25 July 2009

The Perfect Blend of Philosophies,Experience,One's Intelligence,Rational Thinking & Divine Plan!

The perfect blend of philosophies in terms of my three Guru’s

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Most of the content has been taken From H H Swami Sivananda’s book “All about Hinduism” Srila Prabhupada’s Books and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s Book “Encounter the Enlightened” & “Mystic Musings”

1-His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya’s Achintya Bheda Abheda Philosophy is the Highest and Most Sublime, The Easiest to Understand and Experience and Intellectually It scored 100%. However Srila Prabhupada’s Teachings Had One Flaw!

Swami Prabhupada Words “He Stresses[Canto 5 of Srimad Bhagavatam] So Much On the Concept of Child Suffering in the Mother’s Womb, Hanging Upside Down, Bearing All Types of Filth, Shit, Urine ,Gasping For Breath For 9 Months and When He Comes out he is bitten by mosquitoes and cries when other’s cannot understand what he wants. He is then forced to go to school when he would rather play, and his teachers force him to study subjects which he cannot comprehend. Because one has forgotten how much one has suffered in his/her mother’s womb we never try to find a solution to the problem of birth and death. Generation after generation continues the Same Stereotyped way of Family Existence, Experiencing So Much Difficulty In Exchange of Sex and Money but Still None Aspires for Mukti. The Same Whirlpool Continues!

After saying the above Srila Prabhupada is Saying “That One can indulge in sex only once in a month because Krishna says and for only producing nice children”. Does this make any Sense! Here Mayavadi’s have to be admired and honored as they Say No-Sex! Srila Prabhupada Himself was not a Celibate and fathered 5 Children. So Instead of Blaming Lord Krishna He and His Banana [Male Reproductive Organ] Are Directly Responsible for the sufferings of His 5 Children.

On one point Srila Prabhupada was not correct that he did not leave a dime for his own children from ISKCON Money in his will and His Followers Looted ISKCON Wealth to Live In Comfort and engage in sense gratification for ages and still doing the same. As A Parent Who Produced 5 Children he should have left enough for them also to live in Comfort. My own grand father had 10 daughters, for the Sake of one son all of whom underwent immense suffering in their childhood. 10 kms walk each side to school! For earning Rs 5/- my mother and aunts were demonstrators in exhibitions at the age of 12 and even faced sexual advances by visitors. My Uncle used to go 10 Kms by walk and take the Coat which my grandfather had worn after returning from his office, for my mother and aunt to wear while returning in Winter Nights. See the poverty!

To earn Rs 500/-per month my father worked night shifts under humiliating conditions in a Cement Factory. So can you blame Lord Krishna for these 10 people’s sufferings. In the last days all my un-married aunts-5 , Over 60 years now, All well placed in top jobs and my uncle crucified my Grand Father Giving Him the Title of “Beast In Human Form” for His Heinous acts verbally as well as physically.

I am the only person in the whole world who knows what human suffering is experientially and Intellectually after reading Srila Prabhupada’s Books even though I myself have lead a carefree life till date. After I asked my parents the same Question as To Why They Committed the same blunder by bringing me here, that their own parents had made and what they had learnt from their own suffering, they had no answer and agreed that they had made a mistake. Kindly Refer to the chapter "Ecclesiastes" In the Old Testament of "The Holy Bible".

I can talk all these things as I am a Celibate Till Date. A Married Man With Children Cannot.

On this Point Swami Sivananda Says: “Any One who knows the Magnitude of Human Suffering, Would Never Indulge In Banana Work [Sex] and Dare Forth Bring a Child Into this Miserable World. “More Beggars, More Dacoits & More Robbers are Brought As A Result of Free Banana Work and Lust.”[HHSS Book “How To Get Vairagya”]

Words of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: “The Biggest Problem in the World at present is excess human population, which nobody wants to address! “When most people cannot be in total control of their own bodies and minds, why they are producing babies and creating more problems in this world”.

