15 April 2011

What Qualifies Isha Foundation as A Cult

This Blogger from an old associate had published a full length post titled "Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev His Enlightenment & Isha Cult Empire " As It Is" of "Isha Foundation & Its Founder False Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev" which was removed from this blog, on 16-July-2013 because of Legal Request Filed with Google. If you need the same then please click here  & please visit 

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This Blog posted was suspended from 15-May-2012 to 23-May-2012 after receiving defamation law suit/death threat from an Fanatical Isha Meditator towards the blogger and has now been re-enabled. If this post dissipates in future then it may be assumed that the blogger is dead or is in Jail but truth shall prevail as nothing written is false. On 26-July-2013 the Isha Foundation Criminals have hacked into two e-mail accounts of this blogger, and changed it's password and ID's. 

Note-1: This post is especially, intended for those [very young people, from early teens till their 30's] who might, get captivated/carried away, by Sri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's[SJV] mesmerizing voice, logical talk, after reading his books "Mystic's Musings" & Encounter The Enlightened [Today's Isha Foundation is not the same as described in these 2 books and does not need anyone's help & support to stand on it's own]and might abandon their families, give up their school/college education, careers, surrender their freedom, wealth, properties, even their intelligence to SJV & put their entire lives, in his hands & accept him, as the be all, end all for them, to seek/pursue this so-called Enlightenment & to become a full time teacher/volunteer/monk for Isha Foundation at their ashram in India & Nashville, Tennessee, USA and may regret this later. If you are not of this type, have a strong mind, will and can, retain your own individuality/originality, balance, even after doing Isha Yoga Programs, then this post, is not intended for you! You can read my experience, of Isha Yoga Programs, in my posts, Life After Isha Yoga 1 & 2 in this Blog under April 2011. 

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Swami Aniruddha !

Dated:15-April-2011 Friday 

Signs that Isha Foundation is A Cult! 

1] A charismatic leader with unverifiable claims of divinity. Jaggi Vasudev talks about past lives and fairy tale stuff based on False Hood. At the same time, he claims that his inner experience, is even more clearer, than what tradition or scripture is saying. The way, Jaggi Vasudev, has portrayed himself as God, for his followers, in the ashram as be all/end all for them. 

2]Deceptive Recruitment, by promising, something, intangible like enlightenment/liberation and conveying that Isha is the only way for them. The excessive use of "logical double talk", and overemphasize, on the word "experience", to purposefully, shake/destroy the faith of people, in their own religions/scriptures/gods/beliefs/intuitions. 

The deliberate use of "contradictory talk" & "pretense" using "superficial charm/glib" to establish the Isha Cult as genuine to people by placing all the cards on the table beforehand even if they are lying cards.I.E [don't believe me, don't disbelieve me] & to play on the weaknesses of psychologically fragile people, to keep them unsettled & on tenter hooks, like a balance, that is constantly in motion, never steady, with a purpose to enslave them for life! 

Wrongful depiction, and misuse, of the word "science", by "camouflaging", that the offered spirituality, at Isha, is "scientific", and is different from "traditional spirituality", when actually it is not so. Creating a friendly atmosphere, for recruiting participants, by keeping, the cost of programs artificially low in India, using volunteers, and then hooking/duping them, to become full time slaves & donors later. After recruiting, asking them, to suspend logic/rational thinking/intelligence, by conveying that the other dimension is beyond all these! 

No one, has been shown, to have received enlightenment, and far from being liberalized, have been sucked into an endless loop of expensive programs, pilgrimages, 2-5 hours of practices every day, many hours a week, of praying to SJV. To keep getting money, from meditators, innovating new programs & advertising each program, as once in a life time opportunity! A Trip with the False Sadhguru to Himalayas Costs US $ 25000 for Westerners. 

3] Totalitarianism and Alienation, of members, from their families and/or friends. I have first-hand knowledge of this. 

4] The use of indoctrination, by sophisticated mind-control techniques, based on the concept, that once you can make a person believe, what you want, then you can make him/her behave the way you want. This is not so evident in the introductory programs but gets there slowly as you advance. Each program has been designed, to make one, co-dependent on the Cult and It's leader. There is no doubt, that there is mind control, at all levels, by using covert or disguised hypnotic techniques. This suspicion, arose in another meditator's mind, and he asked this question directly, to Jaggi Vasudev. SJV, acknowledged, that he is capable of it, even though, he does not do it with his followers. Refer Video 

5] Volunteer (Slave) labor - young girls are being exploited, in the name of volunteering and Brahmacharya, they are just slaves. They are very vulnerable, emotionally very fragile, physically weak and exhausted. The seniors are extracting work from them in the name of spirituality/karma etc. These poor (subtly arrogant) souls walk into the trap thinking they could do intense spiritual practice but they would never get a chance. Their yoga practices are to designed to keep them fit to do the assigned work. The Full Time Slaves/Volunteers have no annual preventive dental or optical check-ups or any Medical Insurance. A recent example at the Ashram was that a middle aged women after practicing the "Kriyas" had some serious health problems and at middle of night hired a cab and had to go about 7 kms in search of a Good-Hospital at her own cost. 

The use of followers, on fundraising, or mission activities, for little, or no pay, to line the leader's pockets. Psychological manipulation/coercion of program participants, especially young men/women, by drilling into their head, the unlimited responsibility talk of the cult leader, in deep voice, in order for them to keep working as slaves and paying money for the cult as if they themselves are guilty/responsible for the world's mess. 

Despite slaving so much, volunteers/monks cannot meet their cult leader for years or have face to face conversation for 10 mts, even though their cult leader has ample time for top people like celebrities, corrupt-politicians, greedy wealthy-industrialists at very short notice. 

Volunteers have nothing to show for in the end - it all belongs to Isha and you will be Kicked out once you are unable to work and become a liability. 

6] Accumulation of wealth, for the cult leader's, personal opulent life style, or political purposes. Recent activities have confirmed, that Jaggi, needs the money, in order to carry out his agenda, in a country, that respects only money and power. 

7] Exclusivity - "We are right and everyone else is wrong". There is ample evidence, that any negative word on Isha, is ruthlessly snubbed out. Even comment on the websites are moderated and deleted. Even this post, was removed from various web sharing links, by brain washed fanatical followers of Isha and this writer received, innumerable law suit/death threats.Insiders, if they see/question, anything wrong happening within the cult, are put on indefinite silence, by the cult leader or mercilessly thrown out. 

8] Brainwash followers, by isolating them, during workshops/satsangs and telling them, not to read any books on spirituality, by other Spiritual Gurus. Asking seekers, to keep visiting the ashram, so that their mind/bodies can be controlled. Provide them, with instant acceptance, from a False/Seemingly loving group. 

9] Most Senior Swamis and Maa's in the ashram are over worked, hypocrites and rest on the brink of mental breakdown. It is no secret, that they indulge in food (super-hot pickle, sweets, even subtle sex) and long for some simple pleasures of life. They are neither disciplined or purified internally and even indulge in eve-teasing of young women visitors as written on Priyanka Dalal's Blog

They are making a mockery of themselves in the name of Monk Hood/Sanyas. Many Monks have already quit Monk-Hood & left Isha after their Fall Down from Grace! 

With reference to point # 9, Ms Priyanka Dalal's Blog had 68 comments which bashed up Isha and showed the real truth of Isha to the world. The same was tampered and moderated by the Isha Web Moderators by installing DISQUS on her blog page. This blogger used his own Internet skills and retrieved those comments which can be downloaded and read from Here  & Here

It can be aptly put that Isha Ashram is not an Ashram, but just another, Nazi Forced Death/Labour/Extermination Camp operated in World War-II at Auschwitz-Birkenau Poland, Sobibor, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Dachau by the Nazi's. 

The above bad experience of Ms Priyanka Dalal can be read in my other Blog Post Isha Yoga, Problems, After Effects, Warnings! Click under April 2011, Refer Victim-7. 

10] The Monks thinking pattern, is corrupted to the point, where they have become, just like toy puppets in the hands of Jaggi Vasudev. An associate of this writer, recently asked them, to give some clarification, about the old shakthi chalana kriya practice and they, passed on the buck, to some other senior sanyasi. This senior most sanyasi, told, that they themselves, have stopped practicing the "Kriyas" for many years now, and have realized that Jaggi is a Fake. They are perpetually tired! They've had enough, and now want to live like him. Some long term inmates, over 20 years, Key People, have already left Isha. It's been there, but now in quick succession. 

11] Keep, the cult members, away from traditional truths, like Bhagavad-Gita & Upanishads, by providing a philosophy, that seems logical[there is no personal god, to monitor, anybody's actions, only nothingness, so no sin/virtue in doing anything wrong/good] and appears to answer all or the most important questions in life. Structure, all or most activities, so that there is little time, for privacy or independent action or thought. Promise instant, or imminent solutions to deep or long-term problems. 

The Following Points Classify Isha Foundation Into a Dangerous Cult Especially For Young Women. 

1-Was Jaggi Vasudev Accused of killing his wife Viji by her parents? Yes !

2-Was there another women involved in this matter? Yes !

3-Did this women divorce and leave her family? Yes !

4-Was she the closest disciple of Jaggi in a previous life time? Yes !

5-Is She a Brahmachari/Sanyasi now? No !

6-Is her life opulent in the Ashram just like Jaggi’s? Yes !

7-Did Jaggi initiate his young daughter into Brahmacharya? No ! News as on 30-May-2014, that Jaggi's daughter is getting married in September 2014, to a Carnatic Musician ! Wonder if Jaggi gives the couple advise to undergo permanent sterilization to control human population, like he gives it every one else! 

8-Is he initiating other young girls/boys into Brahmacharya? Yes !

9-Did his daughter ever do volunteering? No !

