year and even is holding brava spandana program in october in USA ashram which is unusual since he is doing BSP there only in may. What is the reason? Is he fleeing India because of the problems in ashram in coimbatore? What a coward this man is.

  40. Many of the so called victim testimonials are from disgrunted women who just need their men to entangle in physical relations. The statement that people enrolled in ISHA yoga now do not get entangled with physical relations, friends, family etc proves that ISHA Yoga has given them something much more joyful than these worldly arrangements.

    And regarding those compalining of getting more sleepy, depressed etc on doing ISHA Yoga, they must remember that any yoga that cleans up the system will produce extreme reactions initially because the accumulated karma of past lives is burning up now faster due to these practices. It is similar to analogy that "when you clean the room, the accumulated dirt gets removed first"

  41. This previous comment is utterly ignorant of the effects that cults have on people. All these jargon being used by this person, calling the dangerous states of physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual damages that isha and other mind controlling sects induce on its members by using dangerous practices that undermine their physical and mental health. It is not a "cleansing" that is happening. It is sick state of mind and damaged brain that is the result of isha yoga practices. It is hallucinations that are produced in the damaged brain that is under influence of the damaging practices. Cults are dangerous. Isha practices are dangerous.

  42. Please suggest me how to save or help my brother not to join ISHA yoga

  43. The way i look at this is...

    Doing any spiritual practices by reading books alone, is like trying to imbibe a dead body without soul, no life in it.

    Any spiritual practice has to be received through an appropriate guru. Then the practices will have the life in it.

    Whether it is Prabhu pada ji or sadguru ji, in this matter any guru, they do have thier super guru.
    Without super guru no guru would have been in human form or any form, except the supreme lord.
    Remember, whatever is taken, is taken only from here and whatever is given is given only here.
    Applies very well to spiritual practices too shared and guided by any guru in that matter.

    Each guru's sharings are copied form the supreme lord's messages only ;)

    Proof:- Attempt repeating any new mantra reading from any book. Receive the same mantra from an appropriate guru.
    Anyone can experience the difference. Which one is alive seed and which seed does not have a life in it.
    How to find an appropriate guru, well it's your lady luck. :) Just kidding... You better know how to find.

    1. Agree with you on this!Kindly Read my 2009 Blog post as to How I was Initiated into the Mahamantra by HDG ACBSP !

  44. Sadhguru is steeped in fine wisdom..easy proof of that is the fact that he is never scripted or dogmatic in his delivery. He is a brilliant teacher. If you listen to yourself while you listen to him, at least in my case – it's easy to see that his heart is in the right place. He's also a brilliant businessman. L Ron Hubbard of the Scientology movement once said: "if you want to get rich, start your own religion." I guess that's what he's done in a sense. His eloquence which encourages the ordinary person to find the divine within himself – never outside himself (which would include Sadhguru as well). I like the way he sums up very deep concept has a recipe to find personal happiness within. So simple and all of you whining on this thread seem to have missed his point all together which is that YOU can choose to become Wise or wounded. If you become wise you become part of the solution if you become wounded, you're just part of the problem.
    All he's ever trying to say is – the choice is yours. Challenge yourself to find that place within you to stand firm by your observations and decisions. Quit blaming other people for your misery, take responsibility and help make this world a better place – starting right now!


  45. Really its enlightening…..I agree with you on various points………please keep it up…….
    Religious books online

    I did shambhavi Mahamudra at an Isha event overseas and came across the blog looking for help
    Im feeling the following symptoms

    Extreme Loss of libido,
    Loss of appetite,
    loss of sleep down to 6 hrs
    Loss of cognitive functioning, mental foggness with headaches
    Feel anxiety,
    Muscle spasms and twitches
    Feel vertigo when doing pranayam,
    Body rocks side to side when meditating

    Could anyone help in how to restoring the bodily functions
    back to normal

    1. Kindly stop doing the Kriya as your body has not been prepared initially to handle the side effects of it ! You will save yourself from further damage !

    2. Thank you Swami Aniruddha.
      Can Any one please share what i could to reverse the effects or bring my body back to its normal function. I havent done this yoga for 6 mont.

      Thank you in advance

    3. Three years after stopping the practicies, and I'm still facing difficulty in handling myself. I think the damages are permanent to a certain extent. I wish i could reverse them fully...