“At Least in India it is now a crime to produce a child. People have simply done this because they have nothing else to do. One should think before, If one is capable of giving birth to another being as bringing another being is a tremendous responsibility and should not be done out of compulsiveness or in competitiveness or just for seeking fulfillment and proving their man hood or women hood”

In 1950 the World Population was 1.50 Billion. Now we are at 7 Billion. By 2050 we are going to touch 12 Billion. He Further States “That By The Help of Medical Advancement, We Have Taken Our Own Death In Our Hands, It is High Time That We Take Birth Also In Our Own Hands” “This Increase in Population is Not Divine Plan this is Just Irresponsible Reproduction”. Here I fully agree with Sadhguru and that is why only on this point I sought his Initiation.

Logically It makes no sense to me “That every time a couple, indulge in Banana Work, and the women becomes pregnant, there are souls falling from Brahman or Sri Krishna’s Nitya Leela, seeking to take shelter in a man’s Semen and entering the Womb of The Women and Babies are manufactured. How does this explain Test tube Babies and Synthetic Life? How Does this Explain that When Couples, Both Man and Women Sterilize Themselves, Then They Never Have Children? Prabhupada was asked this Question, As to what will happen, if everybody avoided sex completely. For Which he Replied then the Creation Would End and Everybody would be liberated. This Means Creation is Coming Out of Banana Work or Life is being manufactured out of Chemical Process which defeats his own book “Life Comes From Life”.

Here Buddhism has to be accepted which only believes in Consciousness and Doctrine of Nothingness, Karma and No Soul, No God, No Paap Punya, No Heaven No Hell and only Cause and Effect.[Sadhguru’s]

2- As Said by Western Philosophy Professor, J N Asopaji, A Lecturer at The Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, Take the Positive and Good aspects of Every Philosophy namely Advaita, Bheda Abheda, Shoonya Vada, Suddadvaita, Achintya Bheda Abheda. In this one has to accept Sri Vallabha’s argument of accepting The Authority of The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Brahma Sutras, and Bhagvatam. However there is no doubt that if meditation was done then experientially Sankara’s Advaita was the ultimate experience which Swami Sivananda achieved by intense Sadhana, 16 Hrs Meditation a Day for 7 Years.

In My Case I Completely Experienced Lord Chaitanya’s Achintya Bheda Abheda as Every Time, In Sankirtan The Materialist Dust Cleared In My Heart and In the 1st Reading of Bhagavad Gita “As It Is” in 1995 The Knots In My Heart were slashed with the Weapon of Knowledge and Devotion. I developed complete disgust towards Banana Work.

Whether Sivananda Saw Lord Krishna As the Supreme Person or He Saw Only Bright Light In All is Questionable! Sankaracharya’s philosophy only said that one atman dwells in all and this atman is identical to the supreme atman which is Brahman. He never claimed that I and the Creator are one as other wise why would he have drafted Bhaja Govindam.His followers later misinterpreted this and stated that they and the Creator are one!

As Swami Sivananda Said: “After intense meditation there was a state of Nothingness and then Bright Illumination which is Brahmajyoti. This Confirms Sadhguru’s saying that the entire universe has come out of nothing but this goes against the concept of Vedanta which states that everything has indeed come out from Brahman.

It Seems That Sadhguru’s Experience is In-Complete!

3-Apart From Sankara’s Kevala Advaita philosophy rest of the Philosophy’s were more at giving Solace and Peace in Heart for Comfortable survival here and for running the business of temple builders and not for actual mukti[ Example ISKCON and Their Un-Authorised Guru’s]. Mukti was the Highest in all schools of Vedanta except Sri Krishna Chaitanaya’s Achintya Abheda Bheda where service of God here and after shedding one’s body and going to Goloka Vrindavan was the Highest. Merging one Self in Brahman was considered totally suicidal in this so this philosophy was totally opposed to that of Sankara’s Kevala advaita.

4-Sankara’s Kevala Advaita believed in Jivanmukti[Which is also included in Sri Chaitanya’s Philosophy] while as Chaitanya & Other Vaishnava Philosophies did not. Sankara’s Philosophy that The world is relatively real and not absolutely real is correct. The world is not False! However Sankara’s Philosophy Says that Brahman needs the help of Maya to Create & project the world is not acceptable as Brahman being all powerful can do anything by itself and without any external help or support and it does not need raw materials. By His mere will the world comes into existence this is according to Nimbarka and Vallabaha.