10-Did she ever go through long term/permanent ashram life in her teens like Samskrithi kids? No !

11-Is there any objective proof/witnesses of Jaggi solidifying mercury? No !

12-Is there an objective proof that he learned and practiced yoga from Malladihalli Swami? No !

13-Is there an objective proof that he was student of Rishi Prabhakar for more than a year? Yes(1) ! 

14-Is Jaggi and his colleagues are teaching the same yoga, meditation and BSP with minor differences? Yes !

15-Did Jaggi ever gave credit to/confessed about Rishi Prabhakar? No !

16-Did Jaggi’s contemporary/colleague Ravisankar Mysore Ramakrishna commented about Jaggi’s plagiarism and lies? Yes(1) !

17-Is there an objective way to confirm Jaggi’s enlightenment before taking his programs? Yes(2) !

18-Is he a self-confessed liar? Yes !

19-Does Jaggi have political tie-ups? Yes !

20-Does he shadow celebrities and crave media attention? Yes !

21-Did Isha ever disclose their social outreach program details/numbers/Financial Figures to public? No !

22-Is Isha a 100% volunteer run organization? No !

23-Did Isha Use/is Using immoral tactics to usurp land? Yes !

24-Are Isha fanatics waiting for an utopian mass enlightenment never explicitly promised by Jaggi? Yes !

25-Are they dangerously delusional/hypocritical? Yes !

26-Jaggi Vasudev till date cannot himself do/demonstrate even one Surya Namaskaar by himself in Public ! He is using Yoga only as a pure money making machine !

Concerns that Isha Foundation is Not A Safe Group/Transparent Spiritual Organization Especially For Young Women! 

Q-A safe group/leader will answer your questions without becoming judgmental and punitive. 
A-Jaggi is known to put down people, apparently to destroy their ego on the path to realization. 

Q-A safe group/leader will disclose information such as finances and often offer an independently audited financial statement regarding budget and expenses. Safe groups and leaders will tell you more than you want to know. 
A-Isha does not disclose any financials even to it's heavy cash donors and goes the other way to hide and delete negative posts.There are Spiritual Organizations which send audited annual reports, to it's donors for even a small donation of $ 10. 

Q-A safe group/leader is often democratic, sharing decision making and encouraging accountability and oversight. 
A-Jaggi is the only face and voice of Isha and his temper when dealing with volunteers is well known. There is no apparent oversight in Isha. 

Q-A safe group/leader may have disgruntled former followers, but will not vilify, excommunicate and forbid others from associating with them, 
A-I have seen how former members are ridiculed and abused. This is Isha culture. 

Q-A safe group/leader will not have a trail of negative records, books, articles and statements about them. 
A- This Blog has many tales of contradictions/Lies of Jaggi Vasudev To Promote His Cult, 

Q-A safe group/leader will encourage family communication, community interaction and existing friendships and not feel threatened, 
A-Isha promotes leaving family and friends who will not bow to Jaggi and surrender to Isha, Even Normal House Hold People With No problems are encouraged that they should abandon their family and Join Isha Full Time as Volunteers/Slaves. 

Q-A safe group/leader will encourage critical thinking, individual autonomy and feelings of self-esteem, 
A- One of the first things, Isha asks, is to suspend logic/Discrimination/Rational Thinking and strip you of your self-esteem and asking you to leave your intelligence at the door, stating that, the other dimension, is beyond one's intelligence. This could only be, because SJV wants to be the only intelligent person in Isha and make all others into dude fools and control them! 

Q-A safe group/leader will admit failings and mistakes and accept constructive criticism and advice. 
A-Far from it, Jaggi and Isha even explain away lying and cheating as routine matters, in the opening of False Face Book Accounts To Garner Chase Community's $ 1 Million Face Book Prize Money. 

Q-A safe group/leader will not be the only source of knowledge and learning excluding everyone else, and would never ingrain co-dependency of his followers but value dialogue and the free exchange of ideas and would never discourage seekers to seek out many other spiritual masters if they feel so, 
A- From personal experiences, Isha-ites, have only Jaggi and Isha on their mind from waking to sleep. Jaggi asks in satsangs not to read any other spiritual books of other Gurus. All in the name of enlightenment. Each program of Jaggi is used as a constant innovation to get more followers and money for himself and to make people more dependent on him. 

Jaggi even though claiming to be enlightened has total prejudice, against tradition and scriptures. This could only be if he wants to deceive others by telling that his knowing is more clearer than what tradition says. 

Saints or Genuine Guru's 

1-Are consistent in what they say, mean, and do. 
2-Follow the moral standards they teach. 
3-Keep promises. 
4-Pay debts. 
5-Hold truth as the highest standard. 
6-Insists that their close associates tell the truth. 
7-Present rational, un-aggressive philosophy. Their own enlightenment, would be in accordance, with that of past sages/saints/scriptures and they would never ridicule or criticize the ancient texts. 
8-Are attractive, but don't exploit others and ingrain co-dependency and would be utmost happy, if their disciples, were to leave them, to search, for other masters if need be] 
9-Wait for you to seek their help. 
10-Good reputation endures and improves. 
11-Things turn out well in the long run. 
12-People get long-term benefit from their association. 
13-Are concerned about their actions on themselves and on others. 
14-Immediately apologize for errors. 
15-Look for their own mistakes and will voluntarily make amends. 
16-If trapped do not renounce their principles. 
17-Can sit very still. 
18-Encourage associates to be self-reliant. 
19-Refrain from using mind-dulling substances. 
20-Are comfortable being in the background. 

Psychopaths like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: 

1-Are inconsistent in what they say, mean, & do. Will twist the truth according to time, place, circumstances to serve their own interests 
2-Have different rules for themselves and for their followers. 
3-Break their promises. 
4-Have bad debts, scheme to avoid paying, even write bad checks. 
5-Have no regard for the truth. 
6-Will order close associates to lie. 
7-Are aggressive with philosophy and may not try to appeal to reason. Will emphasize that their inner knowing is more clearer/contradictory than what scripture or past experience of sages is stating. 
8-Are attractive and use it to exploit others and ingrain dependency. 
9-Come on with unsolicited advice. 
10-Good reputation fades in time. 
11-Things turn out badly in the long run. 
12-People are damaged by long term association. 
13-Are unconcerned about their actions on themselves and on others. 
14-Apologize as a last resort. 
15-Ignore their own mistakes and rectify them only if cornered. 
16-If trapped will do or say[Master Wordsmiths] whatever it takes to escape. 
17-Typically have variable and exotic health problems. 
18-Can sit still only when the center of attention. 
19-Enslave those around them. 
20-Often indulge in using mind-dulling substances like Osho used to inhale Nitrous Oxide !
21-Are obsessed with being in the limelight. 

My Advise To You All: 

If anybody thinking of putting their children in Isha Home School, my sincere advice would be not to do it. Isha Home School is run by Sadhguru's past life disciple vibhuthi, this life Bharathi. Samskrithi is a BIG NO NO. These two are experimental and Jaggi doesn't know or care what he is talking about. 

Samskrithi children are generally not allowed to talk to anyone, touch anybody, interact with others. They wear a uniform and grow their hair long. They are 'energized' by Jaggi. Their curriculum sounds euphoric, but we don't know the exact details. It seems that most of the older monks have left Isha for greener pastures in the outside world, and SJV wants to get his hands on fresh young blood for the future of his cult expansion. Most of them are preteens. Their survival outside of Isha is very doubtful. I think they are being prepared for a lifetime of slavery (volunteer, brahmacharya, sanyas etc). 

Isha would argue it's their choice. On top of all this, the monks in-charge of these kids have no clue about how this would turn out and what is going on. They are completely dependent on Liar SJV to tell them the smallest details. 

Last I heard, Isha charges around Rs 6 lakhs ($13,333) per annum per child. They practically spend nothing on food. All vegetables, rice etc are coming from the fields they own and through donation. Milk is coming from cows grown inside Isha. They are almost self-sufficient. But charges and fees never stop for residents. 

Do not put your children's future at risk by admitting them in these schools. Do not let them in Isha Ashram. Never let them take any classes or attend Intro sessions. Not even for the benefit of yoga. Many disgruntled parents, who having paid Rs 600,000/- as fees upfront for their children, have faced their children being sent out of the Isha Home school, after 8 ½ years of stay & study just because they complained about their teachers inability to teach to others! SJV has completely washed his hands off, on such problems, putting the entire onus on the third rate administration swami's. 

[Added:20-Aug-2013] Kindly refer this Link, which gives fresh proof about SJV's exaggerations, over-hyping, lying about his programs and projects. 

Kindly study, the history of ISKCON gurukula, Dallas Texas, Mayapur/ Vrindavan India, Child Molestation/Abuse activities that happened in the early 1970's. Many committed suicide. Those ex-gurukuli's who survived blamed the founder A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada for their abuse, who forced his followers, to abandon their children, at the age of 5 years by forcing them into the gurukula, so that the parents can keep working as slaves for ISKCON to expand his movement.

Same with Osho & His Commune in Oregon where his slaves were working for 18 hours a Day & he was passing time watching videos sleeping and swimming in his Olympic Size Swimming Pool claiming to be enlightened !

History is again repeating itself in the form of  Isha Foundation & False Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. 

Just because a So-Called Spiritual teacher has been invited to World Economic Forum, Australian Leadership Retreat & other High Places is no proof of the Greatness of the Teacher. It shows only his PR Skills and Contacts in High places developed through poor volunteers who lobby for such invites ! This disgusting individual Jaggi goes out soliciting sponsorship for Isha vidya, poor rural children asking inmates to keep weekly dinner fasts while buying expensive cars [Hummer], helicopter for personal use & building useless aadhi yogi temples. 