  47. Looks like the author himself is adding stories as comments. And the vicitm stories went a lot overboard with Sadhguru seducing young girls "physically" and all. When you lie, try not to exaggerate at least. Loos like he wants to stop people from going to Isha (for whatever reason he has) - and he is trying every thing to do it. The only thing I can think of after going through all this is - he is an ISCKON follower - a Vaishnavite. Isha though not with religion consdiers Shiva as the Adiyogi - Shaviaite. The Vaishnavite obviously wants to stop the Shaivite. Clear as sky but it is pathetic. Being a person who believes in both Shiva and Vishnu, I feel pathetic when people of these sects try to degrade each other. They are not seeing the bigger picture and without that they cannot calim to be even Hindus.

    1. uuhh No chief im no iscon follower and you shoulnd't jump to conclusions.
      I did this program in 2015 and it's effected me and many of my peers on a serious level effecting our health and persona lives. Dont know why you'r getting so defensive about this.
      This is a platform for people to come share their experiences and get help and help other like my self. You shouldn't be trying to sabotage other access of support and help. Thats bad karma

      May God bless you on the right path

  48. I completed the Isha Inner engineering program 3 weeks back and have been practicing Upyoga & Shambhavi Kriya twice/day since then (3 weeks now). I've definitely seen an improvement in my energy level, however I have been experiencing lower backpain, unable to tell if that's normal or am I hurting my back with some of the asanas. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. The Kriya will heat up the body and hence energy level rising is normal as blocks are getting released. But lower back pain should not arise because of Shambhavi MM Kriya. Do the Asanas slowly giving ample time & relaxation after each if u have a very rigid body.Don't be in a schedule to complete the kriya in 25 minutes. It can wary from person to person. In my case even after 10 years mastery I finish it in 30 minutes. But do only thrice a week as my life is not hectic but relaxed !

  49. Hi Folks,

    Have read the whole blog about people facing problems doing Isha Kriya and so on. I would like to jot down my experiences in doing this kriya and yoga.
    Firstly to start with Shambhavi Mahamudra is a very ancient powerful kriya. Very rare yogis will initiate this kriya because of its high energy variations. However, Sadhguru with this profound wisdom has made it available to common folks to reach higher potential and for well being. Lets say when you start practicing martial arts or whn u start going to gym or Jog or any kind of exercise, for the first few days your entire physical system will be affected resulting in body aches and other problems depending on your past ailments. If you have a history of any surgeries/deformities/nervous problems, results will vary. Likewise, even in a powerful practice like Shambhavi Mahamudra, initially there will be few uncomfortable problems physically and mentally. but with continuous practice and healthy lifestyle it will reap you benefits in near future. I have been practicing Shambhavi Mahamudra from past 3 years and my experience of life is been on a pretty awesome state on physical and Mental both. I have been staying with my family, married, working in a company, in constant touch with my friends, thinking to do something different in my life, having a good physical and mental health, doing my kriya everyday, balancing my spiritual life and family life as well. so everything is going on an awesome level. Also gearing up and preparing myself for a higher level of attainment and so on and so forth. I am able to deal with the most complicated task and problems with utter ease. Anything which is powerful will have some consequences. Nothing in life is gained easily. It requires some dedication, serious effort and most important patience. Use these tools to have a better life and awesome energy levels and not to attain anything or gain anything out of it. Have good thoughts in mind and most important be in touch with your soul/self. If enlightenment has to happen, it will happen in any which ways. These tools of yoga have been made available to keep your soul healthy and happy. Sit back, relax for a while, take walk with nature around, observe your thoughts. Dont take things too seriously. Dont be over enthusiastic to do anything. always take one step at a time. Stay Happy and be calm. Everything will be fine. Shambhoooooooooooooooooooooooo.........................

  50. my son is about to join the organization, he is not at all listening to our words, our total family is dependent on him, his sister is still studying, i am a retired employee, worked a lot, I have provided him a good education will my savings. today he ready to leave us all and to join the ashram. pls suggest me a solution to stop him.

    1. Very Unfortunate situation with your son.Please tell him that in His Old Age neither Isha Nor Sadhguru's Family is going to be there for him only Money, His Family Property & Job is. Ask him to read the true Sadhguru Story on zaysen.quora.com and links also given in this blog to download in PDF & Read. Please do A S A P! My Net was down since 27th Morning hence the delay in replying to your Comments.