5-Brahman After reading the various philosophies was Indeed Radha & Krishna as Said by Nimbarka Acharya and not impersonal or Nirvishesha Like Sankaracharya’s. This was also confirmed by feeling the presence in ISKCON temples. This was because that Krishna appeared and had Celestial pastimes with Srimati Radharani and without doubt established that he indeed was the Supreme Personality of God Head and the 1st Person who stood before the creation of the universe. This has also been said By Lord Krishna himself in the 12th Chapter that he is the basis of the impersonal Brahman and those who worship him in his personal form are considered by him as the most perfect than those who worship the impersonal Brahman.

6-Bhakti according to the school of Nimbarka and Vallabha is the best which combine both Knowledge and Devotion lead To Release. Prapatti or complete self surrender to Lord Krishna is the way to release. Brahman showers his grace on his devotees who make complete self surrender. It is Brahman’s grace that generates devotion in them which results in God Realization.

7-Bhakti Involves knowledge of Brahman, nature of the Jiva and the Brahman’s illusionary power of Maya. Salvation is attained by real knowledge and true devotion Bhakti. Real knowledge and true devotion leads to total self surrender to the Lord. The Individual self retains it’s individuality with reference to divine enjoyment but it’s will is subservient to that of Brahman. The individuality of the soul is not dissolved even in the state of Moksha or the final emanicipation, This is According to Sri Nimbarka which Works For Me.

8-Salvation- A state of Full Awareness of Identity with the Lord,according to Nimbarka. Brahman is revealed to the liberated soul in its pristine glory but not in the form of Deity. The soul realizes itself now as an inseparable part of Brahman. It no longer feels that it is separate or distinct individual as it felt in bondage. It abides in the glory of it’s own true self which is Brahman Itself. It is in full awareness or consciousness of being one with the Lord. It will not return to the world. It is freed from the rounds of birth and deaths. As it is in union with Brahman it attains the same status as that of Brahman but it has no power over creation preservation and dissolution of the world.

9- The four kinds of Bhakti according To Sri Vallabha.

This Pushti-Bhakti is of four kinds: (i) Pravaha Pushti-Bhakti, (ii) Maryada Pushti-Bhakti, (iii) Pushti Pushti-Bhakti and (iv) Suddha Pushti-Bhakti.

Pravaha Bhakti is the path of those who while leading the worldly life, perform works which will lead to the attainment of God-realisation.Worldly life is compared to the flow of a river (Pravaha). Maryada Bhakti is the path of those who are rendered fit to attain knowledge which is useful for worship, through the grace of the Lord. They know all about the ways of God. They depend upon their own efforts to obtain knowledge. In Pushti Bhakti, the devotees lead a life of self-restraint. They hear discourses about the Lord. They do Kirtana and sing His Name. They do Japa of Mantra.

Suddha Pushti-Bhakti or the Purest Type of Devotion

In Suddha Pushti-Bhakti, the devotees do Kirtana and sing the Lord’s Name. They praise God. They develop a strong passion for doing these. This kind of devotion is generated by the Lord Himself. The Lord’s grace descends on the devotees. Then they develop a liking for God. This liking grows into Prema Bhakti (taste for God). The devotees acquire knowledge about God. Then they get attachment to God (Asakti). Then they develop a strong passion for attaining God. This is the ripe condition of love and Asakti. It is called Vyasana. This strong passion, or Vyasana, leads to the attainment of the highest bliss, the summum bonum or the end. When love for Sri Krishna becomes intense, the devotee sees Lord Krishna everywhere. Hence everything becomes an object of love for him. He identifies himself with everything. The Gopis had this experience. They saw Krishna everywhere. They saw themselves also as Krishna.