The six months Classical Hatha Yoga teacher training program costs INR 600,000/- or US $ 8824/- which is way beyond anybody's reach. The same asanas pranayamas are being taught in YVFA Course at DLSHQ for 2 Months for free.

You can't even get one free sapling from Isha! Everything Isha does has an ulterior motive. Only to rip Money from your pocket and suck your free labour ! 

For all the boasting about growing trees, saving the environment by project green hands, how did Isha get permission to construct their ashram and erect buildings inside reserve forest by clearing so much green land! Just see the amount of wood work done in the ashram by cutting trees. 

An associate of this Blogger had scanned and uploaded twin pdf e-books of Sadhguru, Mystic's Musings & Encounter The Enlightened, for all to read and benefit free of cost. The same was vehemently removed from many file sharing links by Isha Web Watchers siting copyright violations! 

Compare Isha which is raking in millions of $ every year, to a modest spiritual/charitable organization, like "The Divine Life Society", which has an annual Income Expense Statement of $ 13,77,365/- which offers thrice in a year, 2-months full time, Yoga-Vedanta Course free, at their Ashram in India and is offering over 80 free e-books of it's founder on it's website DLSHQ 

Now the same Isha Foundation is offering the same Free E-Book[Mystic's Musings] on their Isha Shoppe Website for Rs 150/-, shamelessly copying the hard work of others to make money. 

If you need the free e-books of Sadhguru's please e-mail the blogger!

Intuitive Observations by the Blogger !

This may not sound Logical or Rational to University Educated Scientific People ! Every living entity whether a Atheist, Impersonalist, Personalist Voidist is under the illusionary force/energy of the Supreme Called "Maya" or 3 modes of Material Nature i.e Mode of Ignorance, Mode of Passion, Mode of Goodness & the "Nirguna State" Mode of Pure Goodness or Lord Vasudeva State.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a Psychopath who is only situated in the "Mode of Passion" like all other worldly/average/mediocre people having the same evils of Lust, Envy, Anger, Greed, Desires, Tendency to Lord/Exploit Others for one's own selfish interests, whose only Goal of Life is to use "Twisted/pseudo Spirituality" as a Shelter for Expansion of his Cult via More Buildings, Branches, Properties using his hypnotic oratory skills and has immense greed for money, power, political connections, who would even put "Charwaka Muni"[ The Founder of Pure Materialism School] to Shame and so cannot be termed as enlightened.

Jaggi does not want to lose control of his followers their free labor or their money and his followers will try to manipulate everyone possible, beginning with curiosity to get you to come to one meeting. Be strong and don't let anyone try to reprogram you to lose control of your true self. Everyone should remain independent and not follow anyone.

The Isha foundation is in fact a Cult and Jaggi is the Cult Leader. This was confirmed years ago by B K S Iyengar himself. If you are new to visiting this site, you will find many attempts by Isha followers to try and cover this up as directed by Jaggi. There are many stories here that come from true victims who were sucked into this cult by manipulation and hypnosis.

There are many victims who are still afraid to speak out because of fear that was programmed into them verbally and subliminally after being hypnotized. If you are in any form co-dependent or are a good subject for hypnosis, do not even attempt to go to one meeting or listen to one video of the Isha foundation. All recording have subliminal messages and some have hypnotic programming as directed by Jaggi. The victims here are sharing there experiences to help protect anyone from getting involved with Isha so they will not have to go through the physical and emotional trauma they have gone through. The victims are doing this out of love and have nothing to gain monetarily or do they wish to try and control others.


Please download and read these 7 books before deciding to associate or join Isha Foundation Full Time/Part Time. 

Swami Aniruddha !

The above has been written, only to warn new comers, deciding to join the Isha cult, full time/part time as volunteers/teachers/monks and parents deciding to send their children to the Isha Home school so that they can make an informed decision keeping in mind all the truth available beforehand. 

Readers are welcome to post comments, without word verification, and moderation. For any queries please send e-mail! 


The Fact, that Sadhguru is a Sociopath/Psychopath portraying, a mix of criminal and socially deviant behavior, and who has no concerns for the environment, local land/construction laws, is completely proved, by this

Indian Express Newspaper Article. Check this and this decide for yourself ! All his environmental saving activities like Project Green Hands are just an eye wash to suck money and free labour from society.

This is a complete proof as to how dissenters and honest people with integrity are dealt with in Isha and are mysteriously killed and removed from the earth. Refer this & this

Updated: 14-Mar-2015.
Another mysterious death/suicide of an inmate inside the India Ashram who had unearthed large scale misappropriations of funds with the blessings of the Sadhguru . Click here for complete story !  Also Isha Foundation has received final demolition notice for removal of illegal buildings inside the India Ashram. Enclosed is the order in local native language Tamil .

Updated: 02-Aug-2016 16:36 IST GMT+0530 Hrs

Latest News has come, that, 2 Women of age 31 & 33 years daughters of a Retired Professor who went to learn Yoga have been confined in the Isha Yoga Centre and Forced to take Sanyaasa. Their father has Filed a Complaint with the District collector to Free them. This is nothing new and many people have been trapped like this before. Click Here !

Suggested Readings http://halfcenturywisdom.blogspot.in/2016/08/a-chance-encounter-that-stirred-me-to.html Click Here 


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    1. You are calling this bull shit because your are from Isha trying to cover your dirty ass.

    2. You know who has a dirty a** - evangelicals who are funding this propaganda blog.

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  2. What kind of comeback is that mr anon? Your bliss really shines forth :)

  3. sadhgurus face revealed in CNN

    1. why don't you reveal your face. even any bullshitter can create ireport.

    2. This is the sort of behavior or response that can be expected from someone who is a cult follower. This proves the OP's point that there is nothing spiritual about Isha Followers/Zombies. If only you were spiritual or had any inkling of self control,you wouldn't have responded with such rage and hatred. You reek of hypocrisy,violence,hatred and ignorance. Till now I wanted to give Isha a benefit of doubt.But, from this day I swear I will do everything to educate the people around me and save them from falling into the Isha cult trap.We don't need any more zombies and idiots in the world,already enough of them are causing too much trouble in the name of religion.Peace be with you!

    3. Yes, please do so, it is very important. Isha cult is damaging!

    4. Evangelicals gone rogue! Some of the comments are borderline hysterical.

      i was always on the fence about jaggi vasudev, now im definately going to the isha center.

      to hell with your Christanity that maligns someone's faith.

  4. Dear brother,

    Is there anything that can be done to bring down this exploitative organisation?

    With the confluence of guru's that Isha organised it would appear that the empire is expanding exponentially as other traditions are unified.

    I am clear and have practiced shambhavi for about a year now. My father is planning on undergoing teacher training, his faith in his guru is unshakeable. I have always been a sceptic even after the initiation process I was unsure of the veracity of this organisation.

    1. Can you explain the shambhavi exxercise? with thanks d.d.

    2. It is a 21 min practice. I practiced it for three years.

      It seems to give you a kind of peace and tranquility in the initial days of practice. But as days go by it does something to you that is debilitating and harmful in so many ways. For example, makes you very aloof, creates a lot of mood swings, you seem to be extrememly happy at times and depressed for no reason at other times, you get more drawn to the isha cult, lil does it do to the betterment of your physical wellbeing.

      After pulled out of isha, i did shambhavi a couple of times. It made me extremely peaceful and blissed out during the 21 mins and later made me very angry towards any lov

    3. Subiksha, this is very true about isha practices. They are very damaging. Keep away from them s well as from the organisation.

  5. As an Isha member for 10 years, It seems clear now, that Money is it's main goal. I plan to distance myself from Isha but continue with the yoga practice because it works for me.

    1. Thank you for being truthful.

    2. Hi, can you explain apart from the free exercise the other exercises please, don't wanne spend money on that? many thanks D.D.

    3. Dany,looks like you didn't learn anything from this blog. The take away is, keep the hell away from anything and everything related to this Isha Cult, if you value yours and your family's lives,sanity.

    4. Great. The truth about isha will slowly come out.

  6. Tell about u with few words...

  7. I have had tremendous spiritual experiences Doing the isha yoga programs, things i cannot explain.but r truly wonderful.
    The yoga has helped my health where conventional medicene failed.
    Many of the more advance programs are cheaper than the basic programs.
    I have been involved with isha for a year and a half and i have never met anyone who struck me as brain washed or unbalanced or unscrupulous.
    My understanding is Sadhguru came from a wealthy family anyway and was a successfull businessman long before he founded isha. He was already a rich man.
    You say isha is all about money? how else are you supposed to run a massive international organization resonsible for thousands of people.
    Do you have any idea how hard the teachers,and bramacharyas work? As i understand it sadhguru works hardest of all he barely sleeps.
    You know if you want to be rich or are motivated politically or whatever, there are far easier ways to go about it than to run a international organization like Isha. What you say just doesn't make sense.

    1. The real teaching is that you are GOD. So by trying to think that you need spiritual experiences to know youself, you are continuing in delusion. Kriya yoga is useful but the self can get trapped in experiences. Gyana is simple knowledge of who you are and you will get this knowledge from free through various advaita guru, while living and functioning in this world as a householder and keeping the benefit of society and country in mind and the duties to the family in mind. ONe who abandons his family, his pursuit starts with selfishness. He may become the highest of yogis and siddhas but self knowledge will elude him and he will never find satisfaction.

    2. The only teaching is that you are god. Now even if you become a siddha with all the mystical powers in the world, until you realise this you will be wandering in search :D. LOL.

  8. I would like to warn potential followers of SJV that search for enlightenment is a hard and long process and you have to absolutely critical of your potential Guru and his entourage.If his organisation is highly commercialized and publicity-seeking especially in the company of corrupt politicians and celebrities, then it is advisable to take a wide berth.Just observe the dramas of all such gurus and you will enlighten yourself about their real motives and character.