  51. take it from someone doing the IE who has spent his whole life with anxiety and manic depression. yes the practises will arouse certain emotions and thoughts, but no, they are nowhere near as bad as the ones I had from genuine depression, if you aren't willing to crack stone you aint sculpting shit, if you want some fun yoga to make you feel more bubbly about life then go be a dog not a human being.

  52. Let us critically analyse and try to figure out the root cause from which alleged harms could occur.

    Upayoga - arms, knees, squatting, neck - don't think they can cause any thing other than warmup, so I think it can only have positive benefits like lubricating yourself.

    Patangasa, shishupal, Nadi vibhajan - good stretching and loosening exercise if not anything else. Doing cat stretch can only increase your flexibility. Purportedly, an advanced yogi should be able to feel 72000 Nadis, but beginners can think of it as good stretching. Also, onlookers will feel you really are doing something. So it also has show off values.

    Sukh kriya - you concentrate only on breathing and your mind becomes one with breath - such concentration of mere 7 minutes can only be good for you.

    A-U-M chanting, if you seriously think you could be harmed by chanting A-U-M, may be you should stick to only alcohol and other stuffs for little OBE and be happy. I do not feel it necessary to explain significance of a-u-m. But as I can feel sorry for those who do not know, I'd advice them to google significance of a-u-m themselves. Sadhguru says it brings balance and reduces ADHD.

    Fluttering, Bandha - not sure.

    Sitting with slightly upturned face for 5 minutes - can only help to quite the disturbances of mind.

    So if you critically analyse, there is not a single thing which can cause you harm. It's not magic guys! Use your rational mind to see if you have any real cause of harm. I don't understand how quitting sukha-kriya of 7 minutes or sitting in silence for 5 minutes can bring benefits.

    Also, how not chanting A-U-M just 21 times can bring any positive benefits. A-U-M is very ancient,and imo as ancient as it gets! it's not Sadhguru's haha. But apparently A activates your manipuraka chakra, U is for creativity from anahata chakra and M is for destruction/filtering from vishuddhi (think of destroying your negatives and filtering them out) but you don't have to believe anybody, you can experiment yourself.

    So we are only left with bandhas and fluttering. If it were not important, we would have not been told to do it.

    But I do agree, if a disturbed compulsive animal is introduced to do Sukh kriya and asked to sit still with upturned face for 5 mins, twice a day, it will come out of its comfort zone and complain about his compulsivness reducing or mind becoming clearer as it is used to agitated states of mind xD.


  53. Fee paid for hatha yoga -20,000
    Isha force sold unwanted bhoota kit--2,000(want to return )
    To and fro BUS tickets including taxi (3,000)

    I recently registered myself for 21 days Hatha yoga event at ISHA yoga coimbator.fee paid RS 20000 without accommodation +we were forced to buy some bhoot shudhi kit costing 2000 RS .We were even forced to shops overpriced white clothes in isha shops .I was able to smell the fish on first day itself as were forced to chant Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev name instead of God ,in the hall which was accommodating around 700 people (500 were Chinese).In hall also they had placed his huge photo and God shiva idle was placed behind his photo all most invisible .after meditation when we were in hypnotic suggestive receptive mode We were force to watch Sadguru audio every 20 minutes or so next day itself I started seeing young women with hair started shaving heads .They used to take attendance as in school 100 percent must .We were dehydrated as we were not allowed to use washrooms even after. 5/ 6 hours continues sitting .people had stop consuming water in day .If We complained of back pain due to continuous sitting we were sold chairs from their shop instead.

    On around 7th day they performed bhoot shudhi (black magic may be right word) They created right environment to hypnotise is to max on this day .They used smell in hall we were given some small tablets to be swallowed with water and asked to chant his name continuously and in THE BACKGROUND THE recorded 3D surround AFFECT as we hear in theatres type SOUNDS of DRUMS ,FEAR ,Witches ,GHOST ,CRYING PEOPLE ,sounds of people LAUGHS and sounds of people in PAIN were played loud for some time and the students in the class suddenly started mimicking the same in real .people sitting next to me started crying laughing some looking at me angrily as if they are going to kill me .Very scary scene to say Even an healthy person can go mad can result in schizophrenia.sensing the danger to my mental health I and another girl decide to leave the place immediately asap While leaving we asked for refund as we joined the class for hatha yoga and not for this kind of things ,They mocked us and threatened that they have politely influence.we left without refund .i am sure if I had stayed there for 21 days I would have turned one of them .As the hypnosis is continuous process of brain washing .using all the senses of body .I know about it as I have read few books and have done certification course in it .