This is Para Bhakti or supreme devotion which becomes akin to the knowledge or Brahman-Jnana of the Vedantins or Jnanis. The inner and outer world is full of Krishna or Purushottama for such devotees. The fruit of this devotion is admission to the eternal sports or Lilas of Sri Krishna. The supreme goal is not Mukti or emancipation. The highest goal is eternal service of Lord Krishna and participation in His sports in the celestial Vrindavana. Those who have developed Vyasana, or strong passion for God, reject with scorn the four kinds of Mukti. The Maryada-Bhaktas attain Sayujya Mukti, i.e., they become one with Sri Krishna. The Pushti-Bhaktas reject Mukti and take part in the sports or Lilas of Sri Krishna. They choose with intense delight the eternal service of Sri Krishna. The Bhaktas assume the forms of cows, birds, trees and rivers and enjoy the company of Sri Krishna, which bestows infinite joy. These sports are similar to those which Sri Krishna did in Vraja and Vrindavana. Some of the devotees become Gopas and Gopis and join the sports in the celestial Vrindavana.

Different Kinds of Liberated Souls:

The liberated souls are of different kinds. Some have freed themselves like Sanaka. Some dwell in the city of God and attain salvation through the grace of the Lord. Some others develop perfect love and become the associates of God.

10- According to Lord Gauranga sankirtan of the holy name is the supreme healer to overcome the forces of Materialism, Sex, and other evils in kali-yuga. This is 100% experiential and true. A true devotee of Lord Krishna always communes with Lord Krishna, No mundane Sorrow or affliction can perturb his mind. He has no attraction for earthly objects. He has no fear. He never cares for material success. He intensely longs for union with lord Krishna. Love of Krishna is the highest thing worth attaining. Bhakti is the means of attachment. Krishna-prema is, indeed, the highest achievement of life. This Prema makes the devotees serve Krishna in a selfless spirit and enjoy the Rasa or sweetness of the Lord. Bhakti is the only means of attaining Krishna and is, therefore, spoken of as Avidhaya or means. Just as wealth gives comforts, and with the enjoyment of comforts all worldly miseries disappear of their own accord, so also, Bhakti generates Krishna-prema, and with the enjoyment of Prema, the cycle of births and deaths comes to an end. Escape from the effects of privations and the stoppage of rebirths are not, however, the fruits of Prema. Beatitude or Moksha is Prema’s handmaid.Therefore, this Krishna-prema is regarded as the supreme attainment.


Veneration for the preceptor is a fundamental feature of Sri Chaitanya’s teachings. Study of the Vedas, the Bhagavata Purana, etc., is inculcated. Practice of ethics and development of ethical virtues such as mercy towards all creatures, humility, purity of heart, freedom from mundane desires, serenity and truthfulness are essential. The distinctions of caste have to be ignored. Anyone can obtain the grace of the Lord.

The following qualities makes a Vaishnava. He is compassionate, truthful, saintly, innocent, charitable, gentle, pure, spiteless, humble, serene, tender, friendly and silent. He is a universal benefactor. He solely depends upon Lord Krishna. He is desireless. He is abstemious in diet and self-controlled. He has mastery over the six enemies. He honours others and does not care for honour from others.

Sankirtana—The Supreme Healer

The supreme healer in this iron age is Sankirtana of the Name. It is equivalent to the Vedic sacrifice. The true sacrifice is rewarded with Krishna’s feet. Sankirtana enables you to conquer sin and the world. It creates purity of soul and all kinds of Bhakti. It is not restricted to a particular place or time. It works everywhere. It bears the name of Sarva-sakti (omnipotence).

Hari’s Name should always be chanted by him who must be humbler than a blade of grass (which is trodden upon); who is more patient, forbearing and charitable than a tree (which does not cry out even when it is cut down and which does not beg for water even when scorched to death, but on the contrary, offers its treasure to whosoever seeks it, bears the sun and rain itself, but protects those who take shelter under it from rain and sunshine); who, however worthy of esteem should, instead of claiming respect for himself, give respect to all (from a sense of God’s immanency in all beings). He who thus takes Krishna’s Name gets Divine Love (Prema).

Sadhguru’s Sakti Yoga[Saivism+Shaktism] philosophy was Just another form of Advaita Vedanta and was a very circuitous process in terms of realisation of the nature of the ultimate truth by doing Sadhana using the process of Shambhavi Maha Mudra and Shakti chalana kriya. His yoga at the most could give good disease free health, and efficiency but could not solve the basic problems of birth, disease, hard labour, effects of materialism, death, rebirth and the same nonsense of notebook, copy, kitab, flute, table, tuition, job, income tax, house, Bills etc. All these could only be tackled through Krishna consciousness and Swami Sivananda’s Vedanta by cultivating one's intelligence in a different way!