  9. Sadhguru's BMV, hummer and other facinations for piloting and flying puzzle me . His reference to ghosts and spirits congregating in his sermons are baffling to say the least. (i have attended inner engineering and BSP program at isha foundation)

    1. Tell me more about his reverence to ghosts and spirits congregating in his sermons?

  10. I realized this my self.. i have benifited greatly from practice but at the cost of everything wonderful in life except for the "Experience." the EXPERICIENCE is so fagile. m it takes hrs a day to feel great and a few bad encounters and your at square zero again. I recommend hata yoga and shambavi practice and enjoy life. dont given them to much $$$ or time... the teachers seem increadible on isha properties.but put the teachers in a every stress and the are now different than you, after all that training. the teachers are hypocrites just like me...

    1. Can you explain the shambavi exercise, want to put it on you tube, for free? D.D.

  11. ps the stiry of the creation of the Dyyanlinga temple and the death of his wife has always bothered me from the first class.... how could he let her die in meditaion.... I have always joked about him killing her during the temple consencration. i still do Hata yoga and deep breathing but not meditation as taught 2nd to i dont want to feel gratfule only great. not greatfule and dependent on guru,,, on healthy and some what happy.... SadHguru is not exposing bill gates vaccination death campaign giving poloi back the people.. he assiciates with the 'Triangle club" from greece and the" Red shoulder society" of germany... AKA working hand of the illimati one world government. he wants to destory family structures.

  12. The perception about Isha Home School seems to be right thru my friend working there for salary. I happened to hear all kind of bullshits happening between teens. No student is watched. They are allowed to move around any where even in late hours with permission and with out supervision just to nurture their self discipline. Fools don't see that their age is the culprit.

  13. no no no, you did'nt get the essence of isha yoga, the essence is your own 100 procent potential, nothing else matters, and if you can help someone else with there potential why not,
    it is that simple

  14. These negative comments are surprising. I practiced Shambavi for about one year beginning about 9 years ago. I practiced Shakti Kriya for several months after that for about 8 months. Had intense spiritual experience at BSP. I have not done any of these practices much at all for a few years, yet I still feel liberated due to those practices. As far as the organization goes, I think it is quite loosely "organized", and that was annoying to me. Sure they need money because of the need to build the center in TN. Never was I pressured to contribute money. I withhold any judgement or opinion on the death of Sadhguru's wife because that is way beyond the understanding of all but a very few humans. I believe that Sadhguru is quite honorable. If he was so rich, why wouldn' the just go away and enjoy his fortune? What he teaches is a million times more likely to bring peace to the world than the sermons preached in churches. Belief is a band-aid with bullets underneath. Experience connects us to our spirits, the source of all our lives.

  15. Finally isha yoga center gets "LOCKING SEALING & DEMOLITION NOTICE" from Govt of TN for its illegal construction in elephant corridor area,without even getting an approval from local Village authorities. The new Coimbatore dist collector has announced that action will be taken against Isha yoga center soon for not demolishing unauthorized buildings.

  16. There is no trademark thing called Isha yoga in Hinduism .He is fooling foreigners&Indians who are cut off from their roots.100% fraud . Infact people like this guy are seriously damaging to reputation of REAL YOGA and Vedanta and Hindu Dharma. I pity his hapless followers.

    1. Neither has Jaggi Vasudev claimed that Isha Yoga is a trademark in Hinduism. He simply created his own method of teaching and credits all the vedic wisdom he references. Truth is that Vedic philosophy and later in Hinduism there have never really been dogma (strict do's and donts) and people have been encouraged to seek enlightment any way that best works for them. That is why many great saints came out of India...all Rishis (Valmiki, Parashar, Vyasa, Patanjali, Agastiyar, Charaka, Shushruta..and so on), Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak...many of these established their own teachings and their foolish followers created religions out of it. Western world also learnt a lot of philosophy from India and plagiarized that wisdom..while there were some well meaning great people who taught some of that knowledge their followers again created a religion from that knowledge. You call yourself a Hindu Nationalist...even that is a syndrome of avidya (false knowledge). Nationalist jingoism and religious jingoism are both big falsehoods. Hinduism is a 'way of life' called Sanatana Dharma and not at all a religion as western mind or west influenced mind defines religion.

      To me the author and many of the folks agreeing with author only sound like desperate missionary folks or disillusioned followers of another system/guru. Missionary work is also big avidya (false knowledge). Oh Lord...save them for they know not what these folks are doing.

  17. Financial statements of ISHA.


  18. Thank u so much for this blog. I was going to join Bhava spandana but now never. And not any of the modern gurus anymore. Thanks a lot. By the way, I believe u because u r following Divine life Society and study Gita and a person who does that will never go wrong by the grace of Swami Sivanandaji.

  19. My association with Sadhguru was definitely the most harmful one I've had in my life, and I'm talking out of a personal experience and years of involvement with Isha. This person uses subliminal programming and black tantra to control people's minds and lives, and bind them, for this life and potentially beyond it.

    1. your blog is removed. pl publish again

    2. black magic quite interesting....but i feel pity for you... dat your complaint is so usual boring... try something different so that you may get web traffic

  20. those who believe in all these nonsense just visit isha, and all empty churches around Isha. missionaries are having a tough time converting poor people around the villages. they have bought several thousands of acres and built churches are on the verge of losing business.

    1. Pastor Paul Dhinakaran personally sponsors Zaysen to come up with this fictional blog. Christians in Tamilnadu are having a difficult time as lof them are becoming Shiv Bhakts. Aum Namah Shivaya!

  21. I came across Sadhguru videos on youtube towards the end of October 2014. I have to admit, I was impressed. I also need to admit that I am not associated with Isha and I never visited any Isha centre. I think they don’t have any in cold Canada.
    I wanted to see whether there was another side to Sadhguru or not. That is when I came across this blog. I went through all this blog had to say and went through the links too. I was able to get to Priyankas’s website too. You have an old pdf file as link. Now on her original website: http://priyankawriting.com/2009/10/my-life-isha-yoga-center.html she says “Sadhguru: my life has blossomed with his touch and continues to do so…”
    All the material you have provided seems to be slander or hearsay or something else where people are hiding behind false names. Those kind of evidence won’t stand in any Indian Court of Law or the developed democratic nation’s court of law. Do you have anything concrete to provide?
    Building buildings and the demolition that comes along with happens because people did not get the permissions. It is all over India. It is not just limited to Coimbatore. Yes, Isha or whatever they call themselves should have followed the procedure. You know how difficult it is to get an approval in India without greasing the palms of all these clerks. I am not supporting bribery nor do I support building without permission. The problem is the permission won’t happen without bribery. If building happens without permission, the other option to do bribery to keep the building. If bribery doesn’t happen, the building will be demolished. I don't know the original case. So, all that I mentioned is not related to Isha. Those were my general comments
    If Isha School charges 6 lakhs+, do you have any proof that all children pay the same fees? If I just think about it, it may be a case where those who can afford are charged and that wealth is then used to take in the poorer kids who cannot afford that kind of fees. Some principled hospitals do the same, they charge hefty and part of that money goes to treat the poor for free. Is this a bad concept?
    I can’t make a first hand comment on Isha as I never visited any isha centre. But from what I understand from reading things on the internet, I understand that the institution looks like a modern day version of Robin Hood. I am not portraying them as "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor", instead it looks like "convincing the rich to give to the poor"
    It seems Isha is involved in all kinds of social programs. The organization looks pretty large too. In that case, it definitely will be made up of all kind of people. Will there be inefficiencies and waste in this process or model? Of course yes! We are only at the beginning of Dvapara-Yuga. Is it wise to be so critical of the person at the very top? Instead of spending the time and energy on slander and criticism, can’t we not spend it on giving some constructive suggestions on how to make things better?
    When it comes to Yoga, it is Yoga. There is no this persons or that persons yoga. It cannot be copyrighted. Those attempts failed in the US. So, that way, Isha Yoga is like any other Yoga of the ancient Bharat. And yoga, if done the ancient way is good for your health.
    By the way, why are you hiding behind the name ‘Zaysen’? You said you are follower of some spiritual stuff… The selection of your name ‘Zaysen’ and the spiritual stuff that you said you are following is a big mismatch. I think you have ulterior motives.

    1. We are in Kali Yuga, not Dwapara Yuga...


  23. Isha yoga is a money monger organization and do.t be decieved. Follow Jesus.
    Jesus Christ is the way the truth and LIFE.

    1. Agree all hindus are fucked up. Hindus are stinking mother fuckers. Jesus is the Superstar.

    2. STFU...Bloody racist...

      P.S: I'm christian.

    3. you are a christian rascal. No Christian i found in my life who lives for truth. What does it mean Jesus is the way and truth and life. You never understood. You just repeat it, that why you are just another rascal.

  24. Dear friends please watch hindi movie PK than decide to join any ashram.Pray your parents are your home god.Dont forget Kalki bhagavan fraud pls watch the videos in youtube pls friends.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  26. Thank you very much for exposing the many contradictions,inconsistencies in this self styled messiah' life story. The suspicious death of his wife,his running away to US at the right time,his shaky body language in NDTV interview when grilled about it, all this is straight out of a crime thriller.Any one with half the brain can see that this Messiah is the primary suspect in this and had the motive for the crime. And it's no coincidence that there is a missing part in the interview with Anupam Kher when asked about the incident. Of all the ramblings only that had to have technical issue?I don't believe that and I am sure it was censored consciously by Mr.Sadhguru,the murder suspect. His explanation about his wife attaining samadhi is a smoke screen and such unintelligent BS!

