04 September 2005

MTNL ADSL Tri-Band is God Sent for the Masses

Review On MTNL Tri-Band Wired Broad Band Internet Service in New Delhi. Review Written On:04/09/2005 19:00 hrs.

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I Was Mainly Using MTNL Dial Up Internet Service Based On the Calling Line Identification Technology Called Internet Express Since the Date of my First and Present PC Purchase in the Year Dec-2001.However to Oblige a friend Who Started a Spectra Net Broad Band Facility in August 2002 I Switched over to this LAN Network Based Service and Used It till January 2003 after which I left it mainly due to high flat monthly charges of Rs 800/- Per Month.Also this Service had it’s downtimes very frequently and was just a 24 hrs always active dial up connection at speeds just 40 kb/sec. From 25th January 2003 to 31st August 2005 I was back to Dial Up Internet Of MTNL as Mentioned Above as my work needs had reduced considerably Since Then Mainly to E mail checking,Internet Banking and Virus Updates.

I Do Not Download Music and Video’s(Being a Aurangazeb) From the Internet and So Dial Up Was more than sufficient. Also MTNL Dial Up Internet is Still Very Good With No Disconnections and Good Connection Speeds at 50 kb/sec after Midnight and File Download Speeds of 6 kb/sec most of the time after 02:00 AM.As Call Charges After 10:30 PM are 6 Minutes a call This Is Quite Affordable and I Have Had No Complaints on this Front with Connection Being Established Immediately. However Since The Tri-Band Internet Was Activated in the 2571 Level Exchange in Karol Bagh I was more than eager to try it for the sake of trying it once and if I was disillusioned then The Trusty Old Dial Up Was Always Available. Since August 1st 2005 MTNL had also brought out a Excellent Combo Package For Exi-sting Basic Phone Users to Upgrade to the Tri-Band Facility For Just Rs 500/- Per Month Including Phone Rent+200 Free Calls Per Month+250mb Data Download on Tri-band Which was a Absolute Bargain.This Is Called the Broad Band Phone Combo Plan. I Submitted the Application Form to the Sanchar Haat Exchange on 29th August 2005 as the Last Date to Avail of the Combo Offer Without Rs 500/- Registration charges Was 31st August 2005 and Got the Acknowledgement From them.

Readers may also take this method than booking on phone or internet as written communication is essential for quick installation. 

The next Day on 30th The Tri-band Was Activated on my telephone,the Exchange Staff Phoned and Told me, and on 31st the Papers were Transferred to the JE of the Area and The JE Phoned and asked if he could come and install the Modem.This Person however came on 1st-September-2005 due to my asking and Installed the MTNL’s D Link ADSL Modem but since I am a pure do thyself computer hardware person I myself installed the modem on my own in the USB port Installed the Driver and Within a Few Seconds had the connection up and running after activating certain services in Windows XP. 

And Members Believe me the speeds were absolutely fantastic, imagine a file download speed of 32 kb/sec at 17:00 hrs and Connection Speed of 260kb/sec All Web Pages Were opening Like a Flash.I checked my account status, changed passwords and configured my Free Email id,and updated Anti Virus Software of 1.65 mb in just 15 seconds. Hence MTNL Tri-Band As the name suggests is absolutely god-sent and in the First 4 Days I have absolutely no complaints.Now I will come to the Preconditions and Usage Patterns for Any One wanting to go for this connection and also delve into the pyschology of MTNL.

1)Please Note that this and all plans of MTNL are of Data Transfer Type and Not a unlimited Type.This Means That At High Speeds Charges Can be Compared to Dial up Connection only the Difference being the work done in one hour of dial up can be done in 15 minutes in Tri-band. For Example an Hour of Idle Surfing Can Consume 10-12 mb of Data Transfer and Hence one is billed accordingly.File and Music Downloads Will Eat anywhere between 50-100 mb per hr.Hence Person’s Opting for MTNL Tri-band have to use the Service very judiciously or else the Data Meter will run like a Indian Railways WAP-4 Dual Air Brake 4000 HP Locomotive used in Tamil Nadu Express From New Delhi-Chennai.

2)The Pyschology of MTNL & BSNL is that Band Width is Precious Commodity Like Water and Hence Should Not be used Wastefully in Idle Surfing,Watching Movie’s or Downloading Film’s and Movie’s.Hence the Cap on Data Downloads.If They Start Providing Unlimited Downloads then there Servers would be completely choked by people with bad intents downloading free porn movies thereby depriving genuine need based users.I Fully Agree With this! Both MTNL & BSNL have done their home work before launching this service deeply studying the psychology of Indian People.

3)One Advantage of Tri-band is that One has to pay just a Minimum Charge of Rs 250(BB Rental)+ Tax for the Service and if one’s Needs are within the free data limit then a lot of money is saved.In addition 200 calls are free on the Phone.hence if this service fails dial up internet is always available with more free calls at hand. Since this service is always on connection one can use as much as he or she wants and pay accordingly than paying a flat high charge per month and not using it.

4)If People want a Unlimited Data Transfer and Unlimited Hourly Use for the Whole Month then this service is not for them.Please look Else Where Such as Cable Internet of Hathway or Sify and Not MTNL. Even though MTNL has Unlimited combo plan but the maximum and minimum speeds are capped at 512 Kbps and Large File Downloads Will Take Long Hours.

5)Also For Using the Tri-Band Facility one needs to have a 75% level knowledge of Computer Hardware, Operating Systems,and Modem configuration to solve basic problems themselves as MTNL Staff are useless on this.The JE Who Came to Install the D Link ADSL 2+ Modem Could Not do so himself and I did it myself and he was very relieved.

6)Before taking The Tri-Band Connection please purchase your own D-Link broad Bank ADSL router from the market for Rs 1100/- as MTNL Supplied Router is useless. Also the Life Long Rent of Rs 70/100 per month is not worth paying. MTNL charges rent but never bothers to maintain the same if some breakdown happens.

Updated on: 06-Jan-2019. 

I converted to a Unlimited Plan in 2010 May plus surrendered my MTNL supplied broad band modem router back to MTNL. At present I pay Rs 659+18% GST=Rs 778 per month for unlimited data, 100 free day calls & unlimited night calls to all networks.

7)After using for 13.50 Years I am more than happy and satisfied with the service with not a single break down .The Transparency of MTNL In Billing is 100% with the Data Meter recording data logged perfectly after every session, in fact sometimes less than what I have used and recorded myself manually after every session. Download Speeds are as high as 800 kb/sec to 1024 kb/sec at night. Hence Members do not even think twice about going for this service.

It is the Best! Long Live MTNL With Such a Superb Plan For it's Consumers. Overall:The Most Affordable High Speed Internet if used Judiciously for Productive Purposes Like obtaining Information on topics,projects,e mail,banking,Travel ticket booking etc.Not for Wasteful activities.

Swami Aniruddha ! 

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