As Far as Charity was Concerned It should be done keeping in mind the place and circumstances of the situation and whether if the charity was given for a worthy cause or not. In My view the only people deserving Charity was Sivananda Ashram and The Divine Life Society as they were not at all Money Minded. Which Organisation At Present Would conduct a Two Months Free course with boarding and lodging as they were really doing Human welfare and relief Work as well as Worshipping Lord Vishwanath.

ISKCON never believed in any Human Welfare and Charitable work and only accepted book distribution and Temple Building as the Pillars by giving knowledge to people through Bhakti Vedanta. Even in the case of their own devotees they were totally unhelpful and despite so many devotees doing so much for ISKCON in terms of Book Distribution, If for one day a devotee fell ill or could not come they did not even have the courtesy of asking him why he did not come and what went wrong. Their Moto was just serve us blindly and do not ask anything in return.

Sadhguru has judged these people very correctly stating that so much Vedic Chanting and Bhagavad Gita chanting had made people in the name of Divinity forget even their basic humanity and In terms of Inner Transformation there was none.

After Caitanya Dasa’s bitter Experience with ISKCON People it was the best to avoid ISKCON In Future as they like Sadhguru were adept at washing People’s Brains. Also the Guru Maharaj’s were all Rascals & Criminals in Uniform Travelling in the Garb of Sages.

The best was not to Give any charity to any organization as such and help the poorest of people [who do not even have toilets to shit] by providing them with things which they did not have and were in need of making sure that the money was indeed properly utilized. The Main Point To Note was That All those who were preaching Vedanta were themselves living a Supremely Luxurious life[ISKCON Guru’s] for themselves and were not denying themselves any modern comfort like Mobile Phone, AC, Cars, Laptops, Rolex watches etc, Like ISKCON Guru’s & Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev using a Huge Big SUV for his transportation{I am myself till date using a Bi-cycle following Prabhupada Simple Living & High Thinking] and saying that he needed this as he had to travel the interior of the villages and he himself dressing In Modern Jeans and Pants and Denim shirt. Hence charity to these organizations [Isha+ISKCON] was also a hoax. These people had not renounced anything!

The above has been written so that each individual uses and Cultivates His/Her Intelligence Properly and Acts Sensibly In Life, Before hand thinking about the consequences of their actions in terms of additional work involved, Time Expense, Money Expense, Hassles, and their own capabilities without any competition with any one. Do not become a Fanatic and Violent and a blind follower of any one school of thought. I.E “If Somebody Blasphemes Lord Krishna and The Vaishnavas One Should Kill The Blasphemers On the Spot & Then Land Themselves In Jail For Their Whole Life. This Mentality Ruined ISKCON that everything is Krishna’s Plan. We can kill for Krishna, Rob For Krishna, Cheat For Krishna, Molest Innocent Children For Krishna.

My Biggest Test In Spirituality was Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and His Mesmerizing False Logical Talk and Bhava Spandana, But Still I Retained My Own Thinking and 100% Faith in Srila Prabhupada's Teachings. At The Same Time I did not Fall Prey to the Bogus Guru Program in ISKCON. Do not base and run your life on what some Scripture or God Said 5236 years back as if the Same thing has come to us 100% Pure now.

Test Everything and See If It Works For You. If It Works then Give to Everybody. On No Account Give up your Individuality and Fall Prey and Hand over Your Hard Earned Cash or Time and Energy to any live person claiming to be God or his representative no matter how genuine he might seem in the name of Service To Krishna, As All are Exploiters.

Please download and read the book Stripping The Gurus, http://www.strippingthegurus.com To Know More About Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Please Download the Book Written by Mans Broo “The Guru In Gaudiya Vaishnavism” “As Good As God” from http://www.pdf-archive.com/2011/02/11/as-good-as-god/

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Hare Krishna

Swami Aniruddha !



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