  27. Have you been to Vipasanna Meditation?

  28. Respect other religions. who said Jesus is the Superstar?. we know only one superstar "Rajinikanth".

  29. Sadhguru was working with the CIA to test experimental mind-control torture-based technology for them.

    Sadhguru tests many biological, psychotronic, electronic-torture, trauma-techniques - including having partnerships with Governmental agenices which supply him with mind-control hardware and equipment and he tests this equipment for them.

    There are nanotechnology memetic fibers that are sprayed in the air when you are in his temples. There are psychotronic tones playing from advanced vacuum-tube amplifiers which stimulate electronically the orgasmic state in the individual. Testing shows that electronically stimulating the orgasmic state in combination with sight, sounds, and words -- is able to turn someone of ANY AGE into a perfectly undetectable mind-control slave. (i.e. the person will believe that you are God and they will do anything you want them to do).

    It is possible for Sadhguru to sit you in a chair and attach electrodes to you and torture you with Electronic Tones. He has done this to only 2 people so far. These people will be highly traumatized since the tones he would have generated would have generated involuntary convulsive actions during which he would try to program them with his words. Eventually - the mind will become so tortured - that the person's own Body (which is controlled by their CNS, which is controlled by their mind, which is controlled by their being) -- the person's mind will refuse to stop following the will of the Being - and will instead start following the will of the being who control's the ability to be able to put it into electronic Torture and Electronic Orgasm.

    MK Ultra programming is quite intense. There are several mechanisms set up in place to defend the programming. If someone tries to describe the programming to the individual - that individual is programmed to become violent in order to try to prevent being explained their own condition. Luckily - you faked the entire meditation experience in front of Sadhguru. You're mind is no longer split - there was a slight split in your mind but it has been mended. The other people will not be so lucky since they actually did get their mind fractured (so the mind would start following Sadhguru being and not the being previously in control of the body). Your body is in your control. The bodies which are in control of Sadhguru will likely all develop Scizophrenia since they will all become violent when trying to run "Defense Programs" that Sadhguru programmed in in-order to make sure he never gets caught. These defense programs can take the form of the subjects declaring Suicide in order to prevent themselves from having to remember their memories of being electronically tortured, raped, and having Lingas inserted into their Vagina's while under electronic stimulation, chemical aerosolized stimulation, and hypnotic control.

    Convulsive loss of the Central Nervous System, Irritability, Depression, Suicidal tendencies - these will first manifest in the Isha Victim. Finally, the person will become violent towards people who start to try to question it in an attempt to try to avoid having to re-live (re-remember) the pain and having to re-live the exact details of the traumatic event of being betrayed by a fake God or having had been stupid enough to believe that this man is God.

  30. Complete idiotic blogger !!!! If you doesn't have any subject to post on your foolish blog don't at least try to defame anyone .. surely u should be behind bars for this post u idiot

  31. Somebody has died.. Some notices from the govt...Some buildings being constructed. Some school fees...Some mind control...Some financial misappropriation....




    For centuries thugs and cheats from West Asia, Europe, and the US have been converting people in India either by FORCE or by ALLUREMENTS.

    Do u think these Christian and Islamic organizations are the epitome of Honesty, Purity, Chastity...etc etc... U must be living in a Fools Paradise.


    It will not do u any good or will not help u become a good human being in any way.


    I am not an Isha member nor have i ever been to any Isha program let alone to the Isha Center in Coimbatore. From whatever i hv seen of Sadhguru's videos on Youtube, he seems to be sensible and quite wise and also refrains from criticizing or putting down any other human being let alone other Great Masters / Religions / Faiths / Cults.

    EVERY RELIGION AND FAITH IS AFTER ALL A CULT ONLY..........which is not a bad thing at all considering there are so many lousy things happening on earth right now.

    U think Christ would approve of the things that Christianity is doing in his name today?

    U think Muhammad would approve of the things Islamic Jehadis are doing today?


    Pls do some introspection and check out on the three fingers pointing at u and work on reprogramming ur state of mind. Otherwise u seem to be a well meaning individual.

    Thank you and wish u all the best

    1. Yes! Kali Yuga, not Dwapara Yuga...

  32. Isha yoga : From Thillai: Senthil Prabhu who was actively involved in isha went out of isha seeing all the money and other fraud that was taking place in isha. Various Bramacharis got married to each other. Maa Mamukhi and Swami Jatadhara got love marriage and left ashram . this is only happening there in the name of bachelor hood . Swami person commited suicide drinking poison since he was tortured there. his mother works in linga bairavi . she got to know about it just after he drank poison. Many people who were involved there left that place seeing terrible things happening. People. this is to create awareness. Don’t ever get into such money sucking , life sucking business that isha is into. I’m on of the victim . i came out. One swami loved my wife and he approached her to bed. not wanting to see this i came out along with her. what a bullshit place that is. in the name of spirituality they are doing so much stupid things. Don’t even go there to visit you will be sucked there into the Isha Black Hole. Kudos to Colonel Zaysen to bring out the truth in such a fair, honest & transparent manner.

    1. Pl come out with your issue and save others also from this culprit jaggi.

    2. hi, are you comfortable now.. escaped from isha black hole. hmmm yes may or may not be such bad swamis.. but what i want to share is...there are some bad people in ashram.. sure it is torture if u r not willing. some bad things inside ashram can never project the whole image of ashram.. i can show you swamis who are working there for 20 years happily. to my knowledge u take swami susrupa.. he is doing great there.. realy inside the ashram many are not even practicing the yoga regularly.. i can also see some mentally unfit person are sheltered in ashram as full time volunteer concerned to his wellbeing. but it may crack up nuisence for ashram.. please see in a mango tree there may be some mangoes gone infected.. but still it provides you many other fruits which are beneficiall.. dont make your thoughts and emotions are universal. MY DEAR FRIENDS ISHA IS NOT GIVING YOU PROMISES LIKE YOU WILL GET WEALTH IF YOU COME TO ASHRAM. IT DOESNT EVEN SAY YOU SHOULD COME TO ASHRAM. IT GIVES YOU YOGA PRACTICES WHICH ARE TESTED AND PROVED SCIENTIFICALLY. STILL PEOPLE ARE DRAWN TO IT, JUST BECAUSE IT HAS WORTH.. AND THAT REAL STANDARD MAKES IT POPULAR. EVEN UNO HAS ACCEPTED HIS YOGA CLASSES... DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE BEEN CHEATED ARE MESMERIZED?. NO, IT STANDS ON ITS OWN STANDARD. IF YOU HANDLE CRORES AND CRORES OF PEOPLE.. SURE SOME KIND OF BAD THINGS ARE QUITE NATURAL.. PLEASE BE PRACTICAL.. SADHGURUS ACTIONS CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD LOGICALY.. BUT YOU WILL SEE IT IS PRACTICALLY APPLICABLE AND USEFUL

    3. If this practice is the best and convincing other youngsters to be part of this
      1. Why Jaggi's daughter was not asked to follow?
      2. Why she choose to marry and settle?
      3. After becoming a monk how Jaggi is associated with family and daughter
      4. Having a big wedding gala in Isha--- is this acceptable practice just for him?
      5. If you want to teach yoga - great! But he just need to have a Center and paid employees and play fair.
      6. In the end he wil not take all the accumulated weatlth with him
      7. How does this Center work. Who takes over when he dies

  33. Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it.

    Yoga Oakville

  34. What is bhavspandana - the shocking truth: http://www.workingpsychology.com/cult.html

    This is exactly the same method used by Osho in past. Bhavspandana is the volunteer recruitment programming of Sadhguru.

    No one at Isha has got enlightened till date.

    The Isha ashram land in Coimbatore is acquired illegally.

    Sadhguru was accused of killing his wife in past.

    He does not follow his own principles in ashram.

    About 50 to 100 volunteers are locked in silent room and beaten every day at Isha.

    1. blah blah blah.... i think you should be a journalist.
      and also a film maker good luck keep it up

  35. I sadly read the above as well as the Other blog posts by the Swami about the False Sadhguru and intuitively felt it was true.I have done the inner engineering and the Shambhavi about 2 weeks ago and went to see the Sadhguru in McMinniville Tenessee. What stuck me right from the gate was how it was all about Money! Money! Money! There was a table from where u could donate about 7% of your earnings to the Sadhguru in McMiniville. I was shocked by the request ! They were asking me to enter into a silent partnership with the Sadhguru. Here is what is written on a form that was written that was given to me:-A Silent Partnership with the Sadhguru is an immense privilege to experience his living grace and making his vision a reality. In this partnership the participants donate 7% of their income to Isha and get a Mahima Yantra which will always stay energised via the Sadhguru. The Cost of Mahima Yantra is additional US $ 250 over & above the 7% donations.

    I returned from McMinville and he is selling String & Mini Dhyanalinga for US $ 25000. For a Tiny box with candles to be lit it costs US $ 650/- It goes on & on. The Saddest part is many young ladies have been brainwashed and brought from india and work for 18 hours a day with life like in a Concentration Camp and have no money to return back, most like her have been their for nearly 8 years. I asked her "if she wanted to go back and after a long pause she said I think so" but she knew there was no way out. This Sadhguru is no enlightened master, he is web of deception deceit lies and pure sucker of people's money and youthful life. Keep miles away from Him & Isha Foundations.

    I thank very much this Swami Aniruddha for this Blog !

  36. It seems Mr Jagadish Vasudev aka Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev aka Jaggi has been accused by his own father in law of killing his daughter (Sadhguru jaggi's wife) Vijji aka Mrs Vijaya kumari either by strangulation or by poisoning, in 1997. Mrs Vijaya Kumari was 31 years old then with a 6 year old daughter . Jaggi has escaped saying that she went into mahasamadhi. (Now, which court accepts mahasamadhi and acquits a murderer?).