  54. keep your children away from this place.

  55. There are so many things happening inside isha..ppl from other parts of india let yourself know that this bliss you experience inside this centre isnt what it appears to be.

    There is another guy like jaggi who is none other nithyanandha who also guides and leads ppl spiritually.
    he also talks about kundalini ..initiates kundalini ..third eye and all that.

    guess what! he was exposed by a spy cam footage of having sex an actress.now you can guess these things they sell as enlightenment is something they can manipulate.

    this guy jaggi is practicing an occult,you don't have to research so much on this.
    Just watch him doing wierd rituals.
    Those of you who think that's 'spiritual science' then it's exactly what occultists do.
    It takes a medium to contain the spirits for that purpose one needs to open the gates of body aka chakras

    Some people are like I don't believe
    In spirits but they're ready to believe some thing invisible provides them with energy/bliss.

    The concept of enlightenment needs to studied.you need to connect to an external medium,that's something jaggi can manipulate.

    Besides that if hes a such good man with the intent of serving humanity he wouldn't be selling his courses for such prices.
    He even sells yoga as packages without an guideliness or aBout disclaimer.

    he calls them spirits as energies.these stuff he teaches you is to become a vessel for spirits that feed you with false bliss..

    people from coimbatore and ppl who lived around isha centre say things they do Marijunana and other drugs are inside isha.

    One of my relatives( she's a retired vao) went to Isha to spend the rest of her life there , but she came back in a day .. isha asks about their bank details and deposits she felt somethingis fishy about the place.
    Jaggi vaudev is

    Don't judge jaggi fraududev by how he talks on TV .do you think one can run an institution by being so nice and sweet ,it's impossible.
    To run a place like isha one has to kiss many asses and corrupt politicians.
    The guy who's enlightened rides land rover.nice.

    He's trained in hypnotism too.
    Rich pEppleby who go to Isha are brainwashed in a way ,that they give their properties to this centre.

    if he could hypnotise and persuade ppl through his videos on YouTube imagine how he much he can do to a subject in real life.

    What he does is keeping ppl inside a field of energy and people who trapped inside it will experience a false sense of euphoria without realising theyre inside a field.

    I don't care about the comments of ignorant people or ppl from the new age occult guru jaggi fan club.

    but my words will help or make atleast one person confirm what they felt was right and I'll keep writing.

  56. i read all the vicitims' problems and comments too. You people did not realise you became intelligent people. All of them shared their feelings vividly. i found no any arrogance and mis used of languages. u guys r smarter than normal person. in my view, u all have problem with your friends n families . your notion about life is advanced but unfortunately, it causes problems for you. In practical life it's just opposite. u become apart from family n friends its becoz u r idea is broader than them..as a result, slowly, misconception occurs n u become mr.lonely. THIs is not possible for job holders which causes prblms. But how??? The answer is, you have to obey the instructions of your boss n have to force to work with to co worker whether you like or not which causes anxiety or depression. infact we r social animal, if our perceptions donot match to our society then we r called animals.

  57. Just to point out to the people reading this blog. The shambhavi mahamudra pdf on the top contains wrong steps and as you might know, wrong yoga can lead to terrible health conditions(madness,death etc.) It is necessary that you learn this kriya from an actual yogi, not some manual. Manual can be used as a supplementary material during your practice though. If you don't trust isha foundation, then find some other yogi in india(or nepal, china) to learn it from them. Although, most yogis repeat this again and again, yet the author of this blog still posted these pdfs. I'm sure he means well, and wants people to not spend ridiculous sums of money on yoga programs(or travelling to indian subcontinent), sadly, he's doing more damage than good. It is better to pay for a yoga program than for your medical bill+permanent injuries. So readers, i hope you make the right decisions for your health.
    PS-if the shambhavi mahamudra kriya pdf is wrong, the shakti chalana kriya pdf can also be wrong. I cannot comment on it as i don't know how to do shakti chalana kriya. Also fair note to the readers, I very recently attended an IE program by Isha foundation. So if you're a skeptic, you probably won't trust me, but that's fine. It's not my job to dictate your actions, but to warn you.