    Mr. Jagadish cremated the body of his wife on the next day itself, hence no autopsy could be performed. Before marrying Jagadish vasudev, Vijaya kumari was working in a bank and was previously married to someone else. After her death, another woman who was involved with them (in the tri-vortex of energy needed to consecrate the so -called dhyanalinga), a certain Mrs. Bharathi divorced her husband and came to live with Mr. Jagadish vasudev.

    Mr. Jagadish vasudev has a daughter named Radhe, who is a dancer and she is married to a classical singer and is living a normal, luxurious life in Chennai and the USA, whereas most young women and men in the ashram live as unpaid slave labour, just on 2 meals a day and 3 sets of clothes and hard work to produce products and money for his so called Isha foundation, which many say is just an excuse to get tax exempt status in India and the USA for all ashram activities and businesses. Isha foundation doesnt seem to work much as it is advertised.

    Mr Jagadish Vasudev once said that children who go to govt. schools are walking 4 km per day and giving the bus charges (7rs/ day) to the ashram and that they are very commendable.
    Also, while he asks people to live frugally, and donate to the ashram, he and his daughter, and Bharathi etc live very luxuriously and Jaggi has bought himself a landrover, a landcruiser and a hummer apart from other things. He advises people not to drink coffee, but he himself drinks folgers coffee and is seen at starbucks. His family members (daughter, son in law etc ) go to movies, malls, foreign vacations, and drink coffee and hang out with friends along with their latest i-phones as normal people do. It seems that Mr. Jgadish vasudev is keeping them in "miserable" luxuries while the ashramites are enjoying sublime "spiritual" bliss in bare frugality.

    He has once said that 3 things should never be commercialized...education, health care and spirituality. He is commercializing all the three as - a) isha home school charges around 6 lakh per annum, b) isha arogya (medicine) products are sold through isha stores and c) inner engineering and all other programs (spirituality) are also being sold to the masses.

    He is good with words, but he himself never practices what he speaks. Some people who want to come out of the ashram are threatened from leaving saying that their spiritual progress will be stopped and that they will also affect the lives of many people around them...or something like that. Anyways most of them are in a kind of hypnotic delusional state where they worship their master since he is offering them something intangible like enlightenment, and they believe all the lies he continuously says and defend him and the organization to the best of their abilities.

    You can read more on sadhguru jaggi vasudev aka sjv on guruphiliac forums written by ex ishaites. They say that few people were found dead at both his ashrams in India and the US.

    1. Why noT report to USA authorities about this ashram? May be difficult in India as it is submerged in corruption an cheats

    2. India is submerged in corruption and cheats no more than the US, Europe, and other parts of the world are. The only difference is that non-white gurus in the West are more likely to be prosecuted than white cult leaders. Otherwise, how can one explain the conferring of the 'sainthood' to the psychopathic, sadist Catholic nun Theresa, who physically tortured the inmates under the garb of 'helping' the poor and collecting billions of dollars in the name of the poor, all of which was parked in the Vatican bank. Not only were their actual evidences of her cruelty and abusive behavior, but astonishingly, the Catholic church pays off news media like CNN, BBC, etc to keep the truth from public eye and cheer when this psycho was being conferred the 'sainthood.' Similarly, when sexual abuses in the church were going on for centuries, the western establishment played down the incidences to protect the church and its powerful members. Child abuses are committed regularly by Rabbis, and none of them are prosecuted. In the UK, perverts and pedophiles are actually sitting in the house of commons with titles such as Lord, Baron, etc, and they are protected by the government and the press. The victims are rarely given a hearing. And so the list goes on. Money ad power talk in the west; in India, also, but at least there is one thing to be said for Indians - they openly and candidly talk and hurl accusations at one another; this sadly is not the case in the west, especially in Europe, where the very wealthy, especially if they are white, are protected by a corrupt and degenerate system.


  37. The Abuse continues!


  38. Who are the true living guru should I follow. Name some. Is depak chopra one of them?

  39. I may / may not benefit from Isha but I can vouch that Sadhguru is not a fake.

  40. What cult? In India we know him as a Guru... and that is it. Dont get carried away. He is not telling you follow him. In fact he is telling you not to follow him. Find your path, look for the answers within you.. Look within, not at the sky or heaven or any one else. He tells you about the techniques of looking within. When you concentrate on that, you will realize the immense possibilities of being the best you can be. You become a realized soul... You have your own path, follow that.

    1. Neeta, watch this video and see if it reminds you of anything that is happening in isha and jaggie vasudev:


      This is a video how the cults generally operate, and lots of it is happening in isha.

  41. if you follow him he doesn't turn you away. if you give him money he doesn't turn it down. he's a jack ass.

  42. and another thing, you can not become a realized soul. you can not become anything. you are already realized. you are already enlightened. you are already everything. you don't need any path for it. you just need to get rid of crazy, greedy, psychopathic gurus like jaggie and start living it. the fact that you are already enlightened, that you're already realized, renders jaggie obsolete and useless.

  43. He is charging 6 Lakhs INR for teaching Hatha Yoga ? Is this justifiable ?


    1. Please goole isha cult and inform yourself. Do not join any of the programs offered by isha foundation. The moment you start with them, brainwashing sets on, and you are done. They break your nervous system. Run for your life from them and warn the others. Jaggies programs are designed to fog peoples intellect and clear thinking. This is how cults work.

    2. This Vivek appu need to learn to talk and not to yell (all caps is =yelling)

  45. Thank you for a very interesting review. I have just started reading books some of these Guru's books and find them interesting. But your review has opened my eyes to more that is obviously going on.

  46. I don't know about all those 'dead bodies' floating around in his ashram, but I do know that the man is a phony. I always read him to be an utter phony and a hypocrite to the boot when I first laid eyes on him some 10 years ago, when his so-called 'social engineering' courses were catching on in the metro cities. The man at that time knew nothing about Indian scriptures and philosophy, and was whinging it as he went along, giving doses of utter crap to uneducated Indians and equally ignorant foreigners with mental issues. At that time, I was quite amused by his antics and looked upon him as nothing more than a con-man; but now some 10 years later, I see that empire of his and the double-life he leads and all his political connections, and I shale my head and wonder how the heck does he get away with all this ( yes, of course, the political connections help) Whats more sad is that while desperate, poor, and confused young Indian boys and girls, with their heads shaved off, are conned into believing that the Ashram life is the 'normal' life for them, his own daughter (a perfect bitch to the boot and a manipulative con artist like her father) lives a luxurious family life, denying herself nothing. It seems her father's preaching is only good for others, and not for his own family. Yikes!
    - pvas

    1. Psychopaths have no conscience and they are incapable of feeling guilt or remorse for their actions even if they have purposefully harmed others. They will do & take whatever it does to serve their own selfish interests. You have described Jaggi's daughter perfectly and thanks for your honest comments & observations about the whole Jaggi Farce !

    2. This is true, jaggie has no remorse in ruining peoples lives.

  47. a correction in the previous note:...and all his political connection, and I shake my head....
    - pvas

  48. Jaggis cult is worst that I have seen. I have done all their programs, have spent time in ashram. I got sick. It is sickening to see how the life in ashram is. Money money money. Males look at new arrived western girls with hungry eyes. Rich foreigners are approached to get connections and money from them. Swamis sex obsessed. No time for practices. Sinless work just to keep people busy and suck the energies out of them. everybody unhappy. When high government officials visit, everywhere police with GUNS, in ashram - police with guns! Keep away, don't even consider joining isha, it will ruin your life, nervous system completely, just even by attending one class with Jaggie. He has learned some cheap black magic tricks in india, combined with hypnosis and sells it as spirituality. How saddening that true seekers come to him and are getting their lives ruined and families and carriers destroyed just for nothing.

  49. Jaggis isha cult is worst that I have seen. I have done all their programs, have spent long time in both his ashrams. I got sick. It is sickening to see how the life in ashram is. Money money money. Males look at new arrived western girls with hungry eyes. Rich foreigners are being approached to get connections and money from them. Swamis sex obsessed. No time for practices. Senceless work just to keep people busy and suck the energies out of them. Everybody unhappy. When high government officials visit, everywhere police with GUNS, in ashram - police with guns! Keep away, don't even consider joining isha, it will ruin your life, nervous system completely, just even by attending one class with Jaggie. He has learned some cheap black magic tricks in india, combined with hypnosis and sells it as spirituality. How saddening that true seekers come to him and are getting their lives ruined and families and carriers destroyed just for nothing. Keep away for life! Inform yourself, read this blog, google isha cult and avoid them like hell. Spread the message that isha is cult and jaggie vasudev is a fraud, help others.

    1. Thank You very much for honestly sharing your true experience about Isha & Jaggi !

    2. Thank you, Swami. I feel so sad, still so many of my friends are with Jaggie's isha cult, that damage can not be undone, but please hope this small contribution can prevent further damage done by such frauds as jaggie and his cult.
      I will share further information here as it comes.
      In peace.

  50. http://www.covaipost.com/coimbatore/more-skeletons-tumbling-out-of-the-isha-closet/

  51. Death in isha yoga ashramhttp:

  52. This is how isha works:

  53. About the allegations against Isha about the brainwashing of the maas:
    Isha uses deceipt in recruitment and undermines any sence of informed consent before joining the cult - these are the most dangerous cults, they use hypnosis, sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation, isolation, installation of thoughts, phobias, thought stopping techniques - this is what is happening in all isha programs. google definition of cults, and inform yourself. don't mess with cults and organisations like isha. jaggie is dangerous. if you participate even in one of his programs, you will clearly see all 26 definition of cults - here they are:
    Peer Pressure
    Love Bombing
    Rejection of Old Values
    Confusing Doctrine
    Removal of Privacy - sleeping together in one hall during BSP and Samyama, man and women in the same hall!
    Time Sense Deprivation - taking away watches in samyama, do you remember that?
    Uncompromising Rules - not allowed bathroom breaks for hours and hours, this is considered as torture in some countries!
    Verbal Abuse
    Sleep Deprivation - anybody did BSP? Shoonya? Inner engineering? SAMYAMA? Keeping us up during BSP with senseless concerts and talks till 2 am and getting up at 4-5 am. Especially volunteer teams, get 2-3 hr of sleep. you are proud of it but you don't understand that it breaks down and damages your brain.
    Replacement of Relationships - breaking up families, not allowing couples in ashram to have children.
    Chanting - hours and hours of chanting days after days in samyama, they break you down, participants howling like animals around, you are in such a vulnerable state, anything can be installed in your brain.
    Confession - did you get your home work to bring it to BSP, describe how miserable your life was before finding isha?
    Financial Commitment
    Finger Pointing
    Flaunting Hierarchy - jaggies inner circle, secrecy.
    Isolation - do you see those big walls around brava spandana hall in india ashram? what do you think they are for? So you don't escape from the program - they lock you up during the program, they lock the doors! Do you remember they take your car key when you are doing BSP in USA ashram? Can you run away from any of their programs? No.
    Controlled Approval
    Change of Diet - anybody who has done any program with isha knows it. it starts with "negative panic foods" which are tested with a rudraksha beads - how scientific! and from program to program food restriction is getting worse and worse! at the end for samyamapreparation you are asked to eat only raw vegan foods, so you come to the program completely broke down and weak, Vit B deprived, weak brain, and they can do anything they want to do with you and you will not even know what is happening!
    Games - in all isha programs! do you know those stupid games when you suddenly have to come to the nearby park as a inner engineering program participant, they don't even tell you what is going to happen, and you are supposed to play frisby or ball games 8 am in the morning? People injure themselves, are carried to hospitals.
    No Questions
    Dress Codes - remember samyama? only isha orange and white?
    These are all methods by which cults operate.

    And after that you still do not think these two girls are brainwashed?
    Well, good luck.
    Wake up until it is too late.

    1. Correction for above - "negative PRANIC food"

    2. Aptly & Correctly put 100 %. What i am amazed is Indians are so value and money conscious, that they won't Leave/give Rs 3/- as change to a rickshaw puller who brought them home, but are paying money for their own labour to run Jaggi's programs all over India. I can't imagine educated people in this 21st century being conned Wholesome by Jaggi & his cult. If Jaggi is really God for them then why doesn't he have the power to convert newspaper trash into $ currency ? I hoe u have read my full article on Jaggi & his false hood by downloading the PDF File from pdf archive. Links are given in the beginning of this article. The Same is available at zaysen.quora.com

      Swami Aniruddha

    3. Yes, Swami. This is how cults and jaggies techniques operate. His techniques weaken peoples minds, and then he can install any of his programming into them. This is well known mind manipulation techniques. The interesting thing is that those techniques and aimed at well educated, reasonable and well-off people. Why would jaggie need stupid and poor people in his cult? The means of cult is to mind-manipulate the people who have resources so that so called guru has their money and labour. As soon as mind manipulation starts, the person is not able to take his own free decisions and believes acting on free will. This is how the brain washing and mind control and manipulation work.

  54. Jaggies black magic tricks:Read jaggies book mystics musings what he writes about consecration of dhyana linga. He says he trapped disembodied beings and bound them to dhyanlinga for 3 lower chakras. He says it himself. I was told in ashram by indian inmates that jaggi uses ghosts, it is normal in india, these are cheap witchcraft techniques that are common in india, you can learn it on the streets from any fakir or tantric. Jaggie learned it and now selling it to stupid foreigners who think his witchcraft is spirituality because they feel something moving in their bodies when jaggie does his witchcraft during the programs. Indians know it and think it is normal. Do not play with it! Look at all this twitching, moaning, shouting like animals, crying, shaking during his programs - what does it remind you? I experienced it in his programs - the energy grabs you and just drags you and pulls you in all directions. Did i become more spiritual and better through all his tricks? Definitely not. I did not join isha and go to ashram to experience jaggies cheap black magic tricks. Look what they sell when they advertise their programs: meditation, wellbeing, traditional yoga, peace of mind. Do they say jaggie will be making hissing sounds and handclapping, whistling when he initiates you? No. They only sell happiness, they keep all programs secretive, and when you sign up, they break you down with their "scientific" methods and "technologies for wellbeing". Do you know that scientology also uses word "technology" in their methods?
    I know the inmates of isha cult will not listen, they are already too indoctrinated, their minds manipulated and damaged. When I was with them myself, I would not listen to anybody who was against isha, I was so greedy to experience more and more of jaggis witchcraft. But maybe those who are considering joining will still listen.
    Watch out.

  55. Article on cult definition:

  56. I sincerely apologize for the use of the terrible, despicable word "b...." when talking about the daughter in my earlier post. The word should not be used on any woman. I should have worded the sentence differently.


  57. When you look at the big picture here and stop looking at the little things, you will see that Jaggi is a modern day farrow trying to build his kingdom with slaves who are under hypnosis and are drawn in by black magic. He is even having them build monuments, they may not be as big as pyramids, but has has control over them. Can't anyone see this and say "let my people go", this is the true picture here.
    I want you to know that people whose lives are ripped apart because of their association to Isha are the kind of people who couldnt manage their lives, emotions, lacked courage, sense of purpose, inability to make personal decisions for themselves and for the well being of their own families, looking for someone to follow and the absense of a rational mind."
    Well, there you have it - an Ishiite blaming the victim. This is one of the oldest most reprehensible legal tricks around. It used to be a common way to defend charges of rape. It was all the woman's fault. This defense has no ethical basis and it, without more, shows the moral bankruptcy of Isha-speak.
    Signs that Isha is a Cult.
    a. A charismatic leader with unverifiable claims of divinity. Jaggi talks about past lives and fairy tale stuff.
    b. Deceptive recruitment by promising something intantigible like enlightenment/liberation. No one has been shown to have received enlightenment and far from being liberalized have been sucked into a endless loop of expensive programs, 2-5 hours of practices every day, many hours a week of praying to Jaggi.
    c. Totalitarianism and alienation of members from their families and/or friends. I have first hand knowledge of this and also from the postings of affected people in this forum;
    d. The use of indoctrination, by sophisticated mind-control techniques, based on the concept that once you can make a person behave the way you want, then you can make him/her believe what you want. This is not so evident in the introductory programs but gets there slowly as you advance. There is no doubt that there is mind control at all levels by using covert or disguised hypnotic techniques.
    c. Volunteer (Slave) labor - that is, the use of followers on fundraising or mission activities for little or no pay to line the leader's pockets. Volunteers have nothing to show for in the end - it all belongs to Isha and you will be out once you are unable to work and become a liability.
    d. Accumulation of wealth for personal or political purposes. Recent posts have confirmed that Jaggi needs the money in order to carry out his agenda in a country that respects only money and power.
    e. Exclusivity - "we are right and everyone else is wrong". There is ample evidence that any negative word on Isha is ruthlessly snubbed out. Even comment on the Huffington Post website are moderated and deleted.
    f. Brainwash followers by isolating them during workshops. Provide them with instant acceptance from a seemingly loving group. Keep them away from competing or critical ideas. Provide a philosophy that seems logical and appears to answer all or the most important questions in life. Structure all or most activities so that there is little time for privacy or independent action or thought. Promise instant or imminent solutions to deep or long-term problems.

  58. Probe allegations against Isha Foundation
    COIMBATORE: The All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) on Wednesday called for the institution of a high-level committee to probe allegations against Isha Foundation which have surfaced in last two weeks. The reaction by AIDWA comes days after a principal district judge-led enquiry ruled out allegations of parents who approached the Madras high court claiming that their daughters were forcibly confined at the Isha Yoga Centre.
    Addressing the media, president of AIDWA, U Vasuki, said, "There is a need for a high-level committee to probe the allegations against Isha Foundation. The committee should have a sitting high court judge, a psychiatrist as it involves allegations that Isha Foundation is forcing the women to present statements in their favour, an educationist, a representative from a women's organization and a member of the state commission of protection of child rights."
    A few days ago, S Kamaraj, a retired professor of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and his wife, K Sathyajothi, had petitioned the district collector alleging that Isha Foundation had forcibly confined their daughters, Latha alias Maa Maayu, and Geetha alias Maa Mathi. Later, the parents had moved the Madras high court, initiating an enquiry into the allegations. The principal district judge conducted an enquiry and submitted a report ruling out the allegations.

    AIDWA also pointed out other irregularities in Isha Foundation. Vasuki said, "The town and country planning authority has in 2013 issued notice for demolition. Isha has only filed a review petition with the TCPA, and there is no stay order. We want to know why the building has not been razed down? And we want the state government to initiate action against officials who failed to do their duty."
    The organisation also demanded probe into alleged death of people at the Isha Foundation. "Recently, a 23-year-old and a woman doctor had died at Isha. We want to know whether a postmortem was conducted and an FIR was registered or not," said Vasuki.


  59. http://www.covaipost.com/coimbatore/isha-founders-credibility-questioned/

  60. More young women, trapped by Jaggi


    Seriously, the police need to raid this organization and free these girls as well as many others, and arrest this sorry-excuse-for-a-human-being, Jaggi, and his gang!