    1. Saransh The Kriya in PDF is exactly as taught to me in 2007 7 Day Isha Trained Teacher Conducted Classroom program with initiation.If after 11 years the Kriya has been changed by Sadhguru then I can't help it which means Sadhguru himself doesn't have faith on his own teachings or he is constantly innovating which means that Kriya has failed to work as taught earlier.

  58. any change of finding full sequence of angamardarna?

  59. can sombody else coment on schambavi mahamudra pdf, is it corect or not



    If i want to prove Sadhguru is wrong yes i too can. We can also prove Jesus, Vivekanada etc. as fake.

    I still have many, many doubts on Sadhguru's GENUINITY

    For me a person sitting in bathroom, walking on road, watching tv can become suddenly spiritual without his own willing, acceptance, effort or knowledge.

    So even if Sadhguru is fraud you DO NOT STOP, till you go beyond the 5 senses.

    POINT is spirituality is a personal experience. No two people can have same spiritual quotient.

    So if Sadhguru doesn't acknowledge Rishi Prabhakar, SSY, his past, FIND WHY, dont derive conclusions? Sachin is Kambli's best buddy but there is a reason & maintains distance with Kambli.

    Even if Sadhguru cant die of Mahasamadhi or killed his wife, i surely know these people just sat and left body at will.


    Forget humans, yogis, SNAKES know when to Die at will.


    Forget Dhynalinga, any idol consecrated as per certain Temple ARCHITECTURE, (eg: Agama Shastra, there are ways to build temple) has powers.

    You just need receptivity to feel it.
    I am an young guy, married, goto work, party, fight, argue, watch movies, eat out but i have been also able feel, physically feel reverberations when i goto temples. Not all temples i feel, never been to Dhyanalinga till date. But i feel it in Tirupati, Mahakal, Abhaya Hasta Venkateswara temple, i feel the same vibrations in also few small temples near my home. Just some random PLACES also one can clearly feel the vibrations.

    As a proof if i am hallucinating, i asked my wife after hesitation of 4 years. She too confirms she can but she too thought it would be foolish if she asked me.

    She works in a IT firm and is like any modern women, very clear pragmatic about current world & reality.

    Few of my neighbours, an old lady my neighbour aunty and uncle, & a man of 40 years and his father too acknowledge what i say, when i discussed it with them.
    They too can feel energies present in a temple. Infact temple i speak is in a slum area, next to a storm water drainage, highly populated by Christians.

    No special seeking or sadhana done by us. We are people like you working in govt, MNCs etc.

    So may be dhyanalinga could be fake but deities, lingas, idols, temples are PLACES with POWERS. I was never a seeker consciously, but today i can sense, every time i am in presence of certain energy bodies, my spine shakes, body vibrates, the ecstasy is out of world. It sounds as if i am on drugs or mindwashed. But no, you are on other side of bridge, i am on this side of bridge.

    Isha has acknowledged about Auroville building the Dhyanalinga.


    Proof from Auroville. If Isha wanted to hide it, they could have taken care of this part as well.


    @SadhguruJV giving OPEN INVITE. JOURNALIST, IAS, IPS, CBI, CID, KAS; even YOU, ANYONE in WORLD visit ISHA ANYTIME, ANYDAY. If ONE ACCUSATION proven its game over https://t.co/p2lx8i284E

    Dont tell from 1992 nobody could PROVE HIM GUILTY for one scam. Today powerful politicians Rahul, Sonia are on Bail in Herald scam.

    See if Land is illegally acquired by @SadhguruJV https://t.co/4TVb5CLFtA

    Any docs can be created foolproof for any Land in India by Anyone. Don't trust CAG report or @ishafoundation documents. Just see satellite video. See #GoogleEarth/any Satellite online. NO ONE can't change Satellite image, will SHOW what was before Isha Ashram came up there. Changing satellite proofs is impossible.

    I repeat, My only wish you have come so far in spirituality, be it without Sadhguru or anyone else or just with yourself, go BEYOND the 5 senses.