  61. Is true. This is a dangerous cult. I attended the bullst program, last weekend. Thank God I smelled the rat immediately. The volunteer seemed all under mind control, slow motion, no emotions, I sensed an alien energy. Second day we had lunch provided by them, I don't know what they put in it, but all my vital energy got sucked during the hypnotic bla bla speech by this creepy guru. I was close to passing out, in the bathroom break I went to my car, did a little of my own meditation to recharge my batteries. Boy I'm grateful do that, cause next on the menu was the dancing with eyes closed... During which I had to fight some terrible dark energies. At one point other students started to scream nonhuman sounds, not pleasant, evil. I felt ppl swirling around me, I open my eyes, was not ppl, was invisible. But I saw the lady screaming the alien sounds and she was "walking on all 4 but facing up, very unnatural, surrounded by the volunteered who were holding hands forming a circle around her. I sensed that they knew what was going on, again were displaying no emotions. I did use all my power to vanguish this dark evil energies, the sounds stopped. I shared my experience with some other students, the volunteers were very worried about me talking. Trouble maker! Lol!
    Next day before the ancient black magic practice, they told us to take 20 min break, and don't talk or look at anybody. No explanation was given. I wanted to go to my car to recharge my batteries, they blocked the doors with volunteers bodies. I went around different paths and I got outside. A panicky volunteer followed me out barefooted in the cold rain! I thing they had walkie talkie, I heard as I stepped out, " we have a problem". She came out and kind of force me inside. I went because, now I was curious what new demons will show up. I did break their code of silence , talking to ppl there for the mass( was held in a church) . we did the hauling practice , didn't feel enlightened after, but I felt my heart chakra, closed. The flutter breathing , blocks on kundality and the hauling I thing open a portal for some other alien energy that gets access to your mind and body. He guru was going on and on how you must do this practice 2 times a day and no modifications! I sensed the unticipated pleasure in his energy, like the cat that got the milk, while he was talking about the practices and effects on us. I did this practice 2 more times at home and I bumped into some creepy enities in my meditation a spider and some other ugly staff, cut them, moved on when I concentrated on love.
    I stopped the practice, I ran all this by my heart chakra and my heart knows this is a demons cult. I did the Google search and I got the confirmation. I don't recommend to get involved in any way with this black magic ceremonies isha.

    1. Dude, were you on drugs and did you just quit one day and join the IE class? Because you seem to have had hallucinations - Go see a psychiatrist. I have attended IE and your comment about dark energy, person walking in all fours, all are making me think whether to laugh or feel pity for you! If not hallucinations, you're a liar. Or you're being paid by someone to write this. And dude, trust me - I've learned hypnosis. The only thing that's true in what you have said is - yes they ask yo to be alone and not talk to anyone else for 20 minuets. This is for knowing yourself. Nothing "black" in it. You forgot to mention that they also tell you to feel how you can have a mother-like feeling to all beings in this world and to feel it...Something "black" will not ask you to feel good things towards others - it is that simple.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Looks like the author himself is adding stories as comments. And the vicitm stories went a lot overboard with Sadhguru seducing young girls "physically" and all. When you lie, try not to exaggerate at least. Loos like he wants to stop people from going to Isha (for whatever reason he has) - and he is trying every thing to do it. The only thing I can think of after going through all this is - he is an ISCKON follower - a Vaishnavite. Isha though not with religion consdiers Shiva as the Adiyogi - Shaviaite. The Vaishnavite obviously wants to stop the Shaivite. Clear as sky but it is pathetic. Being a person who believes in both Shiva and Vishnu, I feel pathetic when people of these sects try to degrade each other. They are not seeing the bigger picture and without that they cannot calim to be even Hindus.

    1. In which part of my Blog & Pages have I asked people to Follow ISKCON or any Vaishnava Path?

  64. Utter Nonsense.....

    Author has strong identification with his ISKCON teachers....he thinks he is the only one who is following right path, everyone else is blind.

    But believe me it is the other way around. Most ignorant human I have ever seen.

    Never ever judge and compare gurus based on their actions and behaviours , to see the real guru you don't need intellect , you need special perception, which clearly this blogger doesn't have. All he knows is how to criticise others.

    This shows what he has learned in all these years from ISKCON.

    This is all mumbo jumbo

  65. i dont care about gurus and if they are real or fake. i care only about practices whether they work. i am a selfish guy and pretty profit minded. the practices improved my health without any side effects. My work performance also improved a lot. i also became less bothered by toxic people as i am much happier now by myself. all this took me seven months of doing kriya everyday. then i got permanent benefits. who you follow does not matter as long as they dont harm me. so basically the practices given make your career life and family life better. but one must do the practice for at least six months without skipping a single day. do not go to the ashram yet if you dont trust it. but dont dissuade people either cuz we have nothing to do with that. so my friends, please be selfish and try the yoga because you will mostly like it. if it does not work(at all like no health benefits) even after a year, leave it. start with simple things like upa yoga-its in youtube-it is ur life, u can do whatever you want:) btw lets be honest we cannot not be selfish. unless we have no self. which is not true for me at least. maybe after doing yoga for very long i might have a more loving heart. lets try it out. we just want to be happier. i will let you know if i become little more loving:) cheers!

    1. Finally, someone with a brain appeared in the comments.

    2. He is not saying that the practises are not good and not effective in an individual. He is saying that this practises existed before Isha Foundation was founded. So by saying this the amount that you pay to learn these practises is so high, while you can learn it for free.

  66. For whomever is this blogger. I am an educated white female born and raised in the USA. I wonder if you have ever heard of Joel Osteen..... His monumentous estates (One purchased for 10.5 MILLION), his helicopter his lavish lifestyle.... Let's talk about cults. Tithing 10% of your income each week to promote someone elses lifestyle. Joel Osteen wouldn't even open his doors in a crisis situation to people who had no food, shelter or, sanitary conditions. At least Isha foundation is helping local and extended communities, planting trees (for which they have earned a world's record) to reforest the area, providing education for children that have NEVER been to school, ACTUALLY improving individual wellbeing (My personal experience from only watching his youtube vids) The list goes on. Take a good hard look at Christianity - the evangelism, the tithing, the opulent residinces, the mega-churches. Seems to me it is the pot calling the kettle black. I had been a very involved Christian for many years and I still believe Jesus is an incredible example of what to emulate in life but, the hypocracy of most Christians now just turns my stomach. It is all about excluding ANYONE that has any variation in belief/behavior. Hello? That pretty much spells cult to me. The thought of attending any Christian based church ... ABSOLUTELY not. It seems as though you really have something personal against Sadhguru and nothing of any substance to say other than just straight out bashing. Examine yourself.



    If i want to prove Sadhguru is wrong yes i too can. We can also prove Jesus, Vivekanada etc. as fake.

    I still have many, many doubts on Sadhguru's GENUINITY

    For me a person sitting in bathroom, walking on road, watching tv can become suddenly spiritual without his own willing, acceptance, effort or knowledge.

    So even if Sadhguru is fraud you DO NOT STOP, till you go beyond the 5 senses.

    POINT is spirituality is a personal experience. No two people can have same spiritual quotient.

    So if Sadhguru doesn't acknowledge Rishi Prabhakar, SSY, his past, FIND WHY, dont derive conclusions? Sachin is Kambli's best buddy but there is a reason & maintains distance with Kambli.

    Even if Sadhguru cant die of Mahasamadhi or killed his wife, i surely know these people just sat and left body at will.


    Forget humans, yogis, SNAKES know when to Die at will.


    Forget Dhynalinga, any idol consecrated as per certain Temple ARCHITECTURE, (eg: Agama Shastra, there are ways to build temple) has powers.

    You just need receptivity to feel it.
    I am an young guy, married, goto work, party, fight, argue, watch movies, eat out but i have been also able feel, physically feel reverberations when i goto temples. Not all temples i feel, never been to Dhyanalinga till date. But i feel it in Tirupati, Mahakal, Abhaya Hasta Venkateswara temple, i feel the same vibrations in also few small temples near my home. Just some random PLACES also one can clearly feel the vibrations.

    As a proof if i am hallucinating, i asked my wife after few years. She too confirms she can but she too thought it would be foolish if she asked me.

    She works in a IT firm and is like any modern women, very clear pragmatic about current world & reality.

    Few of my neighbours, an old lady my neighbour aunty and uncle, & a man of 40 years and his father too acknowledge what i say, when i discussed it with them.
    They too can feel energies present in a temple. Infact temple i speak is in a slum area, next to a storm water drainage, highly populated by Christians.

    No special seeking or sadhana done by us. We are people like you working in govt, MNCs etc.

    So may be dhyanalinga could be fake but deities, lingas, idols, temples are PLACES with POWERS. I was never a seeker consciously, but today i can sense, every time i am in presence of certain energy bodies, my spine shakes, body vibrates, the ecstasy is out of world. It sounds as if i am on drugs or mindwashed. But no, you are on other side of bridge, i am on this side of bridge.

    Isha has acknowledged about Auroville building the Dhyanalinga.


    Proof from Auroville. If Isha wanted to hide it, they could have taken care of this part as well.


    @SadhguruJV giving OPEN INVITE. JOURNALIST, IAS, IPS, CBI, CID, KAS; even YOU, ANYONE in WORLD visit ISHA ANYTIME, ANYDAY. If ONE ACCUSATION proven its game over https://t.co/p2lx8i284E

    Dont tell from 1992 nobody could PROVE HIM GUILTY for one scam. Today powerful politicians Rahul, Sonia are on Bail in Herald scam.

    See if Land is illegally acquired by @SadhguruJV https://t.co/4TVb5CLFtA

    Any docs can be created foolproof for any Land in India by Anyone. Don't trust CAG report or @ishafoundation documents. Just see satellite video. See #GoogleEarth/any Satellite online. NO ONE can't change Satellite image, will SHOW what was before Isha Ashram came up there. Changing satellite proofs is impossible.

    I repeat, My only wish you have come so far in spirituality, be it without Sadhguru or anyone else or just with yourself, go BEYOND the 5 